Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Office Massages

Office massage benefits can be used as a 'thank you' or a reward for employees who work hard for your business. Do you want to reward employees for their hard work during a crunch period where they stayed back late in the office to meet deadlines? Or maybe simply want to thank them for their consistent hard work throughout the year, an office massage will send across your message of appreciation loud and clear.

Apart from being a stress-buster, massage therapy in the workplace might also spark a unique camaraderie and intra-office friendship trend. These types of massage services can serve as a unique gift for one of your special clients. Gift massage packages can also be presented to individuals or companies using customised gift certificates. Certain companies also offer surprise massage gift services. The whole idea is to create an environment where the massage experience is highly memorable and allows the recipient of the massage to forget about their stresses and worries related to deadlines and projects for awhile so that they can come back to work feeling invigorated and fresh.

Massage therapy in the office offers great benefits. They boost the morale of the office, thereby leading to increased and enhanced productivity, and probably much more importantly, alleviates stress. Office massage services can fulfil your needs anywhere, whether at corporate locations or at places where events or fairs may occur.

So the next time you are thinking of doing something nice for your employees or yourself, think about the possibility of booking an office massage service. You will be delighted to see just how cheerful and refreshed your employees will look after even a short period of massage therapy. It's almost as if you were taking the office out on company picnic, only in this scenario, you never have to leave the office!

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Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Role Of Massage

Massage – the manipulation of muscles, the tender stroking of skin, and varying degrees of pressure applied to different parts of the body – has been in existence for centuries. Initially, due to the healing properties associated with various types of massage, it was used for medicinal purposes and can be traced back to as early as 2,700 in ancient China. Clearly, the role of massage to increase circulation, stimulate the immune system, and even decrease blood pressure has positioned it as a significant component in healing medicine.

Today, massage continues to be used in therapeutic form occupying a viable role in more than half of all hospitals in the United States that use it to ease pain, increase mobility and flexibility, and speed healing. But the power of touch can not be denied either. The human-to-human contact required by massage has enormous healing powers, promoting relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. Subsequently, massage is used often in critical care situations and in the care for infants in a hospital setting.

The relaxation and stress relief brought about by massage makes it a popular recreational service as well, and more and more people flock to spas worldwide in search of an hour of peace and pampering. The varying forms of massage offer something for everyone. The most popular form of massage, Swedish massage, uses long stroking and gentle kneading to relax muscles; deep tissue massage uses more focused kneading to reach deeper muscles and is perfect for athletes; hot stone therapy uses smooth stones to provide therapeutic heat; and there’s even CranioSacral massage that focuses on sinuses and scalp massage, and pregnancy massage tailor designed for a growing belly.

Regardless of the type of massage that appeals to you, they can all be found no further than your nearest spa or licensed massage therapist. Find someone who comes highly recommended and is very experienced in the specific massage in which you are interested. And – with optimum comfort in mind – be sure to choose a massage therapist with whom you will personally feel most comfortable. For example, if you’re shy about being undressed – even though you are fully covered by a sheet – it may be more comfortable for you to find a therapist with gender in mind.

With an experienced, professional therapist, you will find that massage holds a bevy of benefits you can only imagine!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Massage Parlor Etiquette

One of the more pleasurable experiences for most people is receiving a massage from a qualified therapist. Massages are known to be very relaxing, yet energizing at the same time and are a great way to relieve stress from everyday life. If you have never been to a massage parlor, you should observe proper etiquette. Therapists, just like any other professional, expect respect and courtesy so they can perform their job better.

Here are some parlor etiquette tips to keep in mind the next time you visit a massage parlor or spa.

1. Make sure you call ahead and schedule a massage. Although many therapists do accept walk-ins, it's better to call ahead so the therapist can plan expect your visit in advance and can provide excellent service on the timed service.

2. Be sure to be on time. If you arrive late, your session might be cut short due to another appointment right after yours.

3. If you can't make a schedule, call to cancel your appointment so your therapist doesn't waste their time and can possibly schedule another appointment in the place of yours.

4. If you have to fill out any forms, fill out the forms as accurately as possible. The forms are there for a reason and the therapist need to know certain pieces of information before the session begins.

5. If this is your first visit, try to get to know the therapist better to make the session more comfortable and get rid of any inhibitions.

6. Try to minimize the disruptions during the session so you and the therapist can get the most of the time. Remember to visit the bathroom before the session and also turn your phone on silent mode or completely off.

7. Do not apply any lotion or moisturizer on the day of your visit. The therapist will most likely use oils, which work best without any lotion or moisturizer applied.

