Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Massage Therapists - Tips For Mobile Massage Safety

For many clients the idea of having a massage therapist come to them is appealing. They do not have to drive or deal with parking on their way to or from their appointment and they are able to relax immediately after the appointment. As a massage therapist, providing services to these clients can be lucrative. However, concern for your safety may limit you from offering these services. We employ many therapists across the country to meet the demand of mobile massage services and recommend the following tips to help ensure their safety.

Your company image is important to ensure both you and the clients are comfortable with your business relationship. Professionalism in your advertisements, phone consultations, and marketing materials will project the services you provide.

Have a safety person you contact to provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of the client you will be visiting. Explain to them you'll call them when you arrive and when you leave so they will know where you are.

Once you have a client's name, research them on the internet. Conduct a search on their name and go to sites like peoplefinders.com to determine if they reside at the address provided or your local sexual predator lists to determine if there are any areas of concern.

Consider processing payments by credit card over the phone in advance so that you are not carrying cash with you on appointments.

Personally, I have found visiting clients in their homes provides another level of interest to client relationships. I have the opportunity to meet family members, see their environment and lifestyle which assists in assessments and recommendations, and reduce my overhead costs not having to maintain an office.

As a mobile massage therapist, you have a great service to provide and keeping your safety as a priority is critical.

Lisa Meloche, President and Massage Therapist, Bodywork Alternatives Massage Therapy. http://www.bodyworkalternativesmt.com/

Bodywork Alternatives Massage Therapy offers mobile massage therapy services and corporate chair massage services across the country. Massage therapy services provided reduce pain and stress in the comfort of client's homes and offices. Corporate chair massage allows companies to help employees reduce stress and pain associated with common problems such as headaches, carpal tunnel symptoms, and low back pain. All therapists are trained and licensed or certified in their area of expertise.

Lisa first became interested in massage therapy when she was able to reduce her Fibromyalgia symptoms by receiving regular massages. She has combined her massage therapy training and personal experience to develop massage therapy techniques to help reduce Fibromyalgia symptoms. Massage therapists on her team are trained on these techniques to help bring relief to Fibromyalgia clients across the country. She is in the process of writing an eBook on self-massage techniques to help others reduce their symptoms.

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Monday, 29 September 2008

The Right Way to Get a Job in a Massage Therapy Clinic

Massage therapy clinics are opening up shops all over the world. They just seem to appear out of thin air. You may not know where there coming from, but you certainly should have an idea why. Massage therapy is one of the largest growth industries in the world today.

The reason for this is people need a way to relax after a hard days work. This is particularly true for people who live in a city where life runs at a faster pace. Another explanation is the large amount of publicity coming from celebrities. Massage therapy is getting to be the latest fad.

Because of this, there are a lot of people who are looking into the massage therapy business for careers. Although the wage is not paying enough for most people, the tips can be pretty much astonishing especially if you already have a stable list of clients. If you are one of the many people wanting to have a job in this industry, then here are three steps to help you land that job.

1. Get some training

Unlike other professionals, you do not need a degree to be able to land a job in a massage therapy clinic. Most clinics do not even require college degrees especially for starting employees. This does not mean however that you won't make an effort to learn the job. One way that you can get a massage therapy job easily is to get some training on massages.

Remember that in this career, you will not just knead the shoulders and back of your clients in any direction that feel like. You will also have to adopt careful massage techniques. It is a bonus if you know a little of these techniques before you apply for your new found career.

2. You need to visit massage therapy clinics

A good way to get to know this business is to watch attentively first hand what goes on inside these clinics. Try visiting some of them in your spare time. look at their different type of massages and if possible watch their procedure as they do different massages. observe the motions of their massages and the products that they use on their customers. While you are there, ask any questions that you have, because surely you will have quit a few.

You can use your observations, quires and your education inside the massage therapy clinics during your job interview. Potential employers are are impressed with potential employees, who show an interest in the job, by making such observations.

3. Ask the massage therapists

Try asking someone who is already working in massage therapy clinic about their experiences. This way, you should know what to anticipate when you are there on the job. Inquire about the hours that they put in and the tips that they get each day, their salary. You could also ask for their lousiest experiences in this job. This will help you determine if the massage therapy industry is the job that you want to get into.

Do not be afraid to ask. Often, they will be more than happy to help you through their insights. You can even ask them if there are any vacancies in their clinics. If you can, leave your number with them so that they can contact you should a vacancy come up. Remember, most of these clinics will not advertise job openings. They would just rely on referrals.

GH Williams runs a site about Massage Therapy. If you would like further free help and information about massage therapy, then try visiting his site Massage Therapy Tips.

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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage creates a lot of therapeutic effects on a would-be mother. The massage is not only helpful for the mother but it is equally beneficial for the baby who is inside the mother's womb. A professional massage therapist can provide a lot of comfort to the pregnant women through the Prenatal Massage therapy. They are equipped with all the knowledge about dealing the mothers as well as what can give them perfect comfort.

Pregnancy massages aid in appeasing and resting the nervous system of the mother. This can help them sleep well at night which is very important for the health of both the mother and the baby. Some women experience mental anxiety and stress during the period of pregnancy which can be combated through the massage in pregnancy.

In fact most of the doctors suggest the mothers to go for soothing prenatal massage as this will keep them healthy and happier and the chances of complications during delivery will reduce.

Types of prenatal massage and their techniques

There are two types of pregnancy massages- labor massage and post pregnancy massage. The mothers who are waiting for their delivery can be extremely benefited with the labor massage. They have wonderful effects in relaxing them. This is performed on the expecting mother while she lies on one side at a reclined posture. She can also afford to lie down on her belly if she is using a pregnancy pillow under it.

This is always advised to play soothing music in the background to release the stress for the mother's mind and this will help her to bear the pain as well as facilitate the delivery. After the delivery is over during postpartum period, special pregnancy massage methods are also required. This helps the women to recover the shape of their body. The massage s in pregnancy and after pregnancy increases the elasticity of the skin and the muscular tension.

If the mother is suffering from any sort of post pregnancy depression then the chances are quite high that the pregnancy massages will help her to recover and bond with the baby. Now you need to take the advice of the doctors before opting for the prenatal massage therapy because this depends on the physical condition of the mother whether she will be benefited from it or not.

