Friday, 28 November 2008

Let Massage Cure the Causes of Neck Pain

It is a common misconception that neck pain is related to abnormal cervical spine curvature. However, the most common causes of this common ailment are sprain (injury to the ligaments of the spine) and strain (injury to the spinal muscles). It is important to distinguish between the two in order to ensure the correct therapy such as massage is used as a cure.

Neck sprain may occur after a neck injury that causes forcible stretching or tearing of the soft tissues of the neck, such as a contact sports injury or whiplash from a motor vehicle accident. Neck strain may also occur as the result of postural or repetitive stress (overuse), often related to sleep position or poor standing and sitting posture. Ongoing pain related to neck sprains and strains occurs as a result of soft tissue inflammation and swelling.

Other causes of neck pain include pinched nerves or a variety of structural or degenerative spinal disorders such as a herniated disc and cervical spondylosis (osteoarthritis). The ailment may also be associated with dental disorders or rotator cuff injuries (muscles of the shoulder).

If you have chronic neck pain, your doctor should perform a thorough medical examination to rule out serious structural or physiological spinal disorders. Both X-rays and MRI scans will assist in identifing the source of pain and the appropriate action to take. It is important to seek immediate medical attention if your neck pain is severe or if fever, dizziness, weakness or any unusual symptoms occur along with neck pain.

You can try and avoid the onset of neck pain by trying to maintain a natural aligned spinal position when sitting, standing and walking. Consider a lumbar support cushion for your car seat or desk chair. If your job requires repetitive tasks such as holding a telephone between your shoulder and ear, or if you are frequently in the same position while you work, such as sitting at the computer, take breaks and stretch your neck muscles. Also, make sure your neck is properly positioned during sleep: Avoid positions that abnormally flex your neck. It is often the case that an old and worn pillow or mattress can be the cause of neck pain. Cervical pillows are available which will provide adequate support.

The length of recovery from neck pain depends on the severity of your injury as well as your age, health, and history of prior neck injury. Several massage treatment sessions may be needed before you achieve relief. A massage therapist will be able to advise you on the appropriate frequency of sessions, either with a therapist or self massaged, to best treat the condition.

Don't forget, a massage therapist can teach you how to massage your own neck to reduce muscle stiffness and increase range of motion. The effects of massage tend to be longer-lasting when it is performed multiple times each day. Do not perform deep muscle massage in areas that are painful, swollen or inflamed as this could lead to injury.

Discover the secret to heal, improve, relieve, relax, even arouse just with the power of your hands. The beneficial effects of the various massage therapies available are too often ignored as a natural method of easing common ailments. It is not difficult to learn the basics of massage and the rewards are fantastic. Discover how you can harness the power of your hands and be able to massage with confidence at

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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Relax at a Day SPA

Spa... This word sounds mysterious and alluring. On whispering it one can feel tender sea breeze on the face and hear the lash of the waves. But what is SPA, indeed? In its contemporary meaning a SPA is a place where with the help of various sophisticated treatments based on the healing properties of mineral waters, thermal springs, mineral salts, therapeutic muds, and seaweeds as well as different types of massage, body wraps, masks, scrubs, and so on you can relax and restore your physical and mental health.

Today's SPA doesn't suppose you have to go somewhere out of the city and spend a couple of weeks in meditation moving from one mud bath to another and eating only healthy SPA meals. These are called resort SPAs and are usually situated in various exotic places good for spending a vacation. Taking into consideration that most people don't have that much time to spend on their beauty, there are plenty of other options to enjoy a serene and quite atmosphere after an exhausting working day.

There are numerous day SPAs that offer their clients a wide range of services, where you can drop in at any time and immediately immerse into the relaxing world of soothing aromas and herbal teas. At a day SPA you can experience such healthy and relaxing procedures as massage, different body treatments and facials. You may try various types of massage (hot stone massage, Thai massage, etc.) to find the one that you like most. During a facial performed by a trained specialist your skin will be deeply cleaned and rejuvenated. A good day SPA will also offer you SPA manicures and SPA pedicures, which are slightly different from those you can have at an average nail place. These SPA procedures usually involve additional steps like a hand soak or paraffin dip.

For more information visit Toronto Massage Spa.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Whats the Difference Between a Sports and Thai Massage?

There are many similarities between Sports massage and Thai massage, and many obvious differences, though many practitioners feel they are extremely compatible and combine the two to great affect.

Sports massage is one of the most popular western therapeutic approaches to massage. It is not a general relaxation massage, but one focused on reducing tension, pain, injury and increasing the performance of the body. It is generally a deep massage that works on the principles of muscle, bone and nerve function. Usually given on a massage table, with the use of oil, sports massage employs a range of various techniques to stretch and realign the muscles of the body. This will often include a number of applied stretches. It is common to undergo a postural assessment before a session, for the practitioner to consider where the person's problem may ultimately lie. The focus of a session will be to relieve symptoms of pain in the area affected, but also in areas not directly affected but indirectly causing the symptoms. Following a session, suggestions may be made for a routine of exercises to be practiced at home, to build on the improvements made during the massage session.

