Monday, 30 June 2008

Self Massage Face and Scalp

Self-massage is often just as therapeutic as being given a massage by someone else and you should try to do it on a regular basis; it can boost energy levels when you are feeling exhausted, ease aches and pains, banish he tensions of the day, and, most importantly, provide you with the opportunity to spend time on yourself.

Feeling your way to a full facial

The face and scalp are especially well suited to self-massage; we instinctively stroke our foreheads when we have a headache and hold our foreheads when concentrating. The face contains a huge number of nerve receptors and, therefore, a face massage can have profound effects all through the body, changing our mood, enhancing relaxation, and controlling pain. The scalp, too, can store a surprising amount of tension­the skin will feel taut and difficult to move if it is not relaxed.

  1. Stroke your whole face with soft, molding hands. Then, with the fingers of both hands, stroke slowly and firmly from the center of your forehead out to your temples. Stroke under your cheekbones, from your nose to your ears; this can help if you suffer from sinus congestion. Then stroke from your mouth out toward the edges of your jaw.
  2. Explore your face with circular finger pressures, moving your skin against the underlying muscles. Vary the size, depth, and direction of the circles; try flat, shallow circles and deep, penetrating spirals. Feel for any taut, overused muscles and pay particular attention to your jaw, since tension is often stored there.
  3. Gently squeeze and pull your ears with your thumb and forefinger, working around all the nooks and crannies.
  4. Place a palm over each ear, then slowly and gently move your ears up and down in a circular motion, easing pressure on the upward movement. The noise you will hear sounds like the sea and i am sure you will find it very soothing.
  5. Gently stroke around your right eye with your right hand and your left eye with your left hand at the same time. Then squeeze along each eyebrow from the bridge of your nose to your temples using your index fingers and thumbs. If you find a particularly tight spot, keep holding this point until the tension eases.
  6. Use the pads of your fingers to tap lightly under your eyes and over your eyelids. The sensation should resemble lightly falling rain. This movement helps disperse congestion in the area and reduce puffiness around the eyes that can be caused by tiredness.
  7. Place your palms on your temples, with your fingers resting on your head, and slowly circle your palms ten times in one direction and ten times in the other. Then make circular palm pressures all over your scalp.
  8. In each of your hands, clasp some strands of hair at the root, twist them around your fingers, and gently pull. Imagine you are pulling out tension. Hold the hair for a few seconds longer and then release it. Repeat the sequence using hair from all over the scalp. You can use both hands together or one hand after the other.
  9. Comb the fingers of one hand through the hair from the roots to the ends, then follow the movement with the other hand. Repeat this sequence all over your head and try to achieve a smooth, fluid rhythm. Try not to hurry these movements since they can be surprisingly relaxing.
  10. Use percussion movements on your head to wake yourself up. Use the fingers and thumbs of alternate hands to pluck the scalp, or pummel the area with relaxed fists. Vary the lightness and speed for different effects.

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Self Massage For Arms and Hands

For most people the arms and hands are the most used parts of their bodies, whether from spending long periods of time at a computer, playing a sport, or just doing day-to-day chores. Everyone, therefore, will benefit from a massage of their arms and hands. Not surprisingly, tension in your arms can create aches and pains in your shoulders and neck; strong movements are required to unlock tightness in the upper arms and forearms.

One-handed kneading

This one-handed massage can be done fully clothed, so you can do it wherever you happen to be when the need arises.

Begin by stroking your left arm from the wrist to the shoulder, working firmly as you move up the arm and then gliding gently back down again.

Squeeze and roll the muscles of your left arm between the fingers and heel of your right hand. Start kneading on your upper arm, and work down from the shoulder to the wrist.

Use your knuckles to make rotary pressures all along your arm, working as deeply and rhythmically as you can.

Stroke one forearm with the other, slowly rotating the top forearm as you stroke from the elbow to the wrist of your other arm. This stroke massages both arms simultaneously and is very effective.


Our hands are in constant use and, as a result, they can harbor a lot of tension. Most of our hand movements are holding, clutching actions, so it is very relaxing to counteract these by opening your palm and pulling your fingers. There are many nerve endings on the palms of your hands, and massage here can benefit the whole body. In fact, in reflexology each part of the body is reflected in a in a map of the hand (or foot) and massaging a particular area of the hand will have an effect on the equivalent part of the body.

  1. First, rub your palms together to warm them. Then use your thumb to stroke deeply between each tendon of your right hand from your knuckles to your wrist.
  2. Stroke your left thumb firmly down the palm of your right hand and out toward the side several times in a fanning motion. Then make deep, circular thumb pressures all over your right palm.
  3. Pull and twist each finger of your right hand with the knuckles of your left hand. Work right up to the fingertips.
  4. Repeat the whole sequence (steps 1-3) on your left hand.

Self-massage can be particularly useful if you suffer from chronic or short-term pain. It helps stimulate the release of endorphins and diverts your attention away from the pain. Above all, self-massage lives you a sense of control over your situation.

Final touches

Just as a massage given by someone else has a defined ending phase, a self-massage needs to close on a relaxed note.

Feather stroking

Use light, feather strokes starting at your forehead and then stroke the fingertips of both your hands over your face and neck, down both arms, and leave your body at the tips of your fingers. Then stroke the front of your body, down your legs, and withdraw your touch at your feet. This movement should leave you feeling refreshed, calm, and as light as a feather.

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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Self Massage For Abdomen and Lower Back

It's natural to rub your abdomen when you have a stomach ache, and any form of abdominal massage, however basic, is extremely comforting. Although you can massage your abdomen while sitting up, it is much more relaxing if you lie down. Lie somewhere comfortable, with a small pillow under your knees so that both your back and abdomen are relaxed. Always use a clockwise motion when massaging the abdomen since this follows the workings of the intestine; this can help relax the abdomen, which, in turn, can aid digestion.

Stroke one hand after the other around your abdomen in a clockwise direction, lifting one hand over the other in a continuous flow. Increase the size of the circle to cover the whole area, then gradually make it smaller again.

Apply static and circular pressures all around the abdomen, following the outline that you traced with your strokes in step 1. Use one hand on top of the other, or the palm of just one hand, depending on how much pressure you want to apply .

Bend your knees over to your left and knead the right side of your abdomen with the fingers and thumbs of alternate hands. Rhythmically pick up and release the flesh wherever you can, then bend your knees to the right and knead the left side.

You don't have to be in the perfect surroundings to do a self-massage - you can massage your feet while watching tv, or your hands while talking to a friend.

Lower back

You can massage your lower back by sitting cross-legged, as shown here, or by lying down on your side with your top knee bent in front of you. The movements outlined below are designed to release muscular tension and aid relaxation.