Prenatal Massage benefits

The Expectant mothers often go through unusual emotional as well as physical transformations which happen due to increase in body weight, change in hormonal balance and shifting of the postures. They also experience pressure on their knees. The prenatal massage therapy treatments often help them to get rid of these negative syndromes of pregnancy.

The prenatal massage and other pregnancy massages often reduce the severe back pain and ache in neck and shoulders. The pain in the pelvic area is also released through the massage techniques. The blood circulation and digestion power is also improved with this massage. The elasticity of the skin is increased with massage in pregnancy that reduces stretch marks.

If you would like to discover more on massage, benefits of massage, please visit our blog.

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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology therapy is a type of relaxation massage technique that is applied on the feet to release the stress and keep them healthy. Reflexology treatment is basically one kind of complementary therapy as it often heals the congestion if any in various parts of the body. This is quite gentle and aids in restoring the natural balance of the entire body. Acupressure massage and hand reflexology are also types of Reflexology therapy. Reflexology treatment is not at all an alternative to conventional treatment which is offered when there is life threatening medical problems. This is by no means capable of diagnosing the problem or prescribing any treatment for these. Still this is extremely popular among people who like the idea of getting complementary treatments. How does it work? The commonest forms of reflexology treatment are hand Reflexology and foot Reflexology. Here the hands and the feet are stimulated with the application of pressure movements and it aids in increasing the blood circulation and also increases the muscular functions at times. In fact most of the people do not understand the fact that feet and hand are equally sensitive like the other parts of the body.

Hence they ac can also get stressed. The professional reflexologists are capable of identifying the delicate changes that occur in particular points of the feet as well as the hands while performing the hand reflexology and foot massage. This also creates some changes to the other organs that are linked to these parts of the body. It can also have positive effect in improving the self-esteem and confidence of an individual as they maintain the physical as well as emotional balance of the body.

The nerves that connect different areas of the body run through the soles of the feet. As the pressure is mainly applied on the feet these nerves experience relaxation. If there is any blockage in any part of the body, that also gets released through the Reflexology therapy. The reflexologists often use their fingers to create this pressure. But they can also use simple tools like wooden sticks. In acupressure massage technique small pins are used to stimulate the reflex points as a part of reflexology treatment.

Sometimes creams or lotions are also used while the foot massage. The gloves, shoes and socks need to be removed during the massage session. Benefits of Reflexology therapy The best part of this method is that this can be applied on anybody irrespective of the physical conditions there are no adverse side effects of this method. The people who are suffering from problems related to extra stress can be treated with this massage technique. You will surely get sound sleep after few sessions of this massage. Severe back ache, migraine headaches can be treated with this therapy. The digestive disorders can be treated was effectively as the hormonal unbalances. Often it is said that the problems like infertility can also be treated in this process. Hence you can try this out as an alternative way to comfort yourself.

If you would like to discover more on massage benefits of massage, please visit our blog.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Facial Massage - Tips For the Best Face Massage - Benefits of a Facial Massage

A face massage or facial massage is a particularly pleasurable experience.

  • It will leave you relaxed
  • It will relieve Stress.
  • It will restore the energy to your body by stimulating the blood flow to you face.

The Best tips for a face massage - facial massage: Face massage aids the skins absorption of oils and creams that are applied. Start the massage by pouring a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand and apply gently all over the face. (MAKE SURE THAT YOU AVOID THE EYES).

The Process for the face massage

  • Start with the chin area by making small circular movements, using your thumbs.
  • This will improve circulation, eliminate any toxins that are present and tone the face and skin.
  • Shape the mouth into an O shape
  • Massage the oil into the fine lines either side of the mouth
  • Next work out from the top of the check bones with the tips of you fingers and massage the face outwards releasing any toxins as you work up towards the temples.
  • Now apply pressure to the bridge of the nose with the middle fingers and work out towards and underneath the eyebrows.
  • Next apply pressure at either side of the temples to relieve stress
  • Now take the palm of the hands and stroke up the forehead to the hairline smoothing out any fine lines as you go.

The Benefits of a face massage - facial massage:

These include:

  • You will see an improvement in facial skin and muscle tone.
  • Relaxation of the facial and eye muscles.
  • Relief from eyestrain and neck tension.
  • Relief from tension headaches and facial pain.
  • A reduction of stress and anxiety.
  • Overall physical and mental relaxation.

What Is Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a massage technique from Japan. In fact the word Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” Despite its name this massage therapy not only utilizes the fingertips but also thumbs, palms, knees, forearms, elbows and the massage therapist can even use the feet. They apply pressure to the meridians or energy lines. This is done to “promote good health by stimulating the body’s energy flow.”

Sessions can take from 40-60 minutes and will be done on a padded mat on the floor. It commences with gentle stretching and manipulation to help relax and stimulate the movement of energy in the muscles. Pressure can either stimulate or calm the patient. The specific needs of the patient will determine the amount of pressure that needs to be applied.

In order to gain the most from this form of massage therapy it is wise to wear thin, loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Cotton and linen is recommended. You should also be aware that you will be lying on the floor.

There are many benefits of Shiatsu massage therapy: Firstly it can help with pain management and alleviate pain. It can also help the body heal from sports injuries. Shiatsu massage therapy seeks to help a patient in a holistic way and tries to improve overall health.

It is a relaxing form of massage therapy and helps to relive stress. When done on a regular basis, a patient should improve their mental and physical health. Shiatsu massage therapy will improve the blood, lymphatic, and hormonal circulation, and help you to relax. It will also rid the body of toxins.

There are certain circumstances when Shiatsu massage therapy should not be used among these are, acute disorders, malignant tumors, acute inflammation, serious internal organ disease, and ulcers. You should be careful when you are pregnant and consult your doctor before having this treatment.

This is a relaxing gentle form of massage therapy and can be very beneficial to your overall health. However before using this treatment it is wise to educate yourself. There are many websites and literature on the Internet that will inform and help you. Oriental medicine, including Shiatsu massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the West as people turn to holistic methods of improving their overall health. So next time you feel tired and stressed out after work or just tensed from life’s everyday problems you might like to try this relaxing form of massage therapy.

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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Massage Therapy and Its Types

As the lifestyle of people is changing, so are their needs. Earlier, people used to live carefree life but with the change in times, the hustle bustle of city life has made it difficult for the common man to lead a healthy and satisfied life. Different types of tensions revolve around man and make him totally helpless. For relieving the burden and tensions of life, people have now shifted to taking massage therapy. This therapy is a highly beneficial practice that involves the soothing and relieving of muscles and other tissues in the human body.