8. Remember to have clean hygiene when you visit. It's just rude if you don't.

9. Don't forget to leave a tip. Therapists mostly work for tips and be sure to tip for good service, just like you would at any full service restaurant.

Massage therapy has many benefits that is well worth the cost. If you are stressed, tired, or have body aches, you should research the parlors in your area and schedule one today!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Learning Lymphatic System Lingo

Aesthetic massage is the process of using a suction machine to stimulate the lymphatic system via the skin or the integumentary system by applying pressure, stretching and deep subcutaneous massage.

What is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is series of circulatory canals much like our blood vessels, in fact they parallel each other so that both systems can exchange cells and information. Similar to our blood circulatory system, the lymphatic circulatory system runs from the tip of our nose to the bottom of our toes.

The lymphatic circulatory canals are a waste system that clean the body of impurities and garbage such as large fat cells called "cellulite" and large protein molecules, all of which are too big for the kidneys to process. The lymphatic system rids the body of byproducts left over from cell metabolism, such as lactic acid and creatine phosphate, as well as dust, dirt, dyes and pollution. The lymphatic system is also where the body fights off infections.

While the lymphatic system is busy doing all this work your lymphatic glands or nodes frequently become swollen and may become tender or sore. These glands and nodes are located around the neck, under the arm pits, in the stomach, around the groin, behind the knees and around the ankles.

To better understand the lymphatic system, you can think of it as a highway. As you are going down this highway you seem to be moving along nicely but then it starts to get a little busier. You have to drive a little slower, and then, all of a sudden, there is an accident up ahead and you are at a stand still.

The same thing happens in your lymphatic system (or "lymphatic highway"). If there is bodily garbage in those canals (either from natural cell metabolism or from inhaled/ingested artificial substances) the lymphatic highway will slow down. If some of that garbage gets stuck and clogs your lymphatic system, it stops functioning properly; that is until (allegorically) the tow truck comes along and tows the car away or in reality you flush lymphatic canals and detoxify your body. This is one of the things Aesthetic massage treatment does--it stimulates the lymphatic system to work better and tow away that garbage.

The best way to enhance this "towing" process is to flush the garbage out with lots of water. Therefore, it is important to drink 1 glass of water immediately following the treatment and another 5-7 glasses(6 to 8 glasses in total) throughout the rest of the day adding up to a total of 48 to 64 ounces of water. Whether you have an Aesthetic massage treatment or not, drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day is important to keep you body's lymphatic system running smoothly and to keeping it flushed clean. It is important to note that dry flaky skin is a sign of blockages or poor drainage in the lymphatic system.

Aesthetic massage is a unique vacuum massage technology; it actually helps the lymphatic system to stimulate itself. Aesthetic massage works by breaking down and loosening up the cells and their underlying structures. This process is then helped by the lymphatic system to dispose of the garbage that may have been "caught" between the cells and the garbage created by breaking down the underlying structures. Drinking water helps push this garbage, which the massage loosened, into the lymphatic system and to flush this newly "captured" garbage through the highway and out of your system. Aesthetic massage combined with drinking the recommended amount of water eliminates or lessens the chance that you will have blockages in the lymphatic system and the associated painful swelling of the lymphatic glands.

The fact is that garbage in the body, whether disguised as large fat cells, toxins, or byproducts from cell metabolism, makes it more difficult for the lymphatic system to do its job of keeping the highway open and moving smoothly. When the lymphatic system does not function properly, it slows down processes such as breaking up fats, eliminating cellulite, flushing out toxins, and keeping our body at its best to fight disease and promote healing.

So KEEP THE HIGHWAY CLEAN and moving freely! Give Aesthetic massage a try to promote the discharge of garbage into the lymphatic system and to help stimulate your lymphatic system to clean itself out.

Maria Beck is a licensed fitness instructor and an author who has published multiple articles on fitness, spirituality, life changes, and other subjects revolving around centered and healthy lifestyles. If you have any questions about this article please go to http://www.bodysenseridgefield.com

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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Body Massage History - Healing Through the Centuries

Body massage is a timeless healer. It has survived many centuries and generations as one of the most effective ways of healing physical ills as well as mental ills. Our bodies are extremely resilient and can withstand some serious abuse and making sure that your energy is balanced is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle. Massage therapy does just that, it balances out your body's energy and distributes it in a healthy and productive manner. Depending on which culture you draw from, history shows that massage has been around for more than 3,000 years. The Chinese are believed to be the oldest practitioners of massage therapy.