Relieving muscular tension

  1. Start by vigorously rubbing the palms of both your hands up and down the small of your back, and from side to side, to warm the area and release any muscular tension.
  2. For a stronger, deeper movement, make your hands into fists and press the thumb side of your hand into your sacrum, the lower part of your spine. Then stroke your fists firmly up and down the area.
  3. Make deliberate, circular pressures with your fingertips or thumbs all around your sacrum.
  4. Now, pummel the area with floppy, relaxed fists, taking care to avoid your kidneys. Finish with some gentle stroking.

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Self Massage - Do it Yourself

Now that you have been introduced to all the basic strokes, I am sure you can hardly wait to put the moves together into a complete sequence. Don't worry if you don't have a willing partner close at hand, because doing a massage on yourself is the perfect alternative! By practicing on yourself, you can discover how your hands might feel on others.

Legs and feet

Our legs and feet have to support all our weight so it's not surprising that they often ache and feel tired. A good massage can relieve this tension and leave them feeling light and energetic. Knowing how to massage your legs is useful whether you lead an active or a sedentary life, and regular massage of your thighs can even improve their appearance.

Few things are more exhausting and aging than sore feet. By massaging your feet daily, you can relieve tiredness and really relax; in fact, some practitioners, notably reflexologists, believe that foot massage can stimulate your whole body.

Soothing aching legs

With massage, you can relieve aching legs after standing for too long and help tired muscles recover after exercise. As in other parts of the body, light strokes stimulate the lymphatic system and deeper strokes help circulation. Always use firmer strokes as you work up the legs toward the body, and use oil to keep the movements fluid.

  1. Start the massage by stroking your left leg up toward your body, applying a firm pressure as you go. You can either stroke one hand after the other, or place one hand on either side of the leg and stroke both hands together.
  2. Next, knead your left leg. Using alternate hands, squeeze and release the flesh at the top of your thigh, working rhythmically and methodically. Work all over the top of your thigh, down to your knee, and continue along the back of your thigh. Then knead your calf muscles in the same leg.
  3. Soothe your leg with criss-cross strokes. Place one hand on each side of your thigh at the knee, and pull your hands upward, squeezing your leg. Release your grip, cross your hands over, and glide them down the other side of your thigh. Then pull up your hands to repeat the action. Continue, working all the way up your thigh.
  4. To soothe and relax your knee, apply circular pressures with your fingertips all around your left kneecap. Next, stroke softly behind your knee, stroking up toward your body
  5. When you have completed the massage on your left leg, repeat the whole sequence on your right leg.

Easy relief for feet

Your feet are among the easiest parts of your body to self-massage, and it's something you can do wherever you happen to be. If you are sitting, simply rest one foot on the opposite thigh. If you prefer to lie down, keep one leg bent up and rest your other foot on your raised thigh. Give one foot a complete massage first, then transfer to the other one.

A great way to start a foot massage is to soak your feet in a bowl of warm, scented water.

Fill a large bowl with warm water and add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil (lavender and peppermint are my favorites). Put your feet in and luxuriate for as long as you like before starting the foot massage below.

  1. Rest the sale of your right foot on your left knee and sandwich your foot between your hands, with your fingers facing forward. Rub your hands backward and forward along your foot to warm the whole area.
  2. Support the heel of your right foot with your left hand and clasp the toes with your right hand. Energetically squeeze, extend, and flex your toes to increase their flexibility.
  3. Still supporting your right foot with your left hand, massage your toes with your right hand by squeezing, twisting, and rolling each one in turn with your fingers.
  4. Place one thumb on top of the other, using your fingers to support your foot, and make deep, circular thumb pressures over the sale of your foot. Stroke the area. Repeat the whole sequence on your left foot.

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Friday, 27 June 2008

Herbal Thai Massage

Originally derived from ancient Thai traditions, Herbal Thai massage is slowly becoming a popular western modality. Thai yoga massage itself dates back over 2,500 years with roots from both Indian and Chinese healing practices.

The combination of a Thai herbal compress and traditional Thai massage techniques create a treatment designed to soothe almost any aliment one might experience.

History of Thai Yoga Massage

Jivaka Kumar Bahaccha, Buddhist monk and founder of traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage techniques, established Thai massage to alleviate pain by improving the flow of 'prana' or life energy within the body.

Prana circulates through the body along pathways called 'sen lines'. Theoretically, when someone is experiencing pain or disease there is an upset in the flow of prana which flows along these sen lines.

When these blockages are stimulated with the pressure, stretching and kneading techniques, along with modified yoga postures used in Thai massage, it releases the blockage allowing prana to move freely again. As the released prana effortlessly flows again, each system of the body is saturated with vital nutrients improving the body's normal functions. As the body starts to return to a balanced state the pain decreases, energy is restored and the client is filled with a renewed sense of vitality and well-being.

The Yoga Connection

Thai massage was created based on yoga philosophies and traditions as it helps balance not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. Typically a Thai therapist meditates before each treatment to clear their mind of distracting thoughts and focus on bringing healing energy into the massage.

As stated earlier, modified yoga postures themselves are integrated into each massage session creating a multitude of avenues to apply massage techniques. Thai therapist maintains a calming quality to the massage by applying graceful rhythmic movements and focused attention while connecting the postures, similar to practicing yoga.

The Herbal Compress

Herbal Thai massage incorporates the use of a heated compress containing a collection of medicinal aromatic herbs traditionally grown in Thailand. This compress is simply a pouch filled with ground Thai herbs wrapped tightly in a natural porous cloth, usually unbleached cotton or muslin.

It is most often steamed to stimulate the herbs then pressed or rolled on the body during, before or after a Thai yoga massage. When used in conjunction with a Thai massage, the heated ball allows the muscles and joints of the body greater movement and flexibility.

The herbs themselves are absorbed through the skin and used in the body to facilitate further release of energy blockages thereby improving energy imbalances within the body. Some of the herbs have drawing properties that allow removal of inflammation and swelling typical with injuries.

Benefits of Herbal Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is most commonly used to treat inflammation due to muscle and joint pain, injuries or imbalances but it is not limited to muscular system. Thai massage can help with all the systems in the body allowing whole body healing.

The herbal compress promotes further healing as the typical selection of Thai herbs offer many healing properties to the mind body and soul. Together the Thai yoga massage and the herbal compress promote healing in the following ways:

• Improves muscle injuries, imbalances and pain

• Improves blood and lymph circulation

• Improves physical and mental energy by releasing energy blockages

• Improves joint flexibility and range of motion

• Reduces acute and chronic inflammation

• Improves appetite and digestive processes and dysfunctions

• Prevents illness

• Slows aging process and degeneration of soft tissues and joints

• Boosts immune system

• Lowers blood pressure

• Encourages relaxation

• Prevents and alleviates stress and anxiety

• Calms the mind, improves concentration and positive thinking

• Speeds healing

• Improves movement and function of fascia (body's connective tissue)

• Decreases cold and flu symptoms

• Improves organ function and movement

• Calms respiratory dysfunction and pain

• Eases menstrual cramps and associated pain

• Calms and prevents migraines and headaches

• Helps with insomnia and other sleep disorders

This unique Thai tradition is welcome in North America by both therapists and clients alike. Its deep rooted history, balancing techniques and aromatic benefits offer a therapeutic treatment second to none.