All About Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is also considered to be the best tension buster and in some cases this therapy is an integral part of the CAM or the complementary and alternative medicine. The term "massage therapy" does not only include the different practices and techniques that are used to soothe the senses of the patient, it also covers a large number of related practices as well due to the fact that the massage therapy includes approximately 80 kinds of different therapies.

The main intent behind the massage therapy is to relax the muscles and tissues of the person thereby increasing the oxygen and blood delivery to the areas where massage has been performed and in turn decrease the level of pain suffered.

Various Kinds Of Therapies
The different types of massage therapies include the following:

Trigger point massage
In this type of massage therapy, the therapist uses different strokes of strong pressure in order to relax the trigger points or knots.

Swedish massage
Long strokes are given to the person along with muscle friction and kneading in order to make the joints flexible.

Deep tissue massage
Deep finger and hand pressure is given on the particular parts of the patient's body where the muscles and tissues are knotted or tight. Focus is paid on the muscle layers that are located deep inside the skin.

Shiatsu massage
In this kind of massage therapy, the professional applies rhythmic and varying pressures from his fingers on the body parts, which are crucial for the vital energy flow.

This type of massage therapy is popularly known as the zone therapy and the main focus of the therapy is paid on the ears, hands and feet of the person. Foot reflexology is the more famous of the other two-reflexology therapies.

Thai massage
This is also called as the Thai yoga massage therapy and involves the unblocking of the energy pathways. In this kind of therapy, the person getting the massage remains completely clothed and the therapist begins to give the compression massage on the body parts that need special care. The patient is made to be placed in different yoga like postures in order to relax the muscles and soft tissues.

In all of the different types of massage therapies, the professional therapist rub, press and manipulate the soft tissues and muscles of the respective person often varying the movement and pressure exerted in the massage. The therapists use their fingers and hands but in some cases when there is a need to do stronger massages, even the elbows, feet and forearms can be used to relieve the patient.

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How Massage Education Has Changed

When choosing an Alabama Massage School that is right for you consider the following. The field of Massage Therapy has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Once thought to be less than reputable, massage is now a mainstream and booming career opportunity. Everyone from professional athletes to those seeking to reduce stress consider massage as a first-line defense and treatment choice. And, with this boom there has been a corresponding boom in the Alabama massage school industry and how massage is taught.

Traditionally massage schools have been owned and operated by massage therapists. This meant that the programs were designed and regulated by those that knew the most about the field. Now, many career colleges, technical schools and even State Colleges offer massage programs as a part of their curriculum. This often means that administrators who may know very little about massage are making decisions about the programs. Make sure you do your homework when choosing an Alabama massage school. Check with graduates to see how they feel about their training. You can also check with those hiring massage therapists to see what schools they recommend.

One major factor when considering an Alabama massage school is the cost and how you are going to pay for it. In the best of all possible worlds financial matters would not be an issue. However, in the real world this is often the primary factor in deciding which school to go to. Unfortunately this can dictate which school you have to go to as opposed to which school you want to go to. If you have no financial resources and you either have no or poor credit, then one possible way to finance school is through some type of grant such as a Pell Grant. The problem with this is you are usually required to take courses that have nothing to do with massage. You might have to take English, speech or math as part of a core curriculum. Ultimately a program like this may take several years to complete and there are still costs that fall on you above what the grant will pay.

When you think of paying for an Alabama massage school realize that you are investing in yourself. By making the sacrifices and putting forth the effort you are positioning yourself to make a better livelihood and have a career that you enjoy. If you rely solely on others to finance your education you may find that there are strings attached, and often these strings can restrict what you really want to do. Check to see if you are eligible for some type of loan such as Sallie Mae Loans. These are based on credit and can be paid back over a ten-year period. For more information go to Alabama Massage School You will usually know within a 24-hour period if you qualify. Of course if you have been in the military you will also want to check out what VA options are available.

Another thing to consider when choosing which Alabama massage school to attend is the experience and training of the teaching staff. With the recent boom in massage many schools are starting programs with a teaching staff that has only been in the field a few years themselves. Then graduates from these schools are becoming instructors at other new programs. As a result, the level of education is quickly diminishing and industry competency is being compromised. This has become a real concern among long-term practitioners as they watch their profession become diluted with more and more practitioners that show less and less skill. If things continue in this direction it could ultimately mean the demise of professional massage, as we know it. Right now massage is highly respected even by physicians and physical therapist. But if we are unable to deliver what we say we can, it may not be long before this respect is lost.

With the boom in popularity of massage, the job market is becoming more competitive. So, it is important that you become the best therapist possible. Your success will ultimately be determined by how good you are. How good you are is determined by how well you have been trained. So, take the time to do your homework when choosing a massage school. Check out all of the schools in your area. Visit them, inquire about the staff, and ask all the questions you need to get a clear picture about the program. Then when you have decided, jump in all the way and enjoy the experience. You will learn amazing things, make lifelong friends and start your way on a wonderful career.

Arnold Askew is co-founder and owner of Red Mountain Institute for the Healing Arts where he is the senior instructor. He has extensive training in both manual and movement therapies and has been on staff at the Pain and Rehabilitation Institute since 1992. He is a member of the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy and is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.


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Friday, 19 September 2008

How to Give a Neck and Shoulder Massage

A neck and shoulder massage helps you relax, particularly if you've been working at a desk all day. It relieves you from pain and stress and charges you with energy you were looking for after a heavy work schedule or an outdoor journey. In this article you will learn how to give a neck and shoulder massage to get relief from stress and tension.

Steps for neck and shoulder massage -

For massaging neck and shoulder your partner should be lying on his or her back. Uncover the chest by folding down the towel or blanket.

1. Apply oil to your partner's chest, shoulders and neck.

2. Begin effleuraging by placing both hands on the upper chest, fingers facing towards each other. Now slowly pull your hands round the shoulders and under them, then bring your hands in to meet at the back of the skull. Repeat four or five times.

3. Gently knuckle the chest and shoulders in the sequence shown in the diagram on the left. To knuckle make your hands into relaxed fists, and move the knuckles make your hands into relaxed fist, and move the knuckles in circular movements. This sounds more difficult than it is.

