Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Massage Neck and Shoulder Pain Away in a Few Minutes

All of us suffer from neck and shoulder pain from time to time. No matter what the cause, sleeping in a bad position, cricking with a sudden movement, general stress or sitting in front of a computer for too long, it can be very distracting and if it does not get better, downright painful. It doesn't have to be that way and I am going to give you three massage tips you can carry out on yourself to relieve these pains in a few minutes.

The first concerns neck pain involving those long muscles that run up either side of your neck from behind your jaw bone up behind your ear until it finally disappears into a narrow vee of bone in your skull. That final point is almost level with the top of your ear. Run your thumb slowly up that muscle until you are able to pinpoint it exactly. When stressed, this muscle is tender all of its length, in which case you can slowly move your thumb along it with a screwing motion and pressure to suit, to relieve the pain. Very often it is most tender right at the very top of the vee. If this is so, you can press your thumb into it as hard as you dare, pushing into it, and hold the pressure for say thirty seconds or so and then release really really slowly, just as slowly as you can. Repeat several times or as many as you wish.

The muscle will of course remain tender for a time, but you will find you can move your neck more easily and you will get relief from the pain.

Now, moving to your shoulders, once again, those long muscles running up behind each of your shoulder blades can be really annoying when sore. You can get relief by doing the following. Lean forward in a sitting position at your desk placing both of your elbows on the surface. Flop your hand over the shoulder where the pain is. For example, if the pain is in your right shoulder use your left hand, leaning on your right arm, and if in the left shoulder use your right hand leaning on your left arm. Feel right down the muscle as far as you can reach and dig around with your finger tips until you find it exactly. You will surprise yourself as to just how far down you can reach. Using the soft pads of you fingers commence massaging in a circular motion. Work your way slowly up the muscle all the way to the top or where the pain runs out. Repeat as many times as you wish or you feel some relief.

This practice is probably not as good as getting a professional massage, but it is something you can do on your own and in a few minutes only, that will give you relief until you can get treatment or it subsides of its own accord.

The third technique is the real killer, to do with the shoulders and is more proactive as you can practice it anytime, anywhere. If you get in to the habit of doing it regularly you will find that many of the shoulder muscle pains previously experienced will disappear completely, be much moderated and occur with much less frequency, if at all. So it is worth learning.

To begin, in a sitting position, with your hands in your lap, grasp one wrist with the other hand. With your eyes closed and looking straight ahead as if you were looking at your own back, imagine a horizontal line between your shoulder blades with arrows at each end thrusting outward as if they are spreading the shoulder blades. This is what you need to achieve, spreading your shoulder blades outward. Push your elbows forward slightly and begin to work the muscles high up in your back in an outward spreading motion.

This will feel quite strange to begin with as nothing seems to work. You will jiggle your shoulders and roll them around to no effect. Keep your shoulders absolutely still. You will need to persist over and over and work those muscles in all sorts of directions until you click on the right one. When you find the right combination you will suddenly find that you can push those muscles outward along that imaginary line quite easily and with quite an amount of pressure. This opens up your whole shoulder blade area and with practice and in time you will find that upper back muscle pain will pretty much, if not completely, disappear.

I mentioned earlier that this is a proactive technique in that if you practice regularly it will keep that area of your back in a more relaxed and healthier state so that you will prevent muscular pain rather than fixing it once it arrives.

Once you have mastered the technique you can practice anywhere. For example, standing with hands clasped in front of you, hands in your pockets, grasping a horizontal bar, both hands on the top of your steering wheel when driving, sitting anywhere, the list is endless.

The key to all this is to keep your muscles relaxed and happy and the beauty of these three techniques is that you can do them all yourself. You can do them in a few minutes, you do not need to go to a professional and if you work on them in a pro-active way they will go a long way toward keeping your shoulders and neck in a relaxed and healthy state so that pain in those areas will be largely pre-empted. Much of your earlier muscle pain will disappear and if your muscles are relaxed and happy, then so will you be.