Lana Cummings is a Registered Massage Therapist who practices both Swedish and Thai Yoga massage. She uses and recommends both the Thai herbal compress and poultice for treatments and for personal use. Visit for more information on herbal pain remedies.

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Self Massage - For Neck and Shoulders

Most people suffer from tension in their necks and shoulders at some time in their lives, which is hardly surprising if you consider the job the neck has to do! Poor posture, bad working positions, and carrying heavy bags all conspire to make the problem worse. However, you can ease the pain with a remedy literally at your fingertips.

Getting to the core of tension

This simple self-massage exercise gets right to the core of the tension and eases it gently and effortlessly; you can try it almost anywhere and at any time. Try to focus on the areas that feel most tense, and work slowly, deeply, and methodically.

  1. Tilt your head back, and with the palms and fingers of each hand, squeeze the flesh at the base of your neck on either side of your spine. Then, slowly roll your head forward, still squeezing your skin. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, then return your head to an upright position. The amount of flesh you can squeeze depends on your state of relaxation.
  2. Stroke your hands up and down the back of your neck to warm the area. Then use the fingers of both your hands to make deep, circular pressures all around the neck area, making sure that you do not apply pressure to the spine itself.
  3. Place your left hand on your right shoulder and squeeze the muscle. Hold the squeeze and slowly rotate your shoulder backward. A grinding noise indicates that the muscles are tense and should be freed up. Repeat with the right hand on the left shoulder.
  4. Pummel your right shoulder with your left hand to bring fresh blood to the area. Support your left elbow with your right hand for comfort, and keep your wrist loose and floppy as you swiftly strike the flesh. Repeat on your left shoulder.
  5. With your fingers, stroke firmly from the center of your chest outward, applying deep pressure between your ribs. When your fingers reach the outer edges of your ribcage, return to the center and repeat the movement. Feel for tense spots and concentrate on these as you work over the chest.

Never attempt to massage any part of your body if you are in a situation that requires your full concentration.

For example, do not massage your neck and shoulders as you are driving and if you can't wait till you get home, just pull off the road and stop the car before doing the massage.

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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Benefits of Professional Therapeutic Massage

Everyone feels great after a well done therapeutic massage. Massage has been documented back to 2700 BC and found in many ancient cultures. For example, it is documented that the Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and Romans all benefited from therapeutic massage. In fact, Hippocrates wrote of the benefits of massage in the 5th century BC. However, even with widespread awareness and rich history, few people realize how many health benefits there are to getting a massage and why it has such profound effects. Therapeutic massage can be used for pain control/relief, healing, and overall wellness.

Naming just a few benefits, a good massage, especially one that works into your muscles such as a deep tissue massage, can help alleviate back pain, enhance the immune system, exercise weak muscles, increase flexibility, lessen depression, improve circulation, and relieve tension. With all these benefits, the primary advantages can be summed up as reduced fatigue and increased energy.

A number of methods are used in professional massage, including moving pressure, fixed pressure, holding, kneading, point pressure, and distributed pressure. A professional therapist may use hands, elbows, forearms, and even knees and feet to release the tension deep in your muscles. Professional massage therapists may also use a device or machine to assist in massage. Small hand-held devices that can provide point pressure are common as are professional massage machines that use percussion to drive the massage deep into your muscle tissue. A machine-assisted massage can be provided quicker and deeper than a manual massage and causes less fatigue on the massage therapist.

Therapeutic massage helps the patient with pain control/relief by sending impulses to the brain through the same nerves that transmit pain signals. By doing so, the receptors in the brain never receive pain impulses because they are effectively blocked. As a patient receives a therapeutic massage, natural pain killing endorphins are released which act very much like a high power drug in dulling the senses to pain. In addition, muscles are loosened which improves circulation allowing oxygen and nourishment to reach painful muscles, thereby allowing them to relax.

A therapeutic massage stimulates the lymph system. The lymph system brings nutrients to every cell in the body and takes away waste products produced by the body's cells. Sore and tight muscles are usually starved for oxygen and nutrients because their tightness is preventing the lymph system from operating effectively. A therapeutic massage dilates blood vessels while loosening muscles. This restores the lymph system, allowing for nutrients to pass and waste to be taken away.

Healing through therapeutic massage is a common practice, especially among professional athletes and others who are hard on their muscles and overall body. A weak, injured, or sore muscle can have a profound effect on someone who is required to operate at peak performance. A sports therapist is likely to use a mechanical motorized massager in their work. This allows them the quickly provide deep tissue massage without wearing themselves out. Massagers used by professionals, such as a Thumper massager, use percussion as their primary massage action. A high quality professional percussion massager is much different than most consumer models which only vibrate and rub the skin. While a vibrating massager may feel nice, it lacks the ability to penetrate through thick muscle.

This ancient form of healing and rejuvenation has been refined over thousands of years. While still retaining the same basic principles, massage is applied to many different ailments and situations. A deep tissue massage that exercises and relaxes muscles can provide relief to pain, heal, and enhance overall wellness.

Cellulite Massage Techniques

Cellulite massages help remove and reduce the features of cellulite. A well performed massage can aid in dissolving the fat cells under the skin that are one of the main causes of cellulite. It's important that you have realistic expectation of what a cellulite massage can do for you, you must not consider the massage asa cure but more another step in the right direction. To make the massage treatment more effective you should combine the massage with the correct diet, regular exercise and a anti cellulite cream.

A cellulite massage reduces and removes the cellulite tissues. It also increases the blood circulation to that area resulting in the toxins being flushed out using the bodies natural waste sysytem. The massage technique involves a combination of rubbing, kneading, and twisting the cellulite prone areas. Once the area is stimulated and warm enough, this is when the fat cells and toxins start to break down and dissolve. If the massage is performed correctly it should increase the blood circulation and warm the area carrying the unwanted cells and toxins away.

Sample Massage Routine

1) apply anti cellulite cream for the best results to the affected area so the massage movements are easier.

2) It's when performing any massage that you start from the low point and massage toward the heart.

3) Apply moderate pressure alternating through different techniques.

4) Using long strokes using the knuckles, fingers or palm of hand.

5) Change the motion to kneading, this is a grasping effect using the thumb and finger to grab.

6) Lastly you should perform a pinching technique, pinching the skin using the thumb and finger pulling the skin gently in all directions.