The newest disciples of body massage are believed to be the Western worlds having adapted the healing therapies of massage nearly 500 years ago. Regardless of where you draw your history of massage from, humans have always gravitated to touch as a form of relief from injury or as a mental assurance. Sore limbs can be rubbed into submission and backs can be realigned from the loosening of muscle tissues surrounding the spine. Even sexual functions can be made all the better through massage. There is a massage technique for just about every body function.

A good body massage done by an experienced practitioner can open your eyes to a whole new world free of pain and full of peace. It has taken a long time for the Western world to adopt massage therapy as a legitimate and useful practice for healing, but it has become an important dynamic to a healthy body and mind. Massage in the West is no longer seen as just an indulgence but rather as a real therapy for displacing bad energy and replacing it with good energy to optimize your body's functions.

Body massage doesn't just feel good it does good. Loosening up your muscles so they can relax and fall into place the way they are meant to can relieve stresses on your body you didn't even know you had. And, when you really buy into the effects of massage you will find your mind follows suit. When you are in congress with your massage therapist on mental and physical level the peace and tranquility that takes you over can change your whole outlook on your life and your body's health. This is what ancient practitioners of massage were telling us.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Benefits of Owning a Shiatsu Massage Recliner Chair

After a long and stressful day on your feet at work, there is no feeling that is better than walking in the door to your home and sitting down to relax. Imagine being able to do the same thing every day, but instead of sitting on a couch or chair, you could sit on a Shiatsu massage recliner chair. Your entire body gets massaged into deep relaxation.

There are numerous benefits to owning your own Shiatsu massage recliner chair. You can get a massage any time you want. Any time you are stressed out by your daily activities, you can simply sit in the chair, turn it on, and have all those problems move far away. These massage chairs can seem quite expensive at first, but when you think of how much your life will improve, it's not that bad at all. There is a massage chair for every home and every budget. There are chairs that massage only your back, and there are others that also massage your legs.

Most of the stress that you carry around all day is held in your back and your legs. This is because these are the parts of the body that support you and keep you upright all day. When you can focus on and massage these areas, you will find that your stress is lowered daily and you will be happier overall.

When purchasing a Shiatsu massage recliner chair, you are making an investment in the state of your physical and mental health. Owning such a chair has many benefits and you can enjoy them all when you have your own personal masseuse sitting in your living room. Getting off your feet at the end of the day is great, but getting off your feet and into a total body massage is even better.

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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Buy a Massage Chair For Comfort First

Buying a massage chair can be tricky if this is your first time. Because comfort and massage functions are the primary functions the massage chair will serve, the most important thing you can do in your research is go to multiple stores and try out a variety of brands, models, and designs.

Massage chairs have built in rollers, nodes, and air bags that try to emulate the hands and fingers of a massage therapist. When you are at the store trying the chairs out, notice the different massage functions as well as the intensity of the massage. Some chairs offer more massage functions, some allow you to set combinations of functions as well as the intensity. Most chairs that allow you to adjust the intensity will come with removable cushions. Just use more cushions to lighten the massage intensity, or fewer cushions to increase the intensity.

Inanimate comfort of the massage chair is really about supporting and filling the contours of your body. It comes down to size, and density of the chair. Removable cushions give users flexibility when it comes to density. You can add more cushions if you prefer to lounge on something soft or, if you need more support, remove cushions if you want your chair to be more firm with less support in specific areas of the body.

Comfort of the massage itself is about fitting the rollers to the size of the user. Some chairs start the back massage high in the backrest and rolls downward. For some people the starting position of the roller is too high and needs to be adjusted to start at a lower position. Some high end chairs will recognize the user's height and automatically adjust accordingly. Even fancier featured chairs can even sense the location of the user's spine. Other chairs will let you choose the sequence of massages and save settings that you like best to be performed the next time you hop on. Some chairs work areas other than the back like the arms, hips, legs and feet using air bags that inflate and deflate. Whatever you decide on, it is crucial to make sure you find a chair that fits your height or is adjustable to your height and anyone else who will be sharing use of the chair with you on a consistent basis.

For many people, the massage chair is a bulky item that will serve dual purpose as lounge chairs too. This being the case, you want your massage chair to be something that you look forward to when you come home. And being home is all about comfort.

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Want to Give a Great Sensual Massage? - Take it Slowly to Heighten the Effects

When you are giving sensual massages not only will your partner enjoy it so will you. To really help your partner relax it is important that you take your time over this massage. As well as helping with you both forgetting about your hectic lifestyles this type of massage can place you both in a more sensual mood as well.

However, there are certain things to do before you actually start giving your partner a massage. It is important that you lay everything that you will need out beforehand and close to where the massage will be taking place. Nothing can be more off putting then you moving away because you have forgotten something. There are other things that you will need to do to ensure that the experience of a sensual massage is enjoyable for you both and below we look at what some of these are.

