Friday, 31 December 2010

A Review Of Couples Massage Therapy

Couples therapy using massages is fast becoming a popular technique being used by marriage counselors. The process of getting couples to forget their troubles and relax together creates an atmosphere that can be easily replicated when the masseuse is not available or around.

The calming and relaxation that is brought on by having a NYC couples massage seems to have some effect on both men and women. Undoubtedly if there is a deep rooted problem then definite counseling is needed. However doing this in addition to counseling can have a major effect on the couple. Let's look at the real purpose of a massage.

A massage is aimed at relieving stress and muscle tension. Stress leads to muscle tension, by gently massaging muscles, there is relief of this stress. When the main cause of stress lies in a marriage or relationship, then relief of the stress simultaneously with the man and woman can really have results. Empirical evidence documented by psychiatrist's shows that a couple having a massage in the same room, speaking together at the same time seems to relieve some emotional and physical tension that has built up between two people. This is important here for many people to fix their ailing relationship.

There are several types of massage and categories that have been used. Primarily both the deep tissue massage and Swedish massages have resulted in some really excellent results. This goes across the categories of troubled couples, prenatal couples and even geriatric massages. The important aspect is to get the trigger point for both couples; this can be achieved using things such as hot stones. This not only causes and increases in body energy but leads to a level of intimacy between both man and woman.

1. A NYC couples massage relieves tension between you and your spouse as it allows you to relax together.

2. It permits both to take part in a very pleasurable moment, together - not something that causes undue stress between the two.

3. It removes apprehension that men feel as having their spouse in the room removes the inhibition of nudity or partial nudity inside a room.

4. It fortifies your mental health by making your body completely relaxed. Reaching that combination seemingly between body and spirit.

5. It improves blood circulation, removes painful knots that are as a direct result of stress.

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Friday, 24 December 2010

Lingam Massage - Alternative Therapy To Address Impotence

While there are various body massages that offer enormous physical gains and health benefits, the lingam massage aka tantra lingam massage is the route through spirituality, discovering and differentiating the soul and the self.

Lingam massage is known as a spiritual tradition and has its origin rooted in India and invented some 4000 years ago as a way of live celebrating union of the body, and the emphasis is given to the union of body with the heart, mind and the soul. The massage is in fact a form of yoga and is also prescribed for those who suffer from issues of impotence and urinary incontinence. It should be noted that the massage is not a recommendation for size gains and things thereof.

Lingam massage should be regarded as an alternative therapy for treating impotence issues arising from premature ejaculation.

Not every spa and massage parlor is qualified to offer the lingam massage, and it is only qualified massage therapists and centers offer this rare form of exercise where in pressure is applied on a man's genitals and the deep tissues will be manipulated once the pressure reaches the points extremely cautiously in a structured form. The massage is initially approached as a reflexology technique. It is known that reflexology has many benefits including improving the blood circulation, reducing the stress (remember stressed mind can result in breakdown of immune system resulting in several medical conditions), stimulating the nerve functioning and eventually revitalizing mind and the body.

The person who opts to receive the lingam massage therapy will also have to comply with certain rules as prescribed the therapist. Chemical-loaded oils are a strict no in the massage and the benefits are far from felt if cheap organic chemical lotions are used. A qualified lingam massage therapist would only use recommended special oils derived from herbs and start gently applying pressure. These oils will leave no side effects on the skin unlike the synthetic lotions do. While the direct benefit of the massage is treating PE problems it also de-stresses the mind and the body to a greater extent just like some other body massages.

The massage receiver will be made to lie on back with pillows or cushion under the head. A pillow is placed under his hips to rise his hips and then the legs are spread with knees bent. Before starting the actual therapy the receiver is taught some deep breathing techniques so his mind is calm and tension free. The therapist will then apply the herbal oils and give the massage gently first through the legs. The receiver will be asked to continue relaxed breathing as long as the massage is given. It is after the prescribed amount of time of massaging that the person experiences union of body and soul.

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Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Benefits of Choosing a Registered Massage Therapist

Pop into any day spa or salon in your neighbourhood and you've probably noticed a number of different massages as part of their offerings. Relaxing massages, hot stone massages, Thai massage... the list is endless. But if you're thinking of massage therapy, take note: These spa-style massages aren't what you need.

Yes, indulging in a luxurious massage at a spa is indeed a wonderful thing. It's a great way to relax and unwind from our hectic lifestyles. Massage therapy, on the other hand, is just that: Therapy. It is designed to help alleviate pain, treat health conditions and ailments and is part of a good, overall health management plan.

That's why you need to ensure you see a registered massage therapist, or RMT. If you're suffering from neck pain, back pain, knee pain or a whole host of other conditions, an RMT is the person who can help. Unlike getting a "relaxation" massage at a spa, seeing an RMT means you are seeing someone who is trained in more than just massage techniques. An RMT can help you identify the cause of an injury and take an active role in your treatment and recovery.