This massage technique can seriously help you remove your cellulite problem, you still need to use a combination of a good diet routine and regular exercise. One of the most important problems that influence the effectiveness of massaging to remove cellulite is what cream you use. It's absolutely crucial that you use a good cream that work. One of the best know creams that is proven to work is Revitol This cream has given many people great results across the world. If you need more information about other skin care treatments such as acne visit Here for more information about products that help you look your best. another informative is

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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Receiving Massage Has So Many Benefits

Everyone that has experienced a full body massage knows that it fills you with a sense of peace and tranquility which stays with you long after the massage is over.

There is also much more to massage than just it's wonderful ability to release tension and stress. The health benefits of massage are plentiful and by getting regular massages your health can improve tremendously.

The need for touch is one of the basic needs for all life, just as important as eating and drinking. Some studies in Russia have revealed that babies who aren't touched enough are not nearly as healthy as other babies.

By using the power of touch in the form of a massage, wonders can be created, both for your body and your mind. A great benefit from receiving massage is that it increases the circulation and makes the blood flow with more ease throughout the body.

When the blood flow increases it helps the cells to work more efficiently and it can be beneficial to those suffering from high or low blood pressure.

Massage also aids the lymphatic system, which is a large part of your body's immune system. The lymphatic system moves mucous throughout your body and doesn't have a pump.

A massage can help your muscles relax and become loose, let go of tension and can also improve your posture. For those experiencing conditions such as muscle pain, back pain, headaches, stomach pain and cramps, massage therapy can provide a lot of relief.

For those experiencing insomnia, massage can be of great benefit. By relieving accumulated tension and stress, it is much easier to get the rest we need at night so that we are able to get the most out of our awake time.

Because of the stress and tension that is so common in home and work environments of today, a lot of people have gained an imbalance in their bodies.

By using the hands and fingers to manipulate the meridians and pressure points in the body it is possible to reawaken our natural state of health and wellbeing.

Since massage is such an ancient healing method, there has been thousands of years to develop and practice the different techniques that exists today.

We are in a very lucky age right now where we can experience many different types of massage styles and learn powerful techniques from all over the world.

By combining the wisdom that comes out of old traditions with the intuitive touch and the flow in the moment, I feel that there are no limits to what you can achieve through massage.

Jason Storm is the owner of Vibrant Creations, an online education company. Visit his website on Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

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Tax Deductible Massage

You may very well have been getting a tax-deductible massage and did not know it. Yes, that's correct! Your massage therapy may very well be tax deductible.

Many deductions, such as medical expenses, require you to overcome a minimum. For example, only medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income are allowed. This means an individual with an adjusted gross income of $40,000 can only deduct medical expenses above and beyond $3,000.

Your medical care expenses typically include medical insurance, some Medicare costs, and miscellaneous costs of health care. These could include costs for making alterations to your home prescribed for your medical condition, removing toxic substances from your home, enrolling in weight-loss programs, dental work, and travel-related expenses to get to your medical care, including mileage expense. Even that massage you got to relieve stress MAY be deductible. Other potentially deductible expenses include prostheses, and ointments or lotions for wound and skin care.

Deductible medical services can be performed by someone other than your doctor. If you have a condition like a bad back and your doctor says you need regular massage, this treatment is deductible. Make sure you get a prescription for massage from your doctor saying you need these services.

Remember that the cost of the massage therapy is TAX DEDUCTIBLE as long as a physician prescribes it.

If you routinely get massage to help manage stress, blood circulation, chronic pain, or other medical conditions ask your doctor for a prescription and get a receipt for each massage from your massage therapist.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Schools For Sports Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is widely accepted as a wonderful remedy for many health related issues. Massage helps in rejuvenating tissues,equip skins to fight aging, relieves tension and also making the blood circulatory system sound and healthy. Sports massage therapy is one of the field which is intended to provide the wonderful effects of massaging therapy to the sport people to improve their stamina and vitality. There are many schools for sports massaging therapy.

Sports massage is very essential for an athlete as it improves the blood circulation and hence enhances the vitality; physical ability to undergo training, helps to prevent injury and also improves the performance of the sports personal. Added to all the above it makes the body fit by removing fat contents, unnecessary waste deposits and also the massaging rejuvenates the tissues with the use of antioxidants and the required nutrients for the skin and body. The sports massaging will give the athletes a feeling of physical well-being, and also increases the mental strength in facing the challenging competition with ease and free of injury. It improves significantly the stamina of the sports people and brings an energetic and enjoyable condition in their sports life.

Sports Massage Schools are offering service to the fitness professionals to bring smile into the faces of sports personals by stimulating the coronary circulation and also by relieving stress. This will help athletes to keep tie physical fitness at the peak and also help them to avoid future injuries.

The Sports Massage Schools conduct classes for specific techniques of massaging which effectively uses various skills namely smooth movements for stretching, compressing and gliding. The main objective of sports massaging is the maintenance of healthy tissues, manipulation of them and the rehabilitation of soft tissues. The sports massaging instructions are taught in these schools in a very professional way. The curriculum covers the massaging techniques in general, sports massaging techniques in particular tailored to the well being of sports personals and athletes. This course also covers the precautions need to be taken in massaging therapy, the advantages of the sports massaging and also the disadvantages. The health benefits of the massaging, the general massaging remedies for strains and pains, the ways to improve the overall muscle strength and many skin-massaging techniques are also dealt in these schools of sports massage therapy. Also in sports massage schools students are equipped with detecting deep tissue damages and imbalances in the body. Also there will be lessons to correct these types of drawbacks in the physical body of the athlete.

Generally sports massage schools offer certificate courses lasting for 180 hours. The fees are very reasonable and the benefits from these schools are price worthy.

Robert Grazian is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about schools for sports massage therapy visit New Massage Therapy for current articles and discussions.

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Aromatherapy Massage

The practice of aromatherapy involves using essential oils from plants to heal the body, decrease pain and help keep one's moods in check. It can help in decreasing depression, increase focus and provides a "pick me up." Essential oils come from roots, flowers and plant extracts. Aromatherapy massage utilizes these essential oils for all of these benefits. They can also be used for other spa-like treatments, for example facials and hydrotherapy baths.

To prepare essential oils for a aromatherapy massage, they should be combined with a carrier oil such as grapeseed or sweet almond oil. The oils that you use will depend on how you are feeling, what you are looking to accomplish or what ailment that you are trying to treat. If you are feeling sad, or stressed, lavender oil is a good essential oil to use. If you need to treat tired and sore muscles, then you may opt for peppermint oil.

A massage therapist can mix up to five essential oils to create your massage oil. You want to make sure that you work with an aromatherapist who is qualified and that knows how to properly mix and use the massage oils so that you don't suffer any skin irritations or other negative reactions.

Many store brought products claim to use aromatherapy. However, it most cases, these include little more then perfumes and fragrances. These do not quality as aromatherapy. Real aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils, which most of these products do not contain. Instead, most of these use chemicals and not essential oils. So don't be fooled. You won't get the same benefits that essential oils provide.