4. Gently turn your partner's head to one side. Stroke along the top of the shoulder and the side of the neck with your first three fingers. Repeat three times.

5. Repeat the above sequence, but circle your fingers this time. Do this three times.

6. Turn your partner's head to the other side and repeat movements 4 and 5. Return the head to the centre.

7. Slide your hands down your partner's back as far as you can comfortably reach. Find the groove each side of the spine with your fingers. Pull your hands up the spine with a little pressure on the groove each side. Repeat three times.

8. Now you are going to stretch the neck - these movements stretch out the muscles of the shoulders and neck and ease tension. If your partner is relaxed you will take all the weight of the head. If he or she is tense, go easy and make the movements slow and gentle. You don't want any pulled muscles.

9. Cup both hands under your partner's head, your fingers resting in the base of the skull. Lift the head slightly gently pull towards you. Lower the head slowly repeat.

10. Hold the back of the head in one hand and move it slowly towards the left shoulder while gently pressing down on the right shoulder with your other hand. Bring the head back to the centre and then repeat on the other side.

Finish with some effleurage movements as you began.

Note: This massage shouldn't be done on anyone with injuries to their shoulder or neck.

Hope you have now learned how to get relief from stress and tension with this natural method of pain relief.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

Looking for some Home Remedies for Stress? Check out the biggest home remedies website and find some effective natural Home Remedies for Backache - natural pain relief methods to use at home.

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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Massage - Simple Self Care Techniques to Rejuvenate the Soul

"You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." (unknown author)

Self love is the best remedy for knowing that you are going to get attention from at least one person each that...yes, you do count! People may come in and out of our lives...so it's about time that we embrace ourselves and allow the self love to pour out of us through every intentional movement. One of the most beneficial self treatments is massage. I will introduce to you a simple self treatment that can be performed daily with minimal effort.

All is you need is 10 minutes a day, a golf ball, comfortable clothing, and no distractions (unless you want to do this exercise with a group of people.)

First, tune into your body and imagine your body in complete balance. What would that feel like to you? If you need to, slightly bend the knees and allow the whole upper part of the body to just hang from the waist. Release the pelvic girdle, organs, rib cage, chest, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. Let the body just hang loosely. After a few minutes, slowly roll back up to standing, one vertebrae at a time, allowing the neck and head to come up last. What sensations did you notice, if any?

Next, roll the golf ball under the right foot. Work from the inner edge of the foot (spine in reflexology)upper foot pad, toes, and outer edge of the foot to the heel. You don't necessarily need to focus on any routine. The most important piece is to bring awareness to areas of tension and focus on releasing it with the golf ball. Go as long as you need to, or five minutes.

Repeat the first step. This time, ask yourself how your body would feel if you were imbalanced. Once again, bend from the hips or waist and notice any changes in the body. Slowly roll up when you are ready.

Lastly, roll the golf ball under the left foot and notice what sensations arise. Continue working out your aches and pains, until you feel ready to cease the self massage.

Giving to yourself will allow for more energy to be given onto others. Self love through massage is a powerful tool for rejuvenation and release. If you feel pressed for time, simply do the golf ball massage and skip the forward bends. The most important technique is to internalize the loving kindness that radiates throughout your whole being.

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From Sonia Reece - Entrepreneur and Marketing Coach
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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Massage Equipment For Your Home Or Business

Massage professionals and home owners alike can use massage equipment. People who give massages for a living will want massage tables to carry with them to homes, or massage chairs for visits to businesses. Home owners can be prepared for the visits of their masseuse by keeping massage equipment in their residences.

By purchasing a massage chair, you can treat your customers to a seated massage anytime and anywhere. These chairs are great to bring with you for businesses. Sometimes you can negotiate a fee for a day of giving chair massages within a company.

The massage chair you buy will help to determine the quality of the experience you offer the clients. With several different positions for seat heights and chest pad, arm rests and head supports; you can give your customers a custom fit. Try to find a massage chair with a high weight limit of at least 250 pounds so that you can accommodate most people. Quick assembly is also a plus when you need to move from one area of the building to another.

For an even higher weight limit, a massage table is the best bet. Some massage tables have limits up to 500 pounds or higher. As a massage expert, you can help your customers enjoy their massage experience more with the right equipment. A well padded massage table with a head ring that gives good support can make all the difference in the quality of their massage.

You might wonder why you would want a massage table for your home. One reason could be that your massage professional does not have his or her own portable table or equipment. If you are very much overweight, you might feel more secure on one of the higher weight limit tables. For people who have massages regularly at home, it might be nice to have a massage table for their own use.

For many home owners, massage equipment is a luxury that they would enjoy having. Massage professionals can expand their businesses greatly with portable massage tables and chairs. For them, massage equipment is virtually a necessity.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Types of Luxury Hotel Spa Treatments

There are dozens of spa treatments available from leading health farms and luxury hotel spa retreats that will help you seriously chill out and restore your life energy force and give you a physical and spiritual workout.

Get yourself looking and feeling better through bathing and beauty therapies - but what types of treatments are there? Well, to help you decide on what is right for you take a look at this suggested list.... whatever you choose, relax and enjoy!

1 Hot Stone

This involves the application of water-heated basalt stones, hot stone therapy targets key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth.

A Hot Stone therapy massage expands the blood vessels and pushes blood and unwanted waste materials through the body. This has a sedative effect on the nervous system.

2 Aromatherapy

The natural therapy, aromatherapy, is a form of alternative medicine that harnesses your sense of smell to enable healing. It is intended to benefit your mind, body and spirit through the use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy uses the different scents from natural oils to improve your overall health and well being as well as addressing particular problems.

3 Mud Treatments

This treatment involves using volcanic ash powder and essential oils such as pine needle. This dried thermal substance is mixed with magnesium oxide and talcum as well as paraffin. It is then dehydrated and applied at a very high temperature.

It is an ancient form of beauty therapy that were (and can be) used for medical treatments and were mentioned in the writing of Plinius in North Italy as far back as the first century.

4 Body & Skin Detox

If you're looking to revitalize your skin then detox treatments like mud or scrubs can help. There are plenty of varieties of detox products and treatments readily available, so you will be spoiled for choice.

Body detox treatments can help to remove deep seated toxins. Furthermore, special muds and creams will give your skin badly needed nutrients and minerals as well as moisturizing to help replace fluids in the upper levels of your skin.