An RMT is trained in a number of different areas, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology and much more. In fact, in Ontario, an RMT must complete a minimum of 150 clinical hours and successfully completed examinations in accordance with the law. Other provinces have similar requirements, which means when you see an RMT, you know you're seeing someone with the experience and education to help treat your particular health issue.

Most extended health care benefits plans cover the cost of massage therapy, although some plans may require you obtain a doctor's note. Be sure to check with the massage therapist to ensure he or she is registered and you can submit the invoices to your benefits provider.

Want to know how to find a good RMT? Start by searching for one on the Internet. The massage therapist's website will have information to help you determine if that person meets your requirements.

Of course, that's not to say you can't ever go for a relaxing spa treatment massage. It's simply that if you're looking for relief from a health condition, an RMT is definitely the way to go.

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Saturday, 11 December 2010

How to Get Rid Of Cellulite With the Help of Massage

Doing daily massage helps cellulite in many ways. Aside from helping cellulite, massage is natural, effective and perhaps one of the most pleasant treatments for cellulite. By combining massage with a cellulite cream or oil, either bought or homemade, you combine the two treatments to make them far more effective than either alone.

Cellulite is thought to be caused by a build up of toxins, causing the connective tissue between the skin and fat layer to become misshapen. This causes the lumpy appearance over thighs, buttocks and stomach. Diet and exercise help but are often not enough to combat the appearance of cellulite as it doesn't just occur in the overweight, but even people who are considered at an ideal weight.

Massage helps cellulite in several ways, by improving skin elasticity, increasing circulation to the area, boosting metabolism to help eliminate toxins and by decreasing fluid retention.

By increasing the circulation to the troubled area, toxins are eliminated from the body faster, helping with cellulite by reducing their build up. Massage relaxes the muscles of the area, allowing for more blood flow which in turn is responsible for helping the body rid itself of toxins.

Another way the body rids itself of toxins is though the lymphatic system, a system that helps the body with fluids right under the skin. These fluids are responsible for carrying toxins away from areas but often get blocked or slowed down. Massage helps give the lymphatic system a boost, stimulating it to drain toxins and any accumulated fluid in the area.

Massage can be done for cellulite with a regular lotion or used with creams or oils specifically for fighting cellulite. When doing massage to help cellulite, always massage in the direction of the heart, pushing fluids and toxins toward the elimination system. Combine light strokes and heavier strokes to stimulate both the muscles and the lymphatic system as the muscles are deeper than the lymphatic system.

There are any number of tools made specifically for cellulite massage. These aren't needed but can be of some assistance when trying to get to hard to reach body parts. Be cautious not to over massage the areas, especially when using any tools for assistance. This should not be painful but instead be very pleasant.

Massage is one of the most basic treatments than can be done to combat cellulite, but it's also one of the most effective. When used as part of your daily cellulite removal routine, it will help you see results faster.

Cellulite is a serious skin disease. It is often recommended to use a proper guideline for curing cellulite.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

How Massage Therapy Can Help Heal Tendinitis and Tendinosis

In 20 years of practicing therapeutic massage in Gainesville Florida, I've had many clients come to me suffering from joint pains they believe are tendinitis or bursitis, and that they hope are not due to arthritis. Simple assessment techniques help me to evaluate which tissues are injured or causing pain and which treatment approaches can help my clients.

Tendinitis and tendinosis are dysfunctions of tendons, which are the crucial structures in our bodies that connect our muscles to our bones. Tendons must be tough enough to withstand our strongest muscle contractions, and flexible enough to allow the numerous movements that are part of our daily life. Our tendons will stay strong and elastic if we have good circulation, nutrition, hydration, exercise and rest.

A healthy tendon can tear in extreme situations when a sudden force overpowers it. This trauma can be suffered by anyone in the course of their daily life. What happens in this case is that the tear causes inflammation and pain (tendinitis), and scar tissue forms as the healing process continues.

In contrast, tendinosis is the result of a much more common scenario when repetitive strain and chronic overuse cause a breakdown within the integrity of the tendon on a molecular level. This derangement of the tendon tends to occur without inflammation (Lowe, 2006, p. 10 and Hendrickson, 2009, p.20), and as a result, the healing process cannot take place. The science and art of orthopedic massage will initiate a renewed healing process in your body for both tendinitis and tendinosis.

Effective orthopedic massage consists of five crucial elements that include accurately identifying the compromised tissue using skilled orthopedic evaluation and using different techniques that will help the injury to heal. Treatment is most effective when combined with targeted stretches (creating elasticity in the healing tissue) and rehabilitative exercises (creating strength in the healing tissues). A strong elastic scar or remodeled tendon will be much more functional, and much less likely to be re-injured.

Optimal healing of tendinitis or tendinosis requires that the client practice self-care between massage sessions. Besides proper directed exercises for the specific site of injury, clients are instructed to eat well, hydrate, and rest well.

When dealing with tendinosis or tendinitis, your body is experiencing a stressor. You may be emotionally stressed from the pain. Orthopedic treatment of the injuries can reduce the stress of the injury site. Caring for areas of tension felt in your body during the remaining time in an hour massage session will further reduce the stress felt in your body and allow complete healing to take place.

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