If you are interested in creating your own aromatherapy massage blend, you may want to try the following recipe.

8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil blend, or single essential oil

1 ounce of carrier oil

You will need to mix the oils. The mixture should be stored in a cobalt glass or amber bottle or container. You can use this blend whenever you get your next massage.

An aromatherapy massage can be great way to relax and to relieve tired, sore muscles and a stressed out mind. If you plan on creating your own massage oil, be sure to mix your essential oil blend with a carrier oil so that you do not irritate the skin. You should not place essential oils directly into the skin without a carrier oil. Also, be sure to only use safe oils that will not negatively react to the skin. This may require that you do a little research to determine which essential oils are not safe for human use. Also never use essential oils on babies or young children.

George Key lives in an island of Greece and he is very interested in natural health and alternative medicine. He owns a site dedicated to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils with many effective Aromatherapy Blends and Tips for natural healing.

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Monday, 23 June 2008

Massage Hints And Tips


Massaging is one of the most widely recognized therapies in the world and many people see it as a way of life instead of a luxury. It is widely used to compliment medicines in treating a variety of ailments, most related to stress and tension. Very often emotions become reserved and manifest themselves in the muscles, by massaging the muscles and releasing these reserved emotions both body and mind will benefit.

Many people see massaging as quite a time consuming practise however that really is not the case. A simple 10 or 15 minute hand or foot massage can be very stimulating due to the proximity of the reflexology points. There are many types of massage for example some techniques work on pressure points whilst others work on specific points to eliminate toxins. The benefits of massage are quite vast and include improved circulation, digestion and skin condition.

Essential Oils

Massaging is obviously all about touch and touch is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle. All too often we get caught up in our hectic lifestyles we overlook giving each other a hug or holding a hand, which can make us feel instantly better. We can combine this touch and massage with aroma and provide an ultimate feel good therapy. We are surrounded by thousands of different scents yet we are quite unaware of the power that scent can have on the brain. The same area of the brain which is stimulated by smell is also connected to the hormonal system and it is for this reason odours can comfort us, relive memories, warn us of danger and recreate experiences.

A Blend of the two

When massage is blended with aromatherapy, the scents of the essential oils assist greatly in relaxation and they help to rebalance the emotional tension which often leads to muscle stress. When blending these together, it is unlike a traditional massage as the process is slower. Time must be allowed for the oils to be absorbed by the body and this will depend on the physical state of the receiver (amount of fatty tissue).

Preparing the Perfect Massage

It is important to create the right atmosphere and if possible use a room which has soft light colours. It is also important for the room to be warm because very often during a massage the exposed muscles will become cold and contract, which is the opposite of what we want to achieve. The lighting should also be soft, candles make for a veryrelaxing atmosphere but can be quite hazardous, a dimmer switch for your lights are the best tool for creating the right atmosphere.

To learn more about massage and the techniques involved along with the various blends of essential oils visit:

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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite By Massaging

Massaging is considered as one of the most popular and cheapest treatments for cellulite. Massaging helps to reduce the cellulite and it also makes your skin soft and good and your body limbs are more flexible and relaxed.

The solid form of cellulite is generally found in female who have a very active life such as dancers or athletes. Hard cellulite is considered as the most complex form of cellulite and it is not easy to remove it from the body. This form of cellulite is not easily seen, as it is attached directly to the muscles of the body and is hard to diagnose.

On the other hand, soft cellulite is not as complicated as compared to the hard cellulite. It is observed quite easily by the naked eye because it is not attached directly to the muscles. Soft cellulite mainly appears in large areas. As it is said earlier that it is not a complex form of cellulite therefore, it is not difficult to erase from the body.

Massaging is helpful in both types of cellulite. Massaging increases the supply of blood to the affected parts of your skin. The lymph circulation is improved. The cellulite lumps become soft and toxins are removed from the tissues. The strength of connective tissues is increased which is very helpful in the cellulite treatment.

If you are intended to take the cellulite massage then you must wear woven mesh fabric clothes before the massage starts. It would allow your body to take natural movements and provide extra movements to your adipose tissue as well as your skin.

Many anti-cellulite massages work on the dry skin and are useful to remove the toxic fatty acids, which are responsible for cellulite's formation. During massage, mostly those parts of the body are given massage, where cellulite is generally occurred like thighs, buttocks etc. Now, lots of products are available in the market that can assist various massage therapies like horsetail, clematis etc.

Vacuum massaging is the most easy and simple method of massaging, which is used for cellulite victims. First of all the anti-cellulite cream is applied on the legs and then a rubber glass is applied. You should get the massage for at least eight minutes daily for better results. Regular massage will surely make your skin look better.

Therefore, if you are suffering from cellulite and you are very concerned about this problem then you should take massage therapy. This simple and easy therapy can really help you a lot to reduce your cellulite from your body.

Do Cellulite Creams Work? Are They Effective? Find out now at

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Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Healing Of Touch

I want you to take a moment to think about how you feel when you receive a warm, loving hug from your spouse, friend, or family member? How do you feel when a co-worker comes up behind you at work when you are sitting at your desk and massages your shoulders for you? Do you close your eyes and melt because it's a friendly touch that you really needed?

We are wired from birth to yearn for human touch and to feel loved. Without welcomed human touch from loved ones we are more likely to experience depression, loneliness, self-esteem issues, and children are more likely to disconnect from their parents and get involved in gangs and violent crimes.

On a personal note I remember when I was 18 and I lived on my own for the first time. For six months my life was going to work and then going home to log onto online chat rooms. I was addicted to visiting my online friends and neglected my family and friends and the outside world. I didn't realize it at the time but I was becoming depressed and developed short-term anxiety issues. I remember one day at work a co-worker and friend of mine gave me a very warm hug and I just cried in his chest. I hadn't had any type of human contact for six months. I was stuck in a dark world of loneliness that I self-induced.

Also, you might remember the study done by Harry Harlow that demonstrated the importance of care-giving and companionship in the early stages of primate development. It basically shows how much mammals need to receive love and affection. If you don't recall the study you can read it here:

Massage can be compared to this type of touch in many ways. A therapist may be sending positive, healing energy through your body through their caring touch. A feather touch or lighter pressure during massage might be considered very relaxing to you and is a form of release for negative emotions. Deeper pressure on tight, tense muscles is also a stress releaser because once the therapist smoothes out those kinked muscles your body will feel loose and relaxed, your stress level decreases significantly, and your blood circulation increases. Everything in your body begins to work together in harmony.

You must get regular massages to keep stress levels down and keep this harmonious flow of positive well-being. Don't forget that not only is massage wonderful at keeping the body and muscles stress free, but a caring touch is helpful to keep you in a positive mental and emotional state of mind. I need a massage, how about you?

