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Massage Techniques Can Be Used at Home to Benefit Your Family

Massage therapy has been practised for thousands of years. Massage techniques have been widely used in Chinese medicine for many years and have been documented as far back as ancient Greece and Persia. The healing benefits associated with massage have been well documented throughout time.

Today, massage remains based on the ancient techniques used centuries ago to drive out pain from the body and promote well-being. Massage is used for a variety of benefits but the general benefits to using massage include increased energy levels, improved circulation and lymphatic drainage, promoting the healing of injuries, alleviating stress and combating insomnia.

Many variations of massage are practiced all over the world. Massage can also be broken down to focus on one particular area of the body. This can include a massage concentrating on the muscles of the upper and lower body, head and scalp massages and the newer technique of facial massage.

Most of us have at some point in our lives experienced the calm serenity that a massage can bring. Massage is the perfect way to pamper yourself or to provide a loved one with a completely relaxing experience. By learning how to massage at home, you can develop the skills needed to promote an increased well-being in your family members, friends and loved ones.

Fortunately, learning how to massage at home is something that can be achieved very easily. One of the most important factors in a beneficial massage, both to the giver and the receiver, is that the environment in which the massage is carried out is one of complete comfort and tranquillity. The greatest results will be achieved if the body and mind are completely at ease.

Before commencing any massage treatment, ensure you have located a peaceful area at home where there will be no disturbances.Once you have located a quiet area in which to carry out the treatment, and you or the person receiving the massage is comfortable then the massage can begin.

It is recommended in most massage practise to use a little massage oil on the hands to ensure smooth movements and strokes. The type of oil used will vary depending on the desired benefit of the massage. Many oils promote a sense of calming and relaxation, whilst if the massage is to promote healing of an injury a more specific oil may be used to ease the muscle or affected body part. Make sure your hands are warm by rubbing them vigorously together then apply the oil or lotion to your hands and then begin to work on the desired area.

Massage techniques can vary widely depending on the desired outcome. For babies and children, the techniques will be lighter and in most circumstances only the finger tips will be used with light pressure. For a relaxation massage, the movements will of medium to light pressure with calming strokes and techniques and can cover the entire body. For sport injuries and muscle problems, where a deeper part of the muscle needs to be reached, the movements are more firm and concentrated on the specific target area.

Massage is recognized world wide as a healing therapy and its popularity is increasing rapidly. New techniques are continually being introduced to the Western world, and along with these come many new benefits and results. More and more people are learning this great skill at home, so that they have the resources to enrich the lives of not only those around them but also themselves throughout complete relaxation of mind and body.

Diane Moncur
Massage can be beneficial for almost anyone and it need not be expensive. With a little knowledge and pracice you can provide your friends and family with a wonderful massage experience. To find out how please click on the following link.
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4 Things to Consider When Looking Into a Massage School Clinic

If you have pondered on the idea of becoming a masseuse and have decided it is the path you would like to take, you are going to want to go to a massage school clinic. This will help you get the proper training and certifications you need to excel with your career. To help you decide on the right massage school for you, here are four things to take into consideration.

1. Cost

As with any type of education you pursue, you are going to want to look at the overall cost of the school. Typically this type of training is considered vocational school meaning most are privately owned and operated schools. Because of this, tuition can vary a great deal depending on the school you will be attending. You will want to ask if you can pay by the course, if there are different prices for the different levels offered, and whether or not the school offers financial aid.

2. Licensing requirements

Prior to selecting a massage school clinic, look at the various licensing requirements that have been created. You want to make sure the school you attend meets the license requirements for the area you hope to get a job in. In the United States you will find that requirements are set by the state which can make it difficult. Just make sure you do not go through school and then find out you need more training then originally thought.

3. Curriculum

Because massage therapy is generally offered in vocational schools, you will be more focused on a specific amount of hours rather than a degree. There are some schools that are offering it as an associate degree, but a majority still go by certificates or diplomas. The general consensus is a minimum of 500 hours is needed to get your diploma, but it depends on the area.