5 Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea has special unique 'healing' qualities attributed to the fact that the water from this sea is only two thirds H20 (water). The rest is salt that is extraordinarily rich in minerals. Dead Sea therapies were first used for healing over two thousand years ago, so you can safely presume these treatments really do work!

This body of water has certain characteristics that exist nowhere else on this planet. It is the lowest place in the world at four meters below sea level. Dead Sea therapies take advantage of these mineral rich characteristics and are especially effective against skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. It's also very good for arthritis and rheumatism.

If you're looking for that special weekend or mid-week pampering session, especially if you have never done so, you really should treat yourself to a spa treatment at any luxury hotel spa The wellbeing benefits are boundless.

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Friday, 12 September 2008

How to Give a Relieving Foot Massage - Step by Step

This article will help you to learn how to give a relieving foot massage. Before you begin massage check that your hands are clean and your nails fairly short with no jagged edged. Take off any rings if you wear them.

Foot massage step by step

Your feet are probably the most neglected part of your bodies. They definitely deserve a loving massage from time to time. Make sure your partner is warm and comfortable. Uncover one foot by folding back the towel or blanket. Now pour a little of your chosen oil into the palm of one hand. Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil. Now you are ready to begin.

1. Enclose the foot between hands (one on top, one underneath), then gently slide your hands off the foot coming forward to the toes. This movement should be slow and soothing. Repeat four or five times.

2. Gently circle around the ankle using your thumbs. This area can be tender, so go easy.

3. Rub over the top of the foot with your thumbs in little circles, coming down from the ankle area to the toes. Repeat three or four times.

4. Now rub each toe the same little circular movements.

5. Rotate each toe twice in each direction.

6. Gently pull each toe between finger and thumbs.

7. Zigzag down the sole of the foot from toes to heel with your thumbs overlapped.

8. Enclose the foot in your hands then rub them in opposite directions, to create frictions. This is very warming.

9. Hold the foot firmly and slowly rotate the ankle clockwise then anti-clockwise. Repeat a couple of times.

10. Repeat step 1.

Once completed, wrap the foot up again for warmth and repeat the movements on the other foot. By now your massage partner will be feeling more relaxed and at ease with your touch.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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Human Touch Robotic Massage Chairs - Bringing the Luxury of Massages to More People

Getting home massages from a licensed massage therapist is not for everyone. Because of the costs and the time involved, it seems more of a luxury than a necessity for people. Although, with the kind of benefits one can get from massages, one can say that getting a massage is the kind of pampering that the body truly needs. Professional athletes know the importance of massages so they include the massage in their fitness regimens.

Massage has so many health benefits including the stimulation of blood flow which in turn results in many more health benefits. Improved blood circulation means more oxygen and therefore nutrients are pumped into the body's organs. This includes the skin which results in a healthy glow. Massage also stimulates lymph flow which increases the body's natural immunity to diseases.

Massage also relaxes the muscles relieving tension and allowing muscles to recover from a strenuous activity. This is the reason massage in included in the training regimen of athletes. Muscles need to recover first before they are exposed to another round of tedious tasks. When the muscles are exhausted they do not respond to training as well as when they are fully-recovered.

Massages not only provide physical benefits but mental as well. The time spent getting a massage is a time when one can clear one's head and not worry about anything. Massages allow a person to go into a Zen state when nothing seems to matter. Massage helps the body and the mind relax. This is also why massages lead to an invigorated feeling. A good massage can help one get better sleep, breathe easier and even think better. A massage can be the perfect compliment to a healthy diet and a good exercise routine.

While getting daily home massages may seem impossible, with the model Human Touch Robotic Massage Chair, it is now possible. There is a substantial initial investment in buying a Health Massage Chair but that amount, spread out into the years that you will be using the massage chair makes that initial cost worth it.

Even if you are stressed out and have no time to get professional massages, you can enjoy the benefits of professional massages with a massage chair. Modern massage chairs are designed to mimic real human massage techniques. They don't feel like machines at all. But the best advantage of having a human touch massage chair is how one can enjoy a relaxing massage any time of the day. It is really the best solution for a stressful life because it feels like you can get away from the stress anytime by plopping on the chair and letting it do its work.

With massage chairs there is no awkwardness, no time wasted, no appointment settings, and no prep work. You just get a good massage with no frills in the comforts of your own home. The chair can also be shared by the whole family bringing the luxury of home massages to more people.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Starting Salary For Massage Therapy

As holistic and complementary medicine is becoming more and more popular, there is a need for more therapists to undertake the necessary training and start working in the market to cover the demand. Patients who have tried the holistic approach are now finding that they are easing their aches and pains without having to resort to medication and long term pain killers. Because of this expansion in the market, the starting salaries for massage therapy practitioners is ever increasing.

If you are a fully qualified therapist who is just starting out as a professional, there are several different routes to take, each of which will vary your earning power considerably. The starting salaries for massage therapy carried out for an employer, such as a spa or health club, may be from as little as $9 per hour up to around $18 per hour. It really does depend on your employer. Some employers pay on a commission basis, which can really add up if you become popular. Also, you must never forget that you should be receiving quite a lot of tips.

Although this may not sound as high as you had thought when you initially considered the starting salaries for massage therapy, there are many ways in which you can vastly increase this figure. If you have the facilities, you can start your own, small scale therapy centre either at home, or possibly in small, suitable, rented accommodation. Being your own boss can be very rewarding, both personally and financially and it is very convenient to be able to choose your own working hours, especially if you have a family to consider. Admittedly you will need some capital for the property, equipment, advertising etc. but if you are able to put together an economic starting package for your business you will soon start to reap the rewards.

Starting your own small business does not necessarily involve the renting of premises. If you have access to a vehicle, you can start working as a mobile therapist. The starting salaries for massage therapy can easily be eaten into if you have to pay for a workplace. If, however, you opt for a mobile practice, you will get to keep a good deal more of your income. Once again, you will probably have to spend money on advertising and some equipment, but you will probably find that even these outgoings are less than if you were trying to start a spa style venture. You will have no water or fuel bills for example. One obvious expense you will have will be your vehicle and insurance. Domestic vehicle insurance will not cover you if you are using your car for work purposes.