I am a massage therapist in San Antonio, TX. I specialize in the art of relaxation. Please visit my site to learn more about me and my services.

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Saturday, 21 June 2008

How The Wrong Massage Table Could Ruin Your Practice

The total collapse scenario.

It's the nightmare of every massage therapist. Just imagine you're in the middle of the massage your client is totally relaxed, there's some quiet, may take if, nice music playing in the background, soft light from candles - just the perfect massage. And then all of a sudden, it happens: as your buddy pushes against the massage table, something snaps and the whole thing collapses. In the best case the client is just in a state of shock, in the worst case he is seriously hurt. Nowadays massage therapists face a much higher liability then they did a couple of years ago. A client who got her this way might ruin your business in several ways. He might just so you. This can be so expensive that price you out of business. Or he could just spread the word. If something as extreme as this happens to somebody that person will surely talk about this with lots of people. This is the worst kind off word-of-mouth that you can imagine.

But it's relatively easy to avoid this kind of scenario. Just choose a strong and stable massage table.

But let me be a little bit more specific than saying "strong and stable" - because what really matters is "what exactly do I have to look for when buying a massage table?".

Look out for these things: is the table reinforced? If the table is reinforced this helps to prevent swaying when a heavy client lays down, or when you apply heavy pressure.

Reinforcement not only is a good way to prevent that whole collapse, but also provides your massage client with more comfort. If the massage table does not have a very strong and stable feeling to it, your client might subconsciously worry about it and this will lessen his massage experience with you, even if otherwise everything you do is 100% perfect. With the many choices of massage therapists were practicing nowadays this could be a client that you lose forever.

Another thing that you should look for when buying a massage table is: What is the material that the table is made out of? it should be high quality hardwoods or high-quality aluminum, or better.

The last thing when it comes to the stability also massage table is: What is the tables weight rating? The table should support at least 500 pounds off downward applied force.

If you watch out for these three simple things before you choose a massage table, you can be sure that the worst case won't happen. But there more to selecting a massage table than just making sure it's stable.

Learn more about buying massage tables at the Massage Tables website.

A Typical Massage Experience

A typical massage experience in many spas and wellness centers is that upon having booked your massage you are being brought to a private massage room.

There you meet your massage therapists.

The room is usually dimly lit, may be with aroma therapy candles. The room is warm up very confortably and soft music is playing somewhere quietly in the back ground.

The massage therapist inquires about your well being and asks you how you are and what kind of massage do you like to get today.

The massage therapies will then tell you that he will leave the room for a moment so that you have time to undress and lay down on the massage table and cover yourself with a blanket.

He then leaves the room and closes the door behind him. He just take up the clothes lay on the table and cover yourself with a blanket. Usually you find that the blanket is little bit warm and you already feel relaxed.

The massage therapist then knocks on the door and enters the room.

When he starts to massage you you might I ask you whether you like strong or a gentle massage. Just let him know which one you prefer and if at any time you're in the massage you feel on comfortable or half a certain wish just tell you massage therapist.

And then it's usually just time to relax, and let your mind drift away and fully enjoy the experience.

We are working so much every day, we had so many things to do and to take care of. But most of us don't take enough care of or selfs.

Sometimes we say to ourselves: I will get them massage if I have just a bit more time.

But the saddening truth is that most of the time we don't have more time. That is why we need to make a commitment. We need to schedule it. For example we need to say I'm going to get massage on Wednesday the 25th. And then we need to put it in our calendar.

This way your massage appointment will not be a victim of what I call a moving time frame.

I really recommend that you do this right now -- make a commitment to yourselves and quoted in your calendar. You deserve the massage, and just the fact that you have taken the time to read this until he it is prove enough of that fact.

Just make sure that the moment you lay down on that massage table you really allow yourself to relax and switch off all worries that you normally carry around with you.

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Friday, 20 June 2008

Top 10 Considerations in Selecting Your Massage Chair

First congratulations on starting your research into a massage chair. Certainly, a massage chair recliner may be one of the most critical products you put into your home. They can be one of the best purchases you make, if you take your time and find out what is most important to you. A massage chair is an investment in your health and well-being. A massage chair might be a necessity if you have certain health conditions or it may be an outstanding luxury. Finding the perfect massage chair for you can help to relieve aches, pains and tension. A massage chair can help improve your blood circulation and generally just make you feel better. Whatever perspective you are coming from, find out what massage chair features are important for you. Also, keep in mind that you will have the shiatsu massage chair for many years to come. So think about how your needs may change through time.

10 Steps for finding the perfect massage chair for you

1) Know Yourself: First and foremost you have to understand your needs and what results or benefits do you want from a massage chair. Do you have back problems, neck problems, poor circulation or a lower back problem? What type of massage techniques are right for you? Kneading, Rolling, Tapping, Shiatsu, Swaying, etc.? Do you want a foot massage? Do you want full lower body massage capability? Also, how tall are you? Are other potential users taller or shorter than you? You will want to find a chair that fits best for those who will use it the most. Also, keep in mind that you may be very sensitive to getting massages at first, but in time you will become more used to it. If you are looking longer term, you may want a strong massage chair and use extra pads to start. You can remove the pads later for a stronger massage. First think through what your current needs are but also your longer term needs.

2) Quick Fix or Long Term Solution: Are you looking to get into a massage chair to relieve one symptom over a short time period. Maybe you want a entry level massage chair that is simple to use and lower price. Or are you looking for a longer-term solution where you expect long term performance and many advantageous features. Lower end massage chairs have short warranties and are built with lower quality components. Higher end massage chairs have longer warranties, more features and are built with higher quality components.

3) Features of Massage chairs: You will need to start to put a list together of important features for you. What features are important to you? Do you want a massage chair with just a back massage? Do you want lower body massage? Do you want heat? Do you want to have a music player? Do you want a manual recline or motorized recline? There are many important decisions to make. You will want to prioritize your list. Not all massage chairs will have the exact combination to match your list. At some point you may need to make some tradeoffs.

4) Try Some Massage chairs: Many malls have stores that carry massage chairs. You should go and try them. You can also go to home shows which usually have massage chairs as well. You will want to sit in them and see how they feel for you. While your trying them, check out their prices. Most store malls will carry slightly different models than what you find on the internet. Remember that a store has to cover more overhead than an internet site, so they will generally be more expensive at the mall.

5) Research Massage chairs: The internet allows you to research massage chairs fairly quickly and conveniently. Check out the main manufacturers or brands. There are many resellers, but few actual manufacturers. Find the few top brands that are of interest to you and then go to the manufacturer website or call them. Most manufacturers do not sell direct, but they will answer your questions. Request literature, find specifications, etc. Call some of the retailers or internet retailers and ask them their opinions. Ask your friends or any you know who has a massage chair.