Sports massage is not merely for the benefit of the sports person - in fact, it is far more common for the average person seeking sports massage to be an office based professional suffering with upper back, neck and shoulder tension and pain, or lower back tightness, weakness and pain. It is beneficial for everyone.

Thai Yoga massage, often referred to as just Thai massage for short, is part of the ancient and traditional medical system of Thailand. Practiced by at least one member of most households, it has been used as a general preventative healthcare system among Thai families. The Thais are not knowledgeable of anatomy and physiology like practitioners of western massage techniques such as sports massage, but approach the massage from an understanding of energy channels that run through the body, like blood vessels and very similar to the Chinese meridians of acupuncture. Thai massage manipulates the energy channels of the body primarily, and the joints, muscles and soft tissues secondary. It is given with the recipient fully clothed, wearing loose comfortable attire, on a futon mat on the floor.

The massage is given in a very slow, meditative and mindful way. The practitioner uses technically brilliant body mechanics to transfer body weight, rather than muscle strength, and will use most parts of his/her body to administer the massage. Deep, slow squeezes and compressions are applied, but Thai massage is most renowned for the amazing myriad of applied yoga stretches, that challenge and open the recipient's body, leaving them feeling relaxed, energised, taller and more expansive.

Thai massage can be given for general relaxation or healthcare, or can be focused on a more specific therapeutic outcome, akin to sports massage. It is particularly beneficial to the average person who sits at a desk all day, with little movement of their body. The stretches and manipulations of Thai massage really get the energy flowing that often becomes stagnant when we are stationary for long periods.

Many of the techniques of sports and Thai massage are very similar, such as the compressions and stretches, and Sports massage can and will often be applied over clothing or towels. Some practitioners have studied both and will combine them for very effective results.

Contrary to what some may have heard, good, skilfully applied Sports or Thai massage will not cause you traumatising pain or leave you bruised and aching for days. You may experience some therapeutic 'good pain' that affects an immediate feeling of relief, but no more.

Jag Reeves is a massage therapist based in North London. If you are based in London and would like to sample sports or thai massage visit: Sports Massage North London

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Monday, 17 November 2008

Learn About Zen Massage - A New Type of Relaxing Massage Therapy

Are you currently living your life with a superbly busy schedule? If you are, then what is your favorite place to visit whenever you want to clear your mind from stress and take a moment off from the busy activities of life?

I'm sure you can come up with several different choices of places to visit. However, for somebody who truly wants to experience real relaxation and de-stressing solution, then I have just the perfect solution to recommend. When was the last time you enjoyed having one relaxing massage therapy? I'm not talking about having just any kind of common massage that is available in massage centers, I'm talking about a relaxing massage therapy.

There are several types of relaxing massage therapies, and the most popular type is called the Swedish massage. However, there is another new type of relaxing massage therapy I have encountered recently, and this type of massage is quickly becoming popular particularly from the place where it was originally introduced which is in Austin, Texas.

Zen massage as they call it, is a is a highly intuitive, soothing, energy-balancing massage which incorporates a variety of advanced techniques to create a seamless, effortless relaxation experience. This type of massage targets to relax your muscles and lets you experience that mental state wherein you suddenly feel naturally calm and peaceful from within. Zen massage is a completely therapeutic massage technique. All of the procedures involved in applying it are all designed to produce healing effects to the body.

Here are some of the procedures you can expect to experience when having a Zen massage:

  • Hot Stone Treatment - involves the use of therapeutic stones gliding along your muscles with the perfect combination of heat and pressure.
  • Hot Towel Pore Cleanse - involves using fresh steamed towels opening the pores while deeply cleansing and rejuvenating all the skin layers.
  • The Bio Mat - the Bio Mat relaxes tight sore muscles, soothes jangled nerves and provides an overall sense of well being.
  • Aromatherapy - the inhalation of pure essential oils that aid in relaxation, stress relief, balance and well-being.
  • Peppermint Bliss Foot Massage - soothe and soften your tired, over-worked feet through the use of acupressure.

If you are currently living or at least touring within the United States, Austin Texas is the best place that offers the finest programs and services for relaxation.

Do you want to discover the best massage Austin Texas has available for you?

"Zen Blend" offers the finest services for complete mental and physical relaxation. Experience the best therapeutic Zen massage Austin TX can ever offer through its expert services on relaxation.

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Looking For A Massage? Go Orlando!