Friday, 26 June 2009

How to Learn About Tantric Massage

If you have heard about tantra massage before then you know that is one of best ways to relax at the end of a long and hard day. Even tough this massage does not include any sex it is a very sensual ritual between two people. If this is something that you would like to learn more about then there are several things you can do such as reading books that will teach you about this delicate subject and you can also read other books that will explain how to actually practice it.

When you are performing tantra massage on another person you have to keep in mind that the other person will probably be feeling vulnerable and they have to trust you completely. That is why it is up to you to learn about is as much as you can. Another great resource is the internet of course where you will be able to find all the information you need from what are the benefits of this massage and how to properly give it. Doing some research before is the best thing you can do because it means that you care about the other person and you want them to enjoy it.

Finally when you have learned as much as you possibly can about tantra massage you can try it for the first time with the person you are closest to. You can always learn more about this subject and there are always new techniques you can learn and eventually master. Also if you are in a relationship this will without a doubt bring you closer than you have ever been. This is a great way for couples to try something that is new and exciting and both of you can learn how perform this massage on the other person.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hot Stone Massage For Relaxation and Stress Relief

Every day brings with it a potential for stress. There are also situations where you may not be experiencing emotional stress but you may have serious pain. Undergoing a massage is an effective and pleasurable way to obtain stress relief and pain relief. Getting a hot stone massage is even more effective because the stones are used to warm up the body and make them more pliable for deeper massage techniques. The hot stones are lined down the center of your back and are then massaged across pressure points on the body with massage oil.

Basalt Stones
A common stone used during a hot stone massage is basalt. The basalt stones are smooth and have a little weight to them. The basalt stones are kept in heated bath water until a temperature is reached that's suitable for the massage. When you are getting your hot stone massage, you may also have a stone placed in each of the palms of your hands as well as on the soles of the feet. This is an excellent technique for individuals suffering from arthritis or other chronic pain conditions because it helps to improve the circulation. If you are seriously tense, stones may be used to massage the actual muscle.

How It Works
The principle behind a hot stone massage, which is an alternative form of massage, is that the entire body is composed of a network of connections that can be manipulated through the hands, feet and other pressure points.

Costly Stones But Worth It
While hot stone massages are effective for relieving stress and releasing muscle tension, they can be very expensive so and most beneficial for people who are experiencing chronic pain or severe levels of stress.

Even if you are not under chronic pain or severe stress, you should try a hot stone massage at least once in your life. You may love it so much that you build an occasional massage into your budget.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

How Can You Benefit From Apricot Massage Oil?

As a masseuse, you are always looking for new massage oils that can benefit your clients. One of the better options you have to choose from today is apricot massage oil. There are countless benefits to the skin and for relaxation purposes that you can get from apricot oil. Here is a little information to help you better understand this oil.

Apricot massage oil is cold-pressed from the seed of apricot fruit. While it has been found to be great for baking, it is even better for skincare. Many skincare specialists live by the motto that if it is healthy to eat than it is good to put on the skin as well. This kind of oil is similar to almond oil in that it has a sweet and bitter taste.

The reason this oil is so ideal for skincare is because it is a tremendous carrier oil. Carrier oil is typically used as a base with other oils and is frequently found with aromatherapy oils to make it easer to spread on the skin. Because apricot massage oil is so light, it is easily absorbed into the skin without greasing up your client.

Not only does it make things easy on you as the masseuse, but it can benefit the client as well. It has been found to be perfect for people with minor skin conditions like eczema. It is also ideal for people with sensitive skin and older people.

Apricot oil contains a number of different things including fatty acids, oleic, linoleic, and vitamins A and E. The vitamins that are within this oil help sooth skin conditions by providing moisture, thus reducing those age marks. It is also beneficial with providing flexibility and moisture into the skin if your skin has been dehydrated.