6) Long Term Considerations: Evaluate the warranties of each manufacturer. How long is the coverage? Companies like Sanyo and Panasonic only have a 1 year warranty. Others may have 3-5 year warranties (at no additional cost). Also, what type of service will they provide if you have a problem? Do you have to ship your massage chair or take it to an authorized service center? Massage chairs weigh 100lbs to 200 lbs and shipping is expensive. Some manufacturers offer in home service. Be aware before you buy!

7) Evaluate all the Information: Weigh out the features, styling, warranty, etc for the massage chairs that you like. Also, who is going to use the massage chair? What are their weights and heights? What types of needs do they have and what features are the best to cover those who will use it? Did you get to actually try the massage chairs on your list? If you did not, then you may find a retailer carrying that massage chair in your area. If not, some internet resellers offer a 30 day trial period. However, most will refund your money less all shipping expenses. Check around and find out.

8) Placement of Your Massage chair: Where do you want to put your massage chair? Will it be in your home or office? Do you know what room you would like it in? Massage chairs come in all different styles, materials and colors. Find a massage chair that will compliment your room.

9) Ready to Make Your Decision: OK, decision time. Which massage chair did you select? Where do you want to purchase it? What kind of shipping do you want? Do you want them to drop it off in the box or set it up for you? Shop around and see what makes sense for you.

10) Sit Back and Relax: The best day is when you first get to sit in your massage chair! All the hard work is behind you! Enjoy, you have earned it!

For more information, visit us at Massage Chair Warehouse by email us at

James is an accomplished massage therapist and understands human healing. You can visit his website at and find many shiatsu massage chairs at on his website.

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Massage Chair Review - Sanyo Zero-Gravity Chair HEC-DR7700K

You may have read our first article in this Top 25 Massage Chairs series, which we wrote for the Omega Montage Premier massage chair with MP3. We ranked that chair number 2 in the $4,000 to $5,000 range. This article reviews our winner in this category, the Sanyo HEC-DR7700K Zero-Gravity massage chair.

As I prepared to write this article, I spoke with our customer service manager about the level of customer service we receive from Sanyo. Without hesitation, she said, "Very good. We've never had any problems with them." Knowing that she had also highly recommended Omega, I asked her, "Even better than Omega?" Again, her reply was unequivocal: "Yes. Omega is great, but sometimes they will call the customer directly instead of getting right back to us. With Sanyo we never have any problem at all." Her positive responses on Sanyo were enthusiastic and encouraging. And as you've read in our other articles, our philosophy is that no quality or feature in a chair can make up for poor customer service. In Sanyo we've found the hub of the rub, the lead knead, the best press--you get the point. Sanyo provides truly unexcelled customer service.

Having said that, we have a real concern with the relatively short warranty period (1 year labor and parts, 3 years on the roller mechanism, and 1 year in-home warranty. As always, check your actual warranty for specific limitations and consider the extended warranty.) We can't understand the short warranty, since the chairs are well-manufactured and solid. The company does offer a service hotline that is open 24/7 and an extended service warranty, but both require an extra fee for non-warranty items. So that's our one caveat about this chair.

Let's talk about the features of the Zero-Gravity massage chair. First, what does "Zero-Gravity" mean? Quite simply, it is the position developed by NASA for astronauts in a zero-gravity environment. It is the position the human body naturally assumes when there is no gravity, and Sanyo implies that this is the most relaxing position in the world (or out of the world, as the case may be). The Zero-Gravity chair easily puts you in this position with the touch of a button.

Does it work? Is the chair truly more comfortable because of this available position? It depends on whom you ask, but our opinion is that the position really is a fantastic innovation. All massages can be delivered from the Zero-Gravity position. Of course, the same position can be assumed by some other chairs, but the convenience of the one-touch position is great. Furthermore, the Zero-Gravity can tip you further back and again give you the same position in a feet-elevated position. Try programming that into any other chair 20 times fast!

So what about the other features? As always, there are too many features to discuss everything, but let me outline some of the unique features we haven't found in any other chair. First is the Exclusive Stiffness Detection Sensor. Many chairs offer some kind of position and stiffness sensor, and some are quite good (Omega's infrared sensor is excellent), but the Zero-Gravity sensor actually uses photo sensory and galvanic skin response to measure your pulse and perspiration and deliver a highly-customized massage to areas of stiffness and tension. Have you ever had a personal massage from someone who truly adapted to your mood and your physical condition? If you did, you had an almost-emotional experience. That's the direction this Zero-Gravity chair is headed. Obviously, it's not there yet, but unless you can afford a 24-hour masseuse who never gets tired who reads your mood and condition, your best substitute is the Sanyo Zero-Gravity.

And that is true, not only because of the sensors, but because of the chair's ability to deliver the massage the sensors indicate you need. The new Exclusive GK (grasping and kneading) rollers are thumb-shaped and successfully reach out and comfortably squeeze the neck and tops of the shoulders. and the air bags deliver shiatsu massage, heat and relaxation to multiple points in the feet, ankles, calves, and legs. We've discussed at length the limitations and benefits of air bags in our article about the Omega Montage Premier, so we won't repeat those comments here, but in summary, we feel that air bags are definitely the future of technology in the massage chair world.

Now, what about the roller system? The roller mechanism comes with a three-year warranty, so Sanyo is showing some confidence in that system, which (if you'll forgive the expression) is the backbone of the Zero-Gravity chair. It is unexcelled in length with the 31" back massage length (greater by one inch than the Omega Montage). The chair width is adjustable for those of us who need less of it. And the leg extension can accommodate those of us with longer legs, up to a standing height of 6'5".

Other features include a control panel that can be attached to either side of the chair and a mouse-shaped sub-controller, which contains the stiffness detection sensor and lets you fine-tune your massage. If you want to repeat a massage on a targeted area, the Zero-Gravity has a repeat feature that allows you to continually massage that area.

As with some of the other chairs in this class, the Zero-Gravity is made with a high-quality synthetic leather that feels like leather but isn't subject to cracking and breakage that plagues real leather chairs.

Finally, the Zero-Gravity offers five automatic massage courses and 83 combination manual massage courses, including grip, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, and various stretches. The selection is enormous!

The chair is made in Japan. This gives you a good deal of confidence that the chair is well-made. It also means the chair will be expensive. In our opinion, however, a person making a purchase of this magnitude would be well-advised to get a chair that will live up to expectations, even if the expense is significant. In our experience, and judging from the lack of returns of this chair, your expectations will be met if you purchase a Sanyo Zero-Gravity HEC-DR7700K massage chair.

And that is why, overall, we rank this chair number one in the $4,000 to $5,000 class. The decision between this chair and the Omega Montage is a difficult one. Omega has apparently been able to pass through some savings by manufacturing their chairs in China with Japanese parts, so you will pay a little less for the Omega. Furthermore, the Omega has a raft of excellent features and offers a longer warranty. But Sanyo stands out in its technological ability to scan for your body's needs, and that ability, coupled with Sanyo's excellent customer service, allow the Zero-Gravity to float into top position.