Prepare the Area - If you don't have a massage table then this massage either can be carried out on the bed or on a floor. If you are going to be using a bed or the floor make sure that you lay down some towels so that any massage oils get collected it by them rather than damaging the carpet or bed covers.

Warm Your Hands And The Massage Oil - Your partner may well be relaxed but as soon as you touch them with cold hands or oil the mood that you have been trying to create will be gone. Rubbing your hands together before you commence the massage is important. As for warming the oils just place the bottles in a bowl of warm water prior to just using them.

By carrying out these two tasks then the experience of having a sensual massage will be much more enjoyable not just for your partner but for you as well.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Why People Should Buy Foot Massagers

Why would you want to buy foot massagers? Most people feel that it's really a waste of money, when you can avail the same benefits in a professional saloon. Well, if you are one of those who think that, then just think about how many times have you been to the saloon in the past month?

Most of us are constantly running around trying to get things done through out the day; we hardly get time! And when we do get time; we prefer to catch up on our beauty sleep rather than go to a saloon. So when do we really get a foot massage done? Almost never! As a result, we face problems like varicose veins, oedema and other problems in our old age.

When you buy foot massagers, you are actually investing in your future. Let's have a look at the benefits:

* A good foot massage will enhance your blood circulation. This helps in eliminating the accumulated toxins in cells and increasing the flow of nutrients to the cell. As a result your feet will have no problems related to swelling and poor circulation.

* If you are a heart patient, then a relaxing foot massage can do wonders for your stress levels. Researches reveal that patients report a significant decrease in the stress levels after a foot massage.

* According to the principle of acupressure, there are some strategic points in the feet which can help in eliminating problems, pains and aches in other body parts.

These days a lot of research goes into the designing of most foot massagers. Hence when you buy foot massagers then you are actually getting scientifically designed equipment which can relieve your stress and make you feel young again. You can even multitask! While you read, watch a movie, or even talk on the phone your foot massager is happily massaging your troubles away!

If you have decided to buy a foot massager, you may be wondering which one is right for you. Well, there is one site I've found that can help. Visit Personal Foot Massager Review and read about the best 3 foot massagers out on the market!

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

How to Give a Sensual Massage - 3 Tips That Will Blow Your Partner's Mind

When you are giving your partner a sensual massage it is important that you use the right sorts of hand strokes. What is important is that these strokes should be long and slow. Also in the beginning don't apply too much pressure as you are carrying out the strokes. Only as time passes can you start to increase this.

However there are other things that you can do which can further heighten the sensual feelings that your partner will have as you carry out this type of massage. Below are just a few things worth considering doing when you are performing a sensual massage on someone you really care for.

Tip 1 - Rather than using your hands to start the massage instead use some fur or feathers. This will allow you to very gently and softly touch the body so in fact only the hairs are coming into contact with them.

Tip 2 - Another that you can try as you are giving your partner a sensual massage is to blow on them as your hands move across the body. Not only will this further help them to relax but will create feelings within them that they find very sexual.

Tip 3 - One more thing that you can do which will heighten your partner's feelings as you carry out a sensual massage is to suck their fingers and toes. Many couples find this very erotic and could lead to your partner enjoying much more than a massage. Plus you may find that this is something that is erotic to you and heightens the pleasure you are getting from giving your partner a sensual massage.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Relaxing With a Swedish Massage

Tons of individuals are invariably feeling the pressure from work, school,or even their home life that is causing them to stress and worry about everything. Stress is something that makes dozens of individuals cross - but did you realize that it has peculiar terrible problems on our bodies?

Stress has the power to cause migraines, bellyaches, weight gain, and muscle tension. That is a good deal of health problems to address. The greatest method to get rid of these medical conditions is to relinquish the stress. Unfortunately numerous of us don't know how best to do this.

The safest method to relieve stress is to visit a day spa and ask for a Swedish massage. The Swedish massage is one of the most standard and earliest forms of massages that are provided. During this massage the therapist will use numerous unusual techniques that have one goal - to decompress your body and mind.

The goal of the massage therapist is to discover the muscles that are tight with tension stimulated by the stress in your life. Once they have found the areas of your body that require the most care they will put on quiet music and work out the tension out of your muscles.

All you are asked to do is lie down on your stomach and relax your entire body as you listen to the music. You will start to feel your body and mind easily letting go of all of the troubles that are hassling you. After the massage is finished you will feel much more laid-back, energized, and ready to take on any problem that comes at without any worries holding you back!