While visiting or living in Orlando, why not “de-stress” yourself with a therapeutic massage? Part of our culture is living in the fast paced world, and can be very challenging for us to live a low stress, healthy life style. We are subject to a number of outside influences at all times. Things like increased mental activity or stress, dietary issue, time related issue or our family and friends all can increase our stress levels. Massages have proven that they can relieve stress!

Massage in Orlando is easy to avail, with their increasing numbers and services. Just like most places, Orlando offers many massage services that has been highly regarded by professionals and their establishments are well known and thought of Being in such and active place as this, finding a good place for a massage is a synch. They offer a variety of services in comfortable surroundings to help you look and feel your best. You can take a journey into a world of health, beauty, massage and discover what it can do for you. With trained and certified staff of experts, Orlando massages work with you in a safe and healthy atmosphere.

Orlando also has renowned schools as well. They have many course that give opportunities and high educational standards, making their graduates highly capable in their chosen trade. Orlando massage therapy schools are truly passionate about the profession of massage therapy, and are dedicated to helping you make your dreams come true. , Here, you can experience the satisfaction that comes from earning your living by healing and helping others in your massage therapy practice.

Orlando has already has many attractions; Orlando's theme parks and attractions are the best in the world. There are so many though it can get a little overwhelming. And with so many places to occupy you while at Orlando, why not give another of its main attracts a try? Go and get yourself a massage, an Orlando massage.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Deep Tissue Massages

These days stress is everywhere. It is hard to get away from it. Everything weighs down on you day in and day out. There is work to worry about throughout the day. Once you finish with that, there is everything else. Things pile up, and stress builds. Because of this, people try to find ways to deal with the stress. Everyone needs some sort of release.

People all have their own ways to unwind. One fairly common way that people do this is through alcohol. You come home after a hard day at work, and you pour yourself a drink. While this may work for some people, it does carry with it the possibility to get out of hand. This can become dangerous, and can be very unhealthy if it is done to an extreme.

This is not to say that alcohol is bad for you. In fact, there are some health benefits to consuming a small amount of alcohol on a regular basis. However, most people go beyond this amount, and lose the health benefits. Because of this, it is a good idea to find something that can help you unwind without posing a danger to your health.

A great way to accommodate this is through massage. Different types of massages serve different purposes, but they all have something in common. They relieve the tension in your muscles that is caused by stress. Through doing this, massages can significantly reduce stress.

One great type of massage is the deep tissue massage. The purpose of this type of massage is to realign the deeper layers of your muscles and connective tissue. In order to do this, the massage therapist uses slow, deep pressure, concentrated on specific areas where you have tension and pain. This is a great way to relax chronically tense areas like stiff necks or tightness in your lower back, or soreness in your shoulders.

While there is often pain and discomfort during the massage, the lasting effects are great for relaxation. You may be sore or stiff for the next day or so, but in the long run, your muscles are looser, your circulation is better, and you are far more relaxed. This is a great, healthy way to relax and unwind.

If you would like more information about deep tissue massages, visit

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Tools - The Body Back Buddy Massage Cane

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed or overworked a massage can work wonders? The problem is that you'll often find that the one place you can't reach yourself is the place that needs massaging the most.

Between the shoulder blades or lower down your back seem to be the worst culprits. Even if you can reach some of the knots like the back of your neck or should you can't apply enough pressure to work out the knots.

This is where trigger point therapy tools come into play. A trigger point therapy tool such as the Body Back Buddy Massage Cane or the Thera Cane Back Massager can allow you to reach the trigger points that you can't reach yourself.

These massage therapy tools have been developed over recent years by chiropractors and massage professionals to allow you to self massage with amazing accuracy and results . You only need to read the reviews on sites such as amazon to see how useful they are. Out of 57 reviews 48 gave the Body Back Buddy 5 stars and 7 gave it 4 stars. Basically these things work and do what they are supposed to do.

These tools have many benefits such as:

They can help to release sore muscle trigger points with shiatsu massage/ pressure massage

They make it easy to reach hard to reach shoulder and back trigger points

They can be beneficial for shiatsu treatment of Fibromyalgia trigger points

Allows you to self treat knotted muscles in your neck and back

They may help to reduce muscle pain by means of direct applied pressure

They can work out knots in hard to reach places.

Massage Therapy tools generally come in two types, collapsible which are great for traveling and the sturdier one piece cane which is perfect for use at home or in the office. The canes are simple to use just locate the area that needs treatment and then apply the cane. No matter where the ache or know you'll always have a ball within reach of just the right area.

If you are looking for an ideal gift for a friend or family member a trigger point therapy tool coupled with a book on shiatsu massage will make the perfect gift this Christmas. Just make sure that before you wrap it up you try it on yourself and then hope that they have bought one for you!

Find more about the Body Back Buddy and massage therapy tools at Learning Massage Therapy where you'll find free massage articles and reviews

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