4. Courses

The last thing to consider while selecting a massage school clinic is what kinds of courses that are offered. The more training and education you receive the better prepared you will be for the real world. Make sure whatever school you choose includes both theory and practice courses. Theory courses will consist of anatomy, physiology and psychology while practice courses will give you basic, intermediate, and advanced massage training with shiatsu, chair massage, and various other practices.

Keep in mind that the type of training and education you receive can prepare you for the rest of your life. It is vital you take the time to find the most sufficient massage school clinic that will set you apart from the rest of the field. The more prepared you are for the real world the better off you will be.

Are you interested in pursing a massage related career, but you're not sure how to pick a good massage school clinic? Then get on over to to find our reviews of the top rated schools across the country. Stay up to date with massage school clinic news on our blog.

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Creating Environment For a Soothing Massage

A massage is the unsurpassed solution to a person's weariness. No other method can be as good as providing a massage. Getting a good massage is bliss for the receiver. It can provide mental as well as physical peace to a person if provided in the right type of environment. Creating a good mood is very important for the person undergoing the treatment. If the person getting the massage is not finding pleasure, then it is waste of time both for the receiver and the masseur.

For a suitable surrounding, you need a few objects. Here is a vivid description of a few of them:

1. Music: The first and the foremost thing that is required to create a mood is the music. You need to play some soft and relaxing music while massaging a person. This enhances the effect and provides great mental satisfaction to the receiver. It is a better idea to play music that will be liked by the person experiencing the massage. Music has always been the most widely accepted form of relaxation since a long time. Thus, if you play some sort of good music definitely the massage can be enjoyed as well as benefitted more by the receiver.

2. Candles: The second major item needed to create the mood of the receiver is the candles. Candles that provide a favorable aroma are liked by people. You can choose various candles like lavender, rose, jasmine or any other favorite smell of the person receiving the massage. A sweet odor also helps in providing mental tranquility to the receiver.

3. Flowers: You can also place flowers in the room where you provide massage to people. The sweet smell of flowers diverts the attention of the people receiving the massage from their daily tensions to serenity and spirituality.

4. Oils: The other important object required for the massage is the massage oil. It helps in reducing the friction between the hands of the masseur and the body of the receiver. Massage oils that provide some benefit to the body of the receiver are always the best choice. You can opt for almond oil or jojoba oil. Other varieties are also available in the market these days.

5. Towels: The next necessary requirement is the towel. You require at least two big towels for the massage. One should be placed under the person getting the massage and one on top of him to hide certain unclothed parts of his body. You should make the towels warm to provide warmth to the receiver of the massage.

6. Books or video: This is basically for the beginners. If you do not have the exact idea of the steps to be followed, then you should buy a good book or a video to learn the accurate steps for the massage. You can also take help from the online sites available for the purpose.

7. Lights: The lights of the room where the massage is under progress should not be too bright. The lights should be kept dim, to make the person feel more comfortable and warm. Bright lights tend to irritate the eyes of the person taking the massage.

Provided by: Jan H Schiphorst

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Massage Chair Provides Full Body Massage

Is there a full body massage chair at an entry level price? An entry level therapy recliner should provide full body massaging in the chair. Get a contemporary design to compliment your home or office. A massage chair provides a thorough and invigorating treatment to help relieve your stress and tensions. Here are some of the key features of an entry level massage chair.

3 Automatic Programs: The recliner comes with 3 automatic timed therapy programs. An automatic program uses the functions of the entire chair in its program. The chair should come with 3 timed automatic programs ranging from 5, 10, and 15 minutes in duration. One touch of the remote control initiates the automatic therapy of your choice.

3 Manual Techniques: The recliner should have 3 manual treatment techniques. Manual techniques are specific therapeutic movements which are designed to provide different therapy options. These manual treatments are applied by the roller mechanism contained in the chair back and are for relieving tension in the back, shoulders and neck. Select from kneading, swaying and rolling. Kneading provides a side to side pinching motion. Swaying provides a side to side motion to loosen tight back muscles. The rolling massage helps to slightly move each vertebra as the rollers move up and down the back.