This article was reviewed for which sells most massage chair brands and attempts to provide unbiased reviews for its best massage chairs. Reviews of the rest of the Top 25 can also be found on the same site. More information on this specific product can be found at

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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient form of bodywork that has been practiced since the time of the historic Buddha - more than 2500 years.

It was a personal friend of the Buddha with the name of Jivaka Khumar Bhacca that developed the system of Thai massage in India.

Dr. Jivaka was a famous doctor at the time who had an interesting life story. He was an orphant and studied medicinal plants for many years.

Later in life he became the private doctor of a powerful king in the region of India.

He also massaged members of the original Buddhist community, the first "Sangha". In fact, he has even been mentioned in the Tipitaka writings.

It was through buddhist monks that the art of Thai massage then found it's way to Thailand. Specially here monks practiced and developed this unique form of bodywork for centuries.

They used Thai massage to heal laypeople, and to deepen their meditative practices.

After they spend many hours without movement in deep meditation their bodies were naturally tired and stiff - Thai massage helped them to regain their flexibility fast.

Two kinds of Thai massage emerges throughout the millennia - the rural style and the royal style.

The rural style is the one that has lots of animistic elements involved, and magic. Thai shamans practiced it and midwives.

The royal style was a much more scholarly style that was practiced in the palace of the King of Siam. It was also more polite, for example the massage therapist would not utilize his feet to massage a person of royal decree but only the thumbs.

Nowadays it is a sad reality that oftentimes prostitutes and brothels refer to their services as "Thai massage" - but it is important to make the distinction that Thai massage has nothing to do with erotic massage. This is much more a development of recent times and can in large part be accredited to the presence of soldiers during the Vietnam war in Pattaya.

Try Natural Massage Oils to Enhance Your Massage

If you enjoy receiving or giving a massage then you are very familiar with natural massage oils. Many people are no longer using synthetic oils as the natural products are gaining in popularity around the world. For one thing, these products are better for your skin than a chemically manufactured product. If you are considering making the move away from synthetic oils then you will need to do some research to determine what the best natural products are.

Natural massage oil that is quite popular is almond oil. You will notice that this oil does an excellent job of softening your skin and it does an excellent job of soothing dry irritated skin as well. Not only is it soothing on the skin but it provides a nice light nutty fragrance as well. This really helps in creating a relaxing atmosphere.

If almond oil is not your thing, then natural massage oil that is quite popular is grape seed oil. This particular oil is not greasy like many other oils are. The fragrance is quite sweet and it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. This oil is great for regenerating your skin to look younger as well. Some of the benefits of choosing these natural products are that they are free of chemicals or synthetic products, they are free of preservatives are vegetarian and of course, they are not tested on animals.

If you currently use synthetic oils, consider trying out some of the natural massage oils that are available on the market today. These hand made products contain pure essential oils. Your massage will feel that much better knowing you have a natural product on your skin rather than some synthetic chemicals.

In conclusion, make the change from synthetic oils to natural massage oils and you will feel much better about what you are putting on your body. If you are uncertain of where to obtain these products, a simple search on your favorite search engine will provide a multitude of options for you.

We provide information on natural body butters, scented massage oils, natural massage oils along with information on massage therapy continuing education. Visit us now for all your skin care information.

By D.Karlson

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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Reiki Massage - A Female's Perspective

Reiki massage was probably the last modality that interested me when I searched for bodywork. Being brought up the oldest and always playing outside with the boys, I didn't really like too much of my feminine side. So accepting Reiki massage was a challenge for me because I would have to let go of my perception of what a massage really is suppose to feel like. Reiki unlike deep tissue where I feel discomfort majority of the time (even though it's good for me), is an energy healing. The therapist who applied Reiki on me actually did touch my body so I didn't feel too disconnected from the session.

She applied long soothing strokes to calm me down and then applied Reiki to the session. Now don't ask me what she did because I would do it injustice. What I can tell you is that I felt an enormous amount of heat flowing from her hands onto my body. It felt as if someone had place a heat pad on me and then started to crank up the temperature. Basically, my "Chi" or energy which was trapped was cleared and after it cleared, I started feeling chilly. She stated to me that it's natural to feel a little cold since the energy is now flowing better. All I know is that I felt relief from my back pain and my menstrual pain which I was experiencing for a week.

I also believe it's important that you choose a therapist is very advanced in not Reiki but other modalities like Swedish and Deep Tissue. This way, if you do not like the Reiki, you can always ask them to change the modality. In my case, I asked her to combine them and it felt amazing. I must say that I did not detoxify like I normally do but it still felt great afterwards.

What is Reiki Massage

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese name consisting of 2 words Rei and Ki meaning spiritually guided life energy (commonly known as Universal Life Energy), an energy which animates us all and is found all around us. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using "universal life energy" channeled through the practitioner to the recipient.

Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.

Reiki in conjunction with therapeutic massage, hot rocks and other medical techniques can balance not only your physical and emotional well-being, but your spiritual as well.

How Reiki Massage Helps

Reiki is believed to relieve pain, boosts the immune system and relieve acute and chronic problems. This is believed because physical manifestations of pain are often linked to emotional, mental and spiritual states. Chronic illnesses may take a series of treatments, depending on the specific nature of the disease. Reiki goes beyond the symptoms to treat the root cause of the disease. When we treat only the symptoms, we do not always get to the true basis of the illness.

Reiki practitioners channel energy in a particular pattern to heal and harmonize. Unlike other healing therapies based on the premise of a human energy field, Reiki seeks to restore order to the body whose vital energy has become unbalanced.

What are the Benefits?

Reiki can be used in many ways and combined with essential oils and massage is a powerful tool. Reiki massage is great if you are suffering from stress or tension, and the many symptoms associated with stress and tension. It can also improve the quality of difficult relationships at home or work. the beneficial effects of Reiki and massage occur on many different levels. Reiki can accelerate the healing of physical problems, balance the emotions, and free us from restrictive mental attitudes. It may also provide a closer connection with our own inner wisdom.

Reiki encourages and supports positive personal change such as improving the diet, having more rest, exercise or leisure time, and may reduce the need for alcohol and tobacco. Reiki can allow us to respond more calmly to all events, and build on a more resourceful state of being. Reiki is a gentle energy and may be used safely by all ages, including the newborn, pregnant mothers, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly, regardless of their state of health. Reiki can enhance everyday life, and regular sessions help to ward-off illness and fatigue.

Aeriol Ascher is a Reiki Master / Teacher trained in multiple Massage & Somatic Therapies, such as Medical Aromatherapy, Herbology, AcuTuning Forks, Crystals, Gems, Reflexology, & Hot Stone Therapy. She currently works at RPM Therapy in San Jose, Ca. Visit our website

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