Outside of the apricot massage oil, you can find this type of oil in several different skincare items as well. Some of the common skincare products that contain this oil include lotions, creams and soaps. There are several different kinds of apricot oils which can make it difficult to tell the difference from one another. Just know that the best are rich in scent and color.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to apricot oil in regards to skin conditions and massage therapy. If you are a masseuse, this is the perfect oil to use during your sessions. It will help your client's skin, leave them feeling calm and refreshed, and will do so without leaving a greasy sloppy mess.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Massage - Secret Healing Power

Everyone knows that massage feels great. Have you ever noticed that some people have a natural gift of touch, whether they've had massage training or not? Perhaps you received an informal backrub one day from a friend, and you noticed not only its effect on the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back, but also how their energy and touch seemed to relax you to the core of your being. It's like music: some musicians play all the right notes but it still doesn't grab you, and others make music that touches the deepest part of your soul. It is important to pay attention to the massage touch and the musical touch that affects you deep within, for therein lies the secret healing power of massage.

Most people think that massage is all about the muscles. In massage school, we study human anatomy, bones and muscles, organs, from sacroiliac to gluteus maximus. We learn all the right strokes and perfect our technique. There are dozens of styles of massage.

The most common traditional Western style is often called "Swedish" and treats all of the major muscle groups to long gliding strokes and kneading with warm hands in contact with the skin. Doing so eventually induces a relaxation response which, in turn, reduces stress. Part of what happens can be described on a technical level: increased blood and lymph circulation, release of endorphins and enkephalins, release of muscle spasms, increased joint mobility. Beyond the physical benefits, most people report mental and emotional benefits as well, and therein lies the secret healing power of massage.

The secret is fairly simple, yet it is in the realm of the unseen world. It rests on the principle that we are spiritual beings, and that in order to experience wholeness, we must unite the spiritual with the physical. The most profound healing energy comes from the heart. Through touch with integrity, massage is the physical conduit for the powerful healing energy of the heart.

The secret healing power of massage is the healing energy of the heart. Depth and effectiveness in massage is achieved not only by working deep into the muscles and connective tissue of the physical body, but by complementing this with an intention to cradle the soul with loving energy from the heart.

Touch is a basic human need, and few of us get enough of it.

Brian Swager is a Certified Massage Therapist in San Francisco. He offers an eclectic variety of massage modalities and specializes in touch from the heart. You can learn more about him at http://www.SFOmassage.com

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Get the Benefits of Sports Massage

If you participate in sports of any type then sports massage therapy should play and integral part of your regimen. This should be done whether or not you are injured. There are numerous benefits to receiving frequent sports massage therapy. Most frequently cited is maintaining the body in better condition, boosting performance, increase flexibility and extending your sporting career.

Many professional athletes use regular treatments to maintain peak performance. They are typical regimen includes pre-performance massage as part of their warm-up routine. Post-performance massage treatments are also given to relieve tension and stiffness. This helps to regain flexibility and range of motion faster.

Massage therapy has been used for centuries for pain relief and restoring health to the body. Many of these treatments have been traced is far back as 2000 BC. There are numerous individual techniques which involved in various parts of the world.

Different massage therapy is applied in different areas depending on the needs of the athlete. Certain muscles or areas of the body may be targeted depending on the type of competition. The massage technique may be more subtle and superficial or could be deep and penetrating.

Some of the physical effects of receiving regular treatments include greater flexibility, increases in performance, maintaining better physical condition and increased career spans. These benefits are when sports massage is obtained on a regular basis.

Greater flexibility can be gained for the muscles and joints with regular treatments. Searching techniques are used to stretch the muscle tissues. These types of stretching can not be accomplished through normal stretching routines. Elasticity of the muscles is also increased with regular stretching.

Sports massage also helps to increase performance. It helps the muscles to be more flexible during competition. Competition tends to push the boundaries of peoples physical limits. Having extra flexibility is important to avoid injury.

Your overall physical condition is enhanced as massage helps with greater awareness, blood circulation, flushing out toxins and greater flexibility. Receiving pre-performance treatments assist to peak the athlete for the event.