4 Manual Masseuse Courses: A manual course is the area you would like covered by the mechanical rollers in the chair back. The health chair should have four such course settings. Select from full back, lower back, upper back and pinpointing. Full back covers the entire length of the back. Lower back concentrates the treatment in the lumbar. Upper back concentrates the therapy in the shoulders and neck. Pinpoint allows you to move the rollers to a precise location where you want it to be concentrated.

Seat Therapy: The entry level lounger should have 8 rotary heads built into the seat of the chair. These 8 mechanical heads provide for a stimulating and invigorating treatments of the buttocks and thighs. Select from 3 different levels of intensity to soothe your sore spots. You can also activate the seat vibration to help stimulate the capillary vessel which increases blood flow in the buttocks and thighs.

Leg Rest Treatment: The leg rest is designed to target the calves. The leg rest comes with a therapy mechanism to provide a thorough penetration to the calves. This massage is gentle, yet firm to the calf area. The leg rest can be extended an extra four inches to better target the area you like. You can also adjust the speed of the technique to 3 different levels of intensity for your comfort and relaxation.

Contemporary Styling: Get a recliner that is designed to look more like an executive chair. It has a slim profile and is a great compliment to any room in the house. The remote control is stored underneath the arm in a form fitted location underneath the armrest. There are full sized chairs that deliver a firm and invigorating physical therapy.

There is the only entry level massage chair that provides full body massage. It has 3 effective therapy techniques with kneading, swaying and rolling. Swaying is very effective in loosening the muscles of the back. The seat also provides a thorough and stimulating feeling to the buttocks and thighs. Relax your sore legs with an invigorating calf work over. Find the full body massage recliner that is certainly the best value in its class.

Learn more about the M-2 Orion Massage Chair by Omega Massage and view its great set of features. This stylish and striking massage chair provides invigorating therapeutic massage treatments that penetrate deeply. The sway and kneading massage are impressive. Omega Massage is known for its strong massage therapy. This Massage Chair is no exception and the Orion also packs a solid punch.

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Day Spas - Relaxing is Healthy

Our busy lives can break us down and create unwanted physical and emotional damages to our bodies. Relieving those stresses on your body can be done with various types of spas. Day spas come in different sizes starting with a tiny package and going up to economy size facilities. Availability to the latest technology is greater accessed through the larger facilities. Most spas offer salt scrubs and mud wraps as a service standard.

What greater opportunity than to take a complete vacation getaway to a destination spa for relaxing treatment? A destination spa offers techniques for helping you build a healthier lifestyle. They focus on eating whole grains, with vegetables and fruits, and give guides to keep a healthy eating routine. Destination spa packages generally offer classes focused on obtaining a full body fitness and classes that help to relieve that unwanted stress. Another stress relieving factor is the wonderful massages.

A medical spa is under the direct supervision of doctors. Treatments like Botox® injections and laser resurfacing are done in medical spas due to the serious nature of giving them. Medical spas are not just limited to medical forms of spas, but they do offer mineral springs spas, club spas, cruise ship spas. A cruise ship spa is among the wonderful ways to decrease your stress levels. You get seaside treatment while relaxing in the sun and watching the dolphins swim.

There is nothing more stressful than waiting in an airport among a crowd of people bumping into each other and spreading germs. A perfect way to flee the insanity is to find the airport spa. You can get a 15 minute chair massage along with oxygen therapy. The brain needs oxygen, and improving the flow will release stressful hormones. After short, relaxing therapy, boarding the plane and getting into the small seats will not be a problem.

If you are in need of a stress reliever, try any of these spa types and feel your stress diminish. Different spas types are available depending on your location. Relieve your stress mess with a SPA treatment and obtain a healthy feeling.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

No Need For a Masseuse With This Gadget

If you were given a chance to shell out for something that you know you can use again and again, would you go for it? What if it is something that you really like? Well, it sure would not be a surprise if you will say yes. After all, most people will think of that one as an investment. You shell out money for one thing and then you can use it again and again for your benefit.

Now what if this gadget is something that you can use for a massage? Oh with all the stress and tiredness that your body experiences each day, a nap and a good night's sleep are not going to do really well. You really need to recharge and to do that you need to be able to let all those muscles relax. A massage is what you need. And you sure have been spending a lot on massages. However, what if you do not have the time to go to a masseuse? Then this gadget known as the Fukuoku Massage Glove will come in handy.