These are just a few guidelines as to how you can try to increase the starting salaries for massage therapy. As you become more experienced and build up a client base, you will soon find that you have become a part of a very lucrative and highly respected profession. Your salary will keep going from strength to strength and you will, I am sure, be well rewarded for your expertise.

Gary Pearson is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

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How Longitudinal Arches Affect Thigh, Back, and Neck Tension

As an experienced massage therapist the first thing I think of when a client presents with neck pain is to look at the whole body.

How can longitudinal arches in the feet cause neck tension and pain?

My first meeting with the client was during an emergency home visit wherein the client complained of being unable to move her neck. She did present as sidebended in the lumbar spine.

The usual visual assessment may or may not reveal a spinal sidebendedness or a tight ilio-psoas, or a tight ITB(iliotibialband) or quadriceps. However, upon further inspection, the next day, in my clinic, what I noticed was tenderness and tension in one or both of the longitudinal arches of the feet. Something I didn't assess or notice during my emergency home visit. During that stay, I focused on the neck, and back with my massage chair. Did I look at the feet or legs No! Common error in home emergency visits. I failed to complete a thorough assessment and let the client's pain guide me. I did not make that mistake when the client visited me the next day in my clinic.

How important it is to do a complete assessment of the client even when doing an emergency home visit and treatment. The tendency is to attempt shortcuts to shorten the duration of the visit yet to provide some temporary relief. And that's perhaps appropriate, however mistakes can lead to faulty or incomplete treatment and failing to relieve the client's pain and miss the main causes of the pain.

The fact which one learns, in the field, is that ninety percent of clients are right-dominant. And approx. 50-80% of them have some imbalance in the left pectoral and trapezius. Another approx. 30-50% have tensions in the ilio-psoas, and/or ITB-Quadriceps. Many of these cases emanate from falling or depressed arches, or improperly supported high longitudinal arches due to anatomical structures.

I also have observed in assessing clients, over nine years of practice, that foot dysfunction often, but not always, occurs on one foot causing an imbalance all the way up the chain to the neck. It depends on how quickly the arch dysfunction is detected and corrected.

The fact of having a dominant side muscularly means that there will be a resulting imbalance in strength, usage, and strain to the opposite weaker non-dominant side. The severity of the imbalance will depend on the extent of strain, physical fitness, and lifestyle.

Today I examined a client who had a severe cervical lateral strain on the left scalenes, anterior, lateral, and posterior, left and right trapezius, right upper thoracics, lower left thoracics where the cross-over happened, the left ITB(iliotibialband) and quadriceps, and cause of this dysfunction: an unsupported high longitudinal arch of the left foot with resulting plantar hypertonicity and pain.
So when the client told me that she had neck pain, the initial tendency of the new therapist is to treat the neck. It's only after having spent part or most of the one-hour appointment that upon examination the therapist may or may not discover all the other related tensions leading down to the longitudinal arch.

The novice therapist will unlikely be able to put each separate muscle tension taken together and see the big picture.

So, based on my experience, the first place to start treating the client is the quadriceps and ITB releasing that tension. My reason for starting the treatment there is because this is the core of the body where the tension focuses its energy.

Then proceeding with the opposite adductors which will be stressed because of compensation. I did observe hypertonic right adductors longus, brevis, and pectinius.

Next I treated the dominant right ilio-psoas which was the least tight, then the left ilio-psoas which was the most strained. This brought me to the pectorals which were strained on the left non-dominant side, and the rib heads at ribs 5-6-7 on the left side had been strained in response to the left tight pectoral major. The scalenes on the left side were all hypertonic, anterior, lateral, and posterior. Using some isometric techniques on all three muscles assisted in relieving the reduced mobility in sidebending . All of this therapy is done in the supine position.

The feet are treated with the client in prone position as I find it easier for the body mechanics of the therapist to bend the leg and and have the foot at a height which is easier to treat the plantar surface.

Then the client is placed in the prone position with face down and the posterior neck, and trapezius are treated. The serratus and rhomboids can also be released. There will be more tension observed in the levator scapulae and rhomboid minor on the right side as compensation.

The upper right thoracics and lower left thoracics result in the cross-over tension from left foot/leg into the back to the right neck.

So it's important for the novice therapist not to jump to conclusions when being presented with a sore neck. The problem may reside down in the arches.

Prescribed rehab for the client included purchasing a set of full sole orthotic insoles.
Sidebends for the thoracics, quad stretches for the left leg, and adductor stretches for the right leg, trapezius stretch for both sides, and regular monthly maintenance preventative massage treatments to detect or prevent further imbalances.

That's how to spend a productive hour.

In my clinic I also use pranic healing techniques on clients which understand the benefits of holistic healing. (Treating the total person- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)
On the Pranic Energy level, the healing always begins with an invocation for the assistance and Divine Guidance and Divine Protection of the Supreme Being, Spiritual Helpers and Teachers, Masters and Mentors, Angels and Saints for blessings and healings, with thanks, in full faith.

The aura was cleansed with some general sweeping, removing the depleted energy into a salt-water bowl. I also used a thorough chakra and organ cleanse of depleted prana(chi) with brilliant living water. This is a meditation-visualization learnt by Master Choa Kok Sui. The meditation and visualization consists of a thorough cleanse of organs and chakras descending from the crown to the feet, covering all organs and chakras. This is the advanced equivalent of Brilliant white light waterfall which is used in a general waterfall cleanse from the crown chakra down through the body to the sole minor chakras and disposed into the ground. Other waterfalls which can be used are the Brilliant emerald green waterfall or the Brilliant amethyst violet waterfall visualizations from crown chakra to sole minor chakras. These meditations were taught by Master Stephen Co through his online Tuesday evening meditations on pranatalk.com.

The chakras were then assessed for activity level and or congestion. They were found to be normal as the client has her aura and chakras previously treated and normalized months before.
The aura can be sealed with a protective seal of electric violet light with a program of divine protection being willed into the seal for a duration until the next appointment, allowing depleted prana out of the body.

The energy which has been communicated is then stabilized and the energy released to the client.
The client is advised not to bathe or shower for 12-24 hours to assist in the pranic healing absorption and efficiency.

The healing ends with a giving of thanks to the Divine Supreme Being, to the Spiritual Helpers and Great Ones for their healings and blessings. So be it, so be it, so be it.

