Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How a Senior Massage Makes You Feel

As a senior what you will find if you try one of the senior massages and the massage stones you will be able to feel alive again. The massages are wonderful for the circulation and after the massage therapists works the joints even though they are gentle the blood rushes to the tissues revitalizing the area. The joints create fluids again and feel vibrant. Once the massage therapist is able to provide you a body massage the use of massage stones can be a nice benefit. When you have the warm stones placed on the various parts of your body it is like have the therapist performing a deep muscle massage.

The heat warms you deep inside and the joints can feel some relief from the aches and pains that have joined you in your older age. Some of the seniors are using the spas, massage stone, and massage therapy in addition to the medications they are taking and find that the muscle massages help loosen the stiff joints and assist with toning your muscles. Most seniors will admit that once they have started and have gotten through the initial senior massage they enjoy the brief time of relaxation.

Massage stones are available and can be used hot or cold. We spend quite a bit of time selecting the stones before they are sold to customers to ensure they are true basalt stones which are volcanic in nature and are a source from the beaches of the South Americas. Quality is ensured at the initial selection and then once again when the stones are received at the facility in Arizona. This is one of the reasons customers keep coming back...through their testimonials you will read the full satisfaction the customers are receiving when it comes to the selection of the massage stones.

An example of a set of stones that could be considered by a senior customer would be the crescent shaped marble stones used around the eyes for relaxation, stress relief and how the stones help reduce swelling. Let's look at how and why a senior massage makes you feel good. The heat of the massage stones warms the skin. This allows the body to loosen up so the massage therapist is able to work the deeper muscles. Once the deeper muscles are massaged then the senior will immediately feel the benefits of the increased circulation, the improved blood flow that goes to the surrounding tissues. At the end of the senior massage the customer is able to feel the full effects of the deep muscle massage they just received from the therapist.

If you know if someone that would benefit from a senior massage, mention to them the benefits they would receive and how good it would make them feel. Locate a spa or place that offers senior massages and see if they are interested in trying it one time. Some say that after they are able to feel the full effects of the senior massage then they consider it part of their health management.

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Massage Therapy Tools for Back Pain Therapy, Stress Relief and More

Massage therapy spa tools and techniques vary from one clinic to the next, but which tools will make you the most successful? In order to be successful, it is important to know the history of it and understand the continuing education techniques and classes that are available. In fact, to learn about the tools used, such as oils, stones, rocks, massage table warmers, lighting, room decor, or even towels can affect the way your spa session will proceed with your client.

What types of massage therapy do patients want most? Well, depending on whether there is medical therapy which is necessary, or back pain therapy, or simply stress relief therapy that is needed, your client will enjoy different types of tools. So, what is a basic set of tools or techniques every therapist artist should master? Some artists practice natural therapy or relaxation therapy from a home office, and simply use a bed as their main massage tool. However, massage therapy spa place has a comfortable, unique, table that add to the back pain therapy experience by lessening the risk that you injure yourself while in.

Learn massage therapy at a massage therapist school near you but be sure you understand that the techniques often vary from school to school. If you believe in Zen, yoga and other meditational practices, it may be a good idea to see if your school's administration has an open-minded curriculum in which you can further your practice and massage continuing education. In order to properly learn massage therapy, you must develop your own artistic style, have personable skills to appeal to clients, and have the right tools.

A spa will also provide you with towels and foam face cradles for your clients to enjoy their experience. Over the course of history of massage, techniques, tables, beds, lighting and stones have changed. However, it is most important that you choose the massage therapy tools you felt most comfortable using in your training course. Carrying cases are a good idea, in order to have your hot stone rocks, towels, oils, and any other equipment you feel you need from your massage continuing education courses.

When you learn about back pain therapy, it is important to consider your patient's comfort. Patients with back pain therapy or sciatica have needs that are often more sensitive than those who are on a vacation for a massage or simply visiting a massage spa. Some physicians suggest that heat or ice can help lower back pain therapy for your clients. Gentle, soft techniques are sometimes the best, but other schools of massage therapy believe that kneading into the back is the best technique to avoid future back pain.

The American Massage Therapy Association provides career advice and additional continuing education to help you further your career and choose the correct tools. The organization also offers practice license insurance, so that you can learn massage therapy, practice it, and remain safe, against lawsuits.

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