Let us just say that the massage glove is the one that will give you the relaxing time that you need when a masseuse is not just available or if you do not have time to go to one. Think of it, this gadget will allow you to have that massage at the most unlikely places - like during your lunch hour at the office or maybe while you are watching TV after work. How about having a massage while you are taking a shower or while you are submerged in your tub filled with your favorite bath scents? That is really possible. All you need to do is put on the glove and you are off to massaging your body right where you need it. It is your body and you know where it aches and where the massage would feel really great. This is the advantage of the Fukuoku Massage Glove.

Designed to bring you health and beauty in just one gadget, this one is totally a great investment. It has been made to be waterproof and it is the first of its kind. The vibrations that will keep your muscles relaxed can be adjusted depending on how soft or how hard you want it to be. Indeed, this is one of those gadgets that would be worth all the money you invest in. And yeah. This one comes with three AAA batteries already.

Paula James is a 25-year-old online marketing executive at Gadget Epoint. The love for gadgets runs through her veins having grown up with a father who is into gadgets himself.

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Chair Massage Guide - Benefits of Chair Massage

There are many factors that lead to stress. These can be your job, your personal relationships or some issues concerning your way of living. What's good about the medicinal industry is the formulation of various drugs specifically produced and cultured to aid not just only pain but also some emotional quandaries like stress and depression. Though, pharmaceutical drugs can be easily purchased, you can also consider having a massage, which is a great way to flex your muscles while relaxing your brain. But if you want to have something that can give you instant relaxation anytime of the day, you should go for electrical massages as set down by the chair massage guide.

One of the benefits of gaining knowledge of the chair massage guide is the capability to acquire a natural and safe way in providing your body some means to relax and be rejuvenated. The healing power of massaging can facilitate your body to keep away from injuries and aches caused by muscle soreness and inflammation of soft tissues in your skin. Furthermore, the chair massage guide will also grant you relevant information about other wonderful massaging effects and its profound impact on your whole being.

If you visit a massage parlor where professional massaging is done by a massage therapist like shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, Thai massage and deep tissue massage, your body can benefit from these touch techniques since they aim at certain regions of your body where relief and relaxation Is necessary by loosen up your muscles. Through the chair massage guide, you can experience all of these inside your home.

When you learn about the chair massage guide, you will appropriately discern that this equipment can be a significant household relaxer in your home. Furthermore, this machine has the capability to recreate the real precision and pressure massage techniques performed by licensed therapist can give you. This massage tool can provide you with whole body massage that can start from your head and end in your toe.

Because some people consider that the massaging chair is a very expensive and impractical tool, you should learn about the chair massage guide, which can give you the complete information of how much money you can save through this tool rather than going to the massage parlor weekly.

The chair massage guide can also present you the prices of massaging chairs that can range from $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the brand and the system used by the equipment. If you calculate appropriately, this chair is intended to run for about one to two thousand hours, wherein for a $3,000 chair, you will only pay $3.00 per hour for a full body massage. This is cheaper than going to a masseuse, whereas you pay $50 per hour.

Learn more how chair massage guide aids you to relax the body and enhance mental awareness. There are a lot of benefits of chair massage and primordial of this would be the privacy provided with a massage chair.

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Are Foot Massagers Better Than Massage Therapy?

For those that deal with foot pain on a regular basis, finding the best way to relieve discomfort is of utmost importance. Foot issues makes it uncomfortable to work or do any activity that requires standing, walking or running. This certainly limits what you can and cannot do. For those that live an active lifestyle, foot problems can force a change in activity levels, which can lead to a job change or inability to play sports.

There are a number of different ways to alleviate foot pain including visits to a massage therapist, Reflexologist, or by using a portable foot massager. As with most medical professionals, it is not cheap to use their services and while they can provide relief, it comes at a hefty price. For someone without insurance to cover these added expenses, it becomes far too expensive to visit them on a regular basis. Massage therapists are great and will help you with your foot pain, but at a cost of between $40 and $80 per hour, you can see how these costs will add up quickly.