Contact information:

Shapes Fitness Centre, 12-1150 Nairn Avenue, Winnipeg R2L0Y5

Roger Fontaine is a registered massage therapist who is operating a massage clinic offering therapeutic, rehabilitative, and stress-reduction table massage services and mobile service for chair massage in the workplace for special events, fundraisers, tournaments, celebrations, and any other function which requires a unique special feature. I have been operating at Shapes Fitness Centre at 12-1150 Nairn Avenue in Elmwood Winnipeg since 2004, previously having operated a home residential clinic since 1999.

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Massage Etiquette For Clients

Websters Dictionary (August 1995) defines etiquette as: (n.) the conventional requirements of polite behavior; proprieties of conduct; good manners.

How does etiquette apply to massage and the clients? There are many factors to consider when you schedule an appointment with a professional massage therapist.

Keeping Your Appointment

First, be on time or early for your appointment. If you are late arriving for a massage appointment, you may not get the full amount of time allotted for your massage. The therapist may have another appointment scheduled after yours. It is not polite to make the next client wait because you were late arriving for your appointment.

Most massage therapists are paid on a commission basis. They receive a portion of the fee you are charged for your massage. When you fail to show up for your appointment, the massage therapist does not get paid. He/she will have to sit around waiting for the next appointment. That time is lost and no money is made.

If you must cancel your appointment, please do so with as much advance notice as possible. Most massage offices ask for at least 24 hours notice. If you can give more notice that you have to cancel, please do so. It allows more time for that appointment slot to be filled.

Some massage offices require pre-payment for new client appointments. This is done because 70% of "no-shows, no-calls" are new clients. While other offices will not take an appointment from someone who has previously had a "no-show, no-call". I believe every case needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. I realize that sometimes an emergency arises and the massage appointment is not on a persons mind.

At Full Throttle Massage, Inc. we only require pre-payment if a person is a "no-show, no-call" two times. This is done to prevent our therapists from losing money.

Listening To Your Therapist

When your therapist does the initial interview before the start of your session try to focus on what is being said. I know this may seem difficult to understand, but many clients are in such a hurry to get the massage started they do not hear what the massage therapist is saying. I have had people start undressing at the beginning of the interview; forcing me to leave the room without the information I would like to have from the client.

There are certain things that must be covered by law, along with the therapist needing some history as to the clients complaints. If you are just wanting a general relaxation massage, this is OK. But if you have some pain that you are wanting relieved, your therapist must know some important information. You must listen and answer all the questions the therapist asks, to the best of your ability. The outcome of your massage depends on this.

Another common problem from clients not listening before the massage is the way the client lays on the table. Depending on what the client is in need of, may determine how the therapist wants to start the massage. All therapists can start a massage whether the client is face down or face up on the massage table. But the specific treatments the therapist has planned may require the client to be in a certain position at the beginning of the massage. Your time is wasted if the therapist has to request that you turn over to begin the massage.

Tipping Your Therapist

Most therapists can and will accept tips. Even though you are paying for your massage service, your therapist will only get a portion of that fee. If you are happy with the massage you received then offer a gratuity. Your therapist will appreciate the tip you leave for him/her. Unlike restaurants, there is no set customary gratuity fee for massage. Generally tips are left in $5.00 increments.

Sexual Conduct

Your professional massage therapist takes great pride in his/her chosen profession. They are there to offer help, try to make you feel better, and give you the relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. Any sexual misconduct by the client is a huge insult to the therapist. This means offering or asking for sexual favors. It is not only against the law, it is very offensive towards your therapist.

Sometimes a male client may get an erection during a massage. This happens when the client is in a very relaxed state; not because he is sexually excited. Although this may be embarrassing for the client, it is not considered sexual misconduct. A good therapist will go on with the massage and make no mention of the erection. If the client makes any gestures or references about the erection, then this becomes sexual misconduct and the session will be immediately terminated.

The next time you make an appointment remember to follow good massage etiquette. Arrive early for your appointment. If you must cancel, give as much notice as possible. Listen to your therapist. Leave your therapist a gratuity if you feel they deserve one. Do not insult your therapist with any sexual misconduct.

Daniel J. Brownell, LMT

Full Throttle Massage, Inc.

Chattanooga, TN


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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What is Thai Massage in Massage Therapy?

In the holistic community, the term Thai massage is referenced by many names. Some of those names include Ancient Thai massage and Yoga massage. In Thailand, Thai massage is referred to as Nuad Phaen Boran.

The focus of a Thai massage is to align the misaligned energies of the body. Contrary to European style massage, Thai massage stresses circulation and pressure points thus enhancing internal health as well as muscular flexibility. The main difference between Thai and Western massage is that Thai massage involves peripheral stimulation; i.e. it acts as an external source of stimulation to create specific internal effects inside the body.

In a traditional Thai massage, the massage therapist will make use of their hands, elbows, knees, and feet to apply different pressures to the energy lines, also known as sen, along the body. These energy lines are considered the keys to a happy and healthy lifestyle. If an energy line becomes occluded, or blocked, the client can suffer a range of sicknesses that include chronic pain, disease, and potentially death.

In Thai massage, there are about 72,000 energy lines inside the human body. However, there are ten (10) that take priority over the rest. Perfect harmony and health within the body can only be achieved by the freedom of energy that flows through all the energy lines.

Thai massage is practiced on a firm mat on the floor in place of a massage table. The massage therapist will only use her body weight to apply various pressures to the energy lines. In this particular kind of massage, the client normally remains clothed with the exception of their feet.

The pressure applied in a Thai massage varies with each massage therapist. Compared to the pressure used in Western massages, Thai massage may be harder on people than what they are accustomed to. Thai massage can be too strenuous on the client. The last thing a client would want to do is tense up in order to guard himself against the pressure of the therapist's strokes. This can damage the client's muscles and cause unnecessary strain. For a Thai massage to be effective, the client must fully relax and let the therapist freely manipulate the client's extremities to promote blood and lymph flow and promote the removal of blocked energy lines.

Micaela Romualdez is a freelance article writer for DFWChiroMassage. She enjoys writing on topics such as chiropractic, rolfing, massage therapy benefits, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, nutrition, and other types of alternative health care.