Athletes report care careers are extended with the use of frequent sports massage therapy. The increased flexibility of the muscles and joints helps to minimize injuries throughout your career. Minor injuries can impact the length of sports careers.

There are also physiological effects of receiving regular treatments as well. Athletes report decreases in pain and discomfort. Waste products from the muscles and general tension can cause pain. Receiving regular treatments helps to flush the waste products while releasing endorphins for pain relief.

Most professional sports organizations employ full-time massage therapist to enhance their athletes performance. Not all athletes can afford regular massage treatments. However, massage chairs provide a practical alternative to receiving frequent massage therapy. This is particularly important pre-performance and post-performance.

If you participate in regular competitive sports, then you should check out how you can boost your performance with a massage chair. Massage chairs provide you with the convenience of access based on your schedule. It is much easier to fit in a massage during your warm-up routine or after your competition. Get the benefits of frequent sports massage treatments. They are important part of your training regimen and a massage chair is ready when you are.

Get the benefits of sports massage with a Sports Massage Chair. Need a deep, penetrating massage to soothe your tired and aching muscles? Try a Panasonic Massage Chair with it's new Junetsu massage for deep penetration. Help speed recovery after workouts and step up your game with a massage chair today.

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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Getting the Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage as a therapy is very common nowadays, we see these kinds of establishments erected in many places locally and even more internationally. These houses are so common that, each stores have their own special kind of gimmicks in order to sell as well as to also be popular. Bottom line more customers equals more profits.However, most people view these therapy as a luxury, and in some reasons, it is. But there is also the medical side. Unknown to many, the benefits of these therapy is so vast that its reputation of being a luxurious lifestyle is slowly changing into a medical need or benefit.Common to all, is its relaxation and stress relief benefits.

But here are some information's with regards to getting the Benefits of massage therapy.It helps in lowering the heart rate. In this point of view alone, Massage Therapy hits several birds in a single throw. Because a reduced heart rate also reduces the rate of high blood pressure attacks. Know also that there is also an increase in blood pressure and lymph flow as well as an increase in endorphins.Improves Posture.It also aids in aligning your body and leads to alleviate body aches. Plus an improved posture leads to a boost in self-confidence. And you also tend to look better compared to a sloucher.

In further studies,these therapy leads to decreased tension, anxiety and depression. This is very beneficial to all. You may be an office worker, teacher, or athlete. These activities will be very beneficial to you.Further studies still, it is believed that massaging an infant gently will strengthen the baby's red blood cells, thus improving blood circulation. In the case of premature infants, those who were massage gains more weight than those who were not.Allow me to go back to reducing high blood pressure and elaborate further. A reduced blood pressure leads to decreasing the diastolic and systolic blood pressure.Here are some physical benefits of therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic massage helps relieve stress and thus provides relaxation. Promotes better breathing. There is also the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. These and many more are the physical benefits of therapeutic Massage.There is also the benefit in the upper portion - the Mental Benefit. One is, it helps promote relaxation, then surely it also fosters peace of mind. Simply imagine lying in a table, and feeling the feeling of being a boss. Wow! Isn't that great! It's true! Peace of mind, massage can help you experience this. There is also the satisfaction of the inner self. By this I mean, that when in a massage, one satisfies his/her needs of caring and touch, the nurturing one.

This may sound a little off, but true to this claim, many agree to this idea, which in return is also some of the factors that lead to the popularity of the said subject. Lastly, those who have undergone a such sessions, develops the concept of awareness, both of the mental and the physical. Mentally because as you are in a state of peace, then as you go out, you also have a peaceful mind thus having sound decisions. And physically, well because you are also coached and conversed as you are massaged. And in this, that you will know if you have any troubles; through signs of pain in your body.

Thus you do something about it. All this and more are the many wonders of massage therapy. This is beneficial. And now being available everywhere.

The author of this article Rose Windale is a Health and Wellness Coach who has