A portable foot massager is another means of getting relief and this comes at a reasonable cost. Different devices work in different ways such as using heat or massage and compression to relieve pain. With a foot massager, you simply purchase the device one time and you can use it repeatedly. There are no ongoing costs associated with these devices and they are quite affordable and effective. For someone that suffers from foot pain on a regular basis, having a massager at home to use whenever it's needed can be of great benefit. There is no need to make an appointment and the best part about them is that they are portable so you can take them when you are on the go. Foot massagers should definitely be considered if you are on a tight budget and you cannot afford a massage therapist.

Tim Dobbs has written many articles on health related issues and remedies. If you want to learn more about portable foot massagers, please visit Cheap Personal Massagers. This website offers the best deals on foot massagers and is a great resource for information.

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Key Features of Massage Chairs

If you are looking for a massage chair, then you should understand some of the basic options that are typical in these massage recliner. These advanced chairs continue to evolve, offering you more feature than ever before. Different parts of the recliner offer a variety of options to think about to find the best massage lounger for your need. Here are some of the more salient aspects of massage chairs for your perusal.

Chair Back Massage: Massage chairs really started with the back massage. A mechanical roller system is the often used and the most effective. Most roller systems perform both kneading and tapping massages. They may use one motor or two motors. The two motor configuration comes with a tapping motor and a kneading motor. This ensures sufficient strength to provide good penetration.

Chair Back Recline: The massage chair needs to recline. This allows you to put more weight on the roller mechanism for deeper penetration. A motorized chair back recline is pretty standard in most chairs. The other option is a piston-driven manual system. A piston-driven system will provide lift in one direction. Usually, the incline is provided assistance. Your body weight is used to recline the chair.

Seat Massage: The seat can provide massage either from beneath the seat or from the seat cushion. Massage heads can be incorporated in the seat beneath a cushion. These may be rotary heads built into the seat. Vibration can be used either beneath the seat or in the seat cushion. In the seat cushion is a combination of air bags, vibration motors and even heating elements. The seat cushion performs the massage directly.

Leg Rest Massage: There are two basic approaches to massaging the legs in a massage recliner. Either an air system is used or a mechanical roller system is used. The air system is driven by a compressor and provides a compression massage with air bags. The air bags are designed to provide effective compression massage to larger muscles. In a mechanical roller system, a motor drives a rotary massage for the legs to provide a kneading sensation.

Leg Rest Incline: The leg rest either has a motorized incline or manual piston-assisted recline/incline. The motorized provides for one touch raising or lowering. With a piston-assisted, the leg rest will rise with the assistance of the piston, but the weight of the legs are used to recline the leg rest to its down position.

Remote Control: Remote controls are either embedded in the chair, usually the armrest. Or have a hardwired remote that stores either in a remote arm holder or a pocket in the armrest. Remotes may have LEDs or LCD depending on price point. Wireless remotes are another option, which right now are limited to sub remotes which are designed to be more portable. Check between automatic massage programs which are one-touch and manual programs. Manual programs may require you to push a sequence of buttons. Ease of use is always a question with remotes.

Style: Massage recliner designs have lacked while technology is pushed forward. Many chair companies have horrible looking, industrial designs. You know the chair will get relegated to the garage. There are some beautiful designs, but the vast majority is simply tasteless. Check around and see what you like.

Massage chairs are a moving target. More great features continued to be added at an incredible pace. There are a lot of choices and you should see what you like in both massage therapy and design. This is a long term purchase and you want to make sure you target your longer term needs. There are a wide range of massage therapies available and you should learn more about those. It is really an exciting time to be looking at massage chairs today.

Discover more about Massage Chair Features and find the perfect massage chair for your needs. A massage chair is a long term investment and should fit your long term requirements. Find the best Massage Chairs for relief at the touch of a button.

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Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage was originally devised over a hundred years ago in a gymnasium in Stockholm to support the performance of gymnasts. It drew on influences as diverse as ancient Greek and Chinese massage therapy. It formed the basis of physiotherapy massage and underpins many modern styles of massage such as Sports massage and aromatherapy massage.