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Monday, 8 September 2008

Anti-Cellulite Massage

A sad fact of life for a large number of women is that their thighs, hips, and stomachs are particularly susceptible to fat storage. Fat deposited just below the skin in these areas often takes on an unsightly "orange-peel" or dimpled appearance and is known as cellulite - the bane of many a woman's existence. Daily self-massage can improve the overall appearance of these areas of cellulite making the skin look firmer and smoother, and even give the illusion of weight loss. If your cellulite is solid and hard, you should use firm movements to soften the area and simulate circulation. If the cellulite feels soft and watery, your movements should be more gentle to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Use an oil blend that meets your needs. Marjoram and peppermint are noted for soothing the abdomen; rosemary and geranium for their invigorating effect; and juniper helps reduce fluid retention.

Abdomen and hips

Sit comfortably and rest your left hand on your diaphragm while your right hand applies about a teaspoonful of oil with clockwise strokes around the navel. Now introduce your left hand so that both hands are circling the navel.

Knead your hips, waist, and abdomen by squeezing and lifting your flesh with one hand and releasing it into the other. Knead all over this area, wherever you can pick up enough flesh.

With your left hand on top of your right hand, use your fingertips to apply gentle circular pressure all around your navel.

Finish by gently stroking all over your abdomen and hips. This is very soothing and stimulates lymph drainage.

Avoid using counterclockwise moves when you massage your abdomen as this opposes the natural working of the intestines.


Apply more massage oil if necessary so that your hands move smoothly over your skin.

Gently stroke up from your left knee, directing your movements toward your inner thigh. Then stroke from the back of your knee up to your buttocks.

Knead your thigh from your knee up to the top of the leg. Use deep strokes to squeeze and lift the flesh. This stimulates the circulation and helps reabsorb excess fluid and wastes into the lymphatic system. Repeat on the back of your thigh.

Applying firm pressures, rotate the knuckles of both your hands all over the front and back of your thigh.

Place your left hand on the back of your outer thigh, and your right hand on the back of your inner thigh. Pull the flesh up to the top of your thigh, release, and cross your hands down the other side. Repeat this criss-cross movement several times.

Stroke very gently and smoothly from above your knee to the top of your thigh, and from the back of your knee to your buttock. This repetitive stroking encourages lymph drainage.

Repeat steps 1-5 on your right thigh.

Further tips to help in the fight against cellulite include: drinking at least eight glasses of water a day; eating a balanced, healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and avoiding salt, sugar, and processed food; and rubbing the affected skin regularly, during a bath or shower, with a loofah sponge or glove.

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Massage For Dieting

Because massage makes you feel better and take more pride in your body, you are more likely to stick to a diet. Knowing that the person giving you a massage is going to notice any weight loss is another incentive. Added to this are other benefits to your appearance. By stimulating the circulation, massage tones the skin and smoothes the body This improvement builds a positive self­image, which produces more energy, making exercising easier. This is the beginning of the upward spiral, and weight will come off more easily.

Any massage is helpful for dieters, so follow the basic sequences outlined throughout this book. However, you should spend more time on the fleshiest areas, particularly the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks; use plenty of deep stimulating movements, such as kneading and pummeling. You can easily massage your abdomen and thighs yourself and should try a few minutes of vigorous massage every day.

A dieting self-massage

Try these stimulating moves on yourself every day.

Lie on your back and knead your abdomen thoroughly, doing several rows of kneading across it to cover the whole area

Roll onto one side, then knead and pummel your hip. Repeat on the other side

Sit up and knead your thighs from the knee up to the top. Work vigorously on the front and outside, but more gently on the inside

Pummel very fast all over the front and outside of your thighs, then work more gently on the inside.

Massage those figures

While massage to any part of the body helps to firm and tone the flesh, there are specific sequences that can help with particular problem areas. Cynics might say that massage can't help you lose weight or look slimmer, but this is not entirely true. Although massage does not break down fat, it can improve your self-image and appearance, which in turn will help you to diet. Massage gives you a positive image of your body, which encourages you to carry yourself with more confidence. Many dieters have a distorted image of their bodies and often imagine themselves to be larger and fatter than they really are. Massage can help to give you an indication of your true size.

Free beauty tips and makeup tips and secrets along with tips how to apply makeup and how to get rid of blackheads

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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Give Yourself a Relaxing Face Massage and Get Beautiful, Younger Looking Skin

Can't Afford A Trip To Spa?
Give Yourself a Relaxing Face Massage and Get Younger Looking Skin

One of the best techniques and Free techniques for youthful, beautiful skin is a face massage. But who can afford to weekly or even monthly trip to the Spa?

Many people are afraid to touch or rub the skin on their face, yet have no problems getting a massage on their whole body. The truth is lines, wrinkles happen faster when skin cells lack resiliency and lose their vitality - that's when facial expressions set in!

So a face massage can help prevented this from happening in the first place. Have you ever noticed how beautiful the skin looks on those who get massages on a regular basis?

The benefits are endless!

  • It encourages blood circulation which floods the skin cells and tissues with life nourishing oxygen. This helps to carry away waste products and carbon dioxide -- cleansing the skin.
  • Regular massaging also helps to de-puff the face and eye area because it encourages lymphatic draining and eliminates excess fluids.
  • A face massage is great for oily or dry skin because it increases skin moisture by distributing sebum production and balances out either condition.
  • A good vigorus massage will help remove dead skin cells -- exposing healthier skin underneath.

Before Beginning A Face Massage

Make sure your face and hands are clean. If you skin is very dry, you can add a little massaging oil, like Emu Oil to the palm of your hands and rub them together - spreading the oil and warming it.

The pressure you would exert during a face massage is a gentle light friction - like you're polishing a pair of shoes. Don't be afraid to lightly rub the skin.

The truth is lines, wrinkles are caused when skin cells lack resiliency and lose their vitality - that's when facial expressions set in! A good face massage would have prevented this from happening in the first place.

Ok Ready? Click here to Watch This Free Video on How To Give Yourself a Face Massage.

My Story...

As a health advisor with over 20 years experience, I was always on the look-out for new and emerging research in areas of health and nutrition, but now I've turned my attention towards researching anti-aging skin therapies - to keep me looking as good on the outside as I felt on the inside.

I've investigated and tried a combination of skin care products, tips, techniques, and yes, even a little cosmetic plastic surgery to help me look as young on the outside as I feel on the inside and would like to share them with you on my web site.

For more information, please visit http://www.wrinkle-free-skin-tips.com

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