The Benefits of Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is highly adaptable. It can be used in a gentle way, with long flowing strokes (effleurage) which relax the client and warm the skin and muscles. Such a gentle style is often used with aromatherapy, enabling the essential oils to penetrate the skin, and to promote stress relief. Firmer pressures of various styles can also be applied to muscle 'knots' (petrissage) which can relieve muscle tension and modules caused by sport or being deskbound. Finally tapotement e.g. 'hacking' can be used to further disperse knots and increase the circulation. Swedish massage therefore has a powerful ability to relax the mind and deal with stress, for some individuals in an even more powerful way than talking therapy. It also can improve the condition of muscles, joints and skin and can aid detoxing through the increased circulation of blood and lymph. In this way it can help with the dispersal of cellulite, for example. The comfort of the client is ensured throughout by being wrapped in large, soft towels, only exposing the area of the body to be worked on. Treatments are usually 40, 60 or 90 minutes long and focus on areas of importance to the client.

Indian Head Massage, a Brief History
IHM was developed in India over a thousand years ago. It is very much an integrated part of Indian culture, being performed within families, at markets, on the beach and of course in barbers and hairdressing shops. Many Indian people consider IHM as an important part of preserving the colour and condition of their long, dark hair. It also uses pressure (marma) points and oils related to traditional Indian holistic medicine, ayerveda, so can have a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Indian Head Massage, the benefits
IHM in the west combines many of the moves discovered throughout India to benefit the head, neck, upper back and arm areas. It is performed clothed and in a chair so is convenient and portable. It can promote physical improvements to the areas addressed e.g. neck and shoulder tension. It can also promote powerful psychological benefits such as improved sleep, emotional balance, calm, focus, relief from headaches and uplift. It achieves this through the rebalancing of energy (the upper three chakras) and working on the numerous pressure points located in the head area.

Counselling in Bristol and Therapeutic Massage in Bristol
I am Annette Catherine and I provide counselling and massage services to a variety of Bristol clients. I am fully qualified and insured and passionate about high quality client care and my ongoing professional development. Please browse my website and contact me to discuss your goals and to arrange a consultation.

Please contact me to arrange a free consultation on the phone or face to face in my comfortable therapy room during which we can work out how I can help you achieve your goals. I am a full member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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Friday, 8 May 2009

Massage Therapy - How to Give a Good Neck Massage

Massage therapy has been used for many years and for different reasons from a relaxation technique to a more sensual massage to spark a little passion. When most people ask for a neck massage, they are most likely asking because of a sore neck. Using computers for long periods can cause neck pain, but so can sleeping improperly, sports, lifting heavy things and many other activities. If you have experienced neck pain, you know what it is like and you do not wish it on anyone. One way to help is to learn how to give a good neck massage.

Therefore, when your spouse or partner needs a neck massage, you are ready to help.

A neck massage can help alleviate a headache and radiating neck pain, if it is done properly. There are a number of steps in completing a proper neck massage that are outlined below:

  1. Use good quality massage oil and apply it to the neck to help reduce friction on the skin. This is important because friction can cause a burning sensation.
  2. Start at the base of the neck and work your way upward to the base of the skull, stretching the muscle.
  3. If you can feel small muscle knots, rub them out in one direction, stretching them so that the knot eventually goes away. You can also massage in a small circular motion, working on the affected muscles.
  4. If the person that you are massaging is relaxed, this process will not take long, but tense muscles make the process quite long and may pull muscles. Make sure to create a quiet and relaxing environment, free of stress.
  5. When stretching and pulling on the muscle, make sure to follow the muscle down to where you can feel it stop to get the full benefit. Make sure to massage both the right and left sides of the neck, with the head turned to the left and the right.
  6. Make sure not to rush or be too forceful as this can cause injury.

The next time you are asked to provide a neck massage, use the steps above to make it an enjoyable experience. Massage therapy is a great way to relieve stress and pain in the neck.

Tim Dobbs has written many articles on health related issues and remedies. If you want more information about portable neck massagers, please visit Cheap Personal Massagers. This website offers the best deals on neck massagers and is a great resource for information.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular massage is applied to a specific point in the body. It is usually used in order to relieve tension and pain in the patient. Results are accomplished by focusing on one muscle group, so that the massage therapist can find the tension point and relieve stress in your body. This in turn will reduce pain.

This type of therapy is applied to individual muscles, and is a form of deep tissue massage. It is often used after trauma to muscles and soft tissue. It helps to release pressure on the nerves, which can be caused by injury. This massage therapy will also increase the blood flow, which further reduces pain.

Neuromuscular massage works on intense knots of tense muscle that are radiating pain to other parts of the body. The massage releases these trigger points and eases the pain in various parts of the body. This type of massage therapy is often very helpful for lower back pain, especially when it is caused by muscle strain.

There are 5 elements that cause pain. Neuromuscular massage addresses the following:

Ischemia: when blood is not flowing to soft tissues, they become very sensitive to the touch

Trigger Points: when muscles become irritated and pain starts radiating out to other parts of the body.

Nerve Compression or Entrapment: There is pressure on the nerve caused by soft tissue, bone or cartilage.

Postural Distortion: the muscles get imbalanced, and are not moving correctly

Biomechanical Dysfunction: the entire musculoskeletal system gets off balance due to improper use of the muscles.

Techniques used in neuromuscular massage:

The therapist will give alternating levels of pressure on the area where the patient is experiencing muscle spasm. The fingers, knuckles and elbow are usually used. The pressure should only be done for ten to thirty seconds.

When muscle is in spasm, (tightened in a knot) it will be very painful to the touch. This is primarily caused by lack of blood flow. This sets off a chain of events; due to lack of blood flow the muscles are not receiving enough oxygen. Lactic acid is produced due to oxygen deficiency. The lactic acid will cause pain in the muscle after activity.

When the muscle is relaxed by massage therapy, the lactic acid will be released, and the blood and oxygen start to flow to the muscle. This in turn will give relief to the patient. At first, the pressure of the massage will be a little painful, but as the treatment continues, the symptoms will be relieved. It is important to drink adequate amounts of water to aid this process.

After about 24-36 hours, the pain and soreness should subside. The patient should experience relief for at least 7-14 days, as the muscles should remain relaxed for that period. This is a very useful form of massage therapy and can be used for athletes or anyone suffering from the after affects of trauma or muscle strain.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Massage Oils - How to Make a Perfect Blend

Massage oils are a great way to enhance the beneficial effects of a massage therapy, they are looked as a must for a massage therapy session. The massage techniques have evolved in order to accommodate the use of oils. Choosing the right products, making a good blend that doesn't spoil in time might be a difficult task without the proper information.

There are a few reasons for using oils in a massage: facilitate the gliding over the skin thus avoiding superficial irritation, nourish the patient skin and promote health and absorption of the essential oils through skin and lungs.

A massage oil is usually a combination of two or more oils. The combination contains at least a base oil, the carrier, and one or more essential oils (aromatic oils). The base is an oil with a high skin penetration potential. The essential oil is chosen for its therapeutic effects and it is based on patient's need.

The carrier is a vegetable oil. When buying a carrier we have to search for cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oils. These two extraction methods ensure the oil is not polluted with solvents and is not degraded by high temperatures processing.

Most of the carrier oils can be stored in the sealed bottle for long periods. Once in contact with the air it starts the oxidation. If kept in dark containers at low temperatures the oxidation is slowed down. However some oils will deteriorate if stored in the fridge, check with the producer the proper storage conditions.

The most popular carrier oils are Grape-seed oil and Sweet Almond oil. Grape-seed oil is a very light oil and is very easy absorbed by the skin. Sweet Almond oil is very reach in vitamins with high therapeutic value.

Another excellent base is Olive oil because of its therapeutic qualities but is not very popular because of its strong fragrance.

Some other great base oils are: Apricot kernel, Avocado, Jojoba, Coconut, Hazelnut, Peach kernel, Sunflower.

Wheat-germ oil is an excellent adjuvant to any base because of its antioxidant properties. Wheat-germs oil added in proportion of 15% to any other base will prevent it to go rancid. Wheat-germs oil is a sticky oil so use it cautiously in your combinations.

The aromatic oils are plant extracts, (from flowers, roots, seeds, etc), with therapeutic properties. The aromatic oils are very concentrated and they are only used in combination with a base. The concentration should be about 3% essential oil in a base. Adding too much aromatic oil could irritate the patient skin as some of these are very potent.

Most of the aromatic oils are volatile, some of them will simply disappear in minutes if you forget the container open. As a general rule you have to keep them in sealed dark containers at low temperatures.

Each essential oil has its own healing properties. It is very important to know what these properties are in order to avoid harm. Using them improperly could worsen certain conditions.

Buying essential oils is a difficult task because of the lack of regulation in the industry. Very often your aromatherapy oils contain chemicals, fragrance enhancers, solvents to multiply the content, or oils extracted from similar plants but with different properties. None of these are marked on the bottle.

You can follow these guidelines when you are buying essential oils:

  • Look for therapeutic-grade oils, sometimes it's marked on the bottle;
  • Look for the scientific name of the plant, as sometimes the same common name of a plant could cover different botanical varieties;
  • Check if the plants were grown organically or wild-crafted - these are the best plants.
  • Check the reputability of the producer and question your supplier about their products.
  • Know that aromatherapy oils are not essential oils. Aromatherapy oils are usually a blend of essential and carrier oils or other components.

Use your smell, sometimes you can detect a problem product only by smelling it.Some excellent essential oils and their properties are:
Chamomile - anti-inflammatory and sedative,
Eucalyptus - respiratory problems, flu, skin infections;
Frankincense - helps the intellect;
Lavender - good sedative, heals burns, mood enhancer;
Lemon - antiseptic, lowers blood pressure and good for skin conditions; it is extremely volatile;
Peppermint - digestion, flatulence, flu;
Pine - antiseptic, very effective treating respiratory problems;
Rose - aphrodisiac and mood enhancer, very expensive oil.

When you blend your massage oil take in consideration the following facts:

  • Carrier oils go rancid and essential oil oxidize so make only what you use.
  • Massage oil has to be warm when you use it that will accelerate the alteration of your blend.
  • Your clients are different and have different needs, ask them what they like. Get feedback about the oil you use on your patient and don't use the same blend on all your clients.
  • Never use mineral oils, they are not absorbed by the skin and sometimes they can be harmful.
  • Do not use more than 3% to 4% of essential oil in your blend.
  • Avoid pre-blended massage oils if you are not sure about the date of fabrication, and exact content.
  • Avoid blending too many oils, simple is more effective.

Every person has their own preferences when it comes to essential oils, and that is based on their affinities and needs. Show your patient a sample of oil each time they come for a massage and note in their file what they like most.

My personal favorites are Frankincense, Lemon and Lavender. Frankincense has an important spiritual component while Lemon oil creates an oasis of freshness and intensifies all your senses. Lavender creates invisible bonds between people of opposite sex.

For a more complete list of massage oils visit my Massage Oils page

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Friday, 1 May 2009

Learn About Hot Stone Massages

There are plenty of massage types including Swedish, Thai, aromatherapy, deep tissue, reflexology. Even though there are many choices, hot stone therapy is one of the most popular methods. Many people are choosing the hot stone therapy option and its popularity is quickly rising and more and more therapists are offering this option.

This type of therapy involves placing heated basalt stones on key parts of the body to help you relax and release muscular tension. The stones are composed with mainly silica with traces of irons which allows the stones to retain the heat very well. The heated stones work by transferring heat to the body creating a deep tissue effect. The heat of the stones warms the skin, which allows for the absorption of moisturizing and therapeutic oils, while simultaneously preparing the musculature of the body so the therapist can work into the deeper muscle layers.

The main reasons people choose this therapy is to loosen muscles, relax, feel energized, and experience increased local circulation.

It also works wonders for people with with a wide variety of health conditions. People with headaches, carpal tunnel, back problems, and plantar fasciatis all use hot stone therapy for treatment.

Another one of the reasons for the popularity of this massage is that it requires minimal contact with the therapist since all the work is being done by the stones themselves.

One hour sessions usually cost around fifty dollars. Remember this type of treatment is all natural and is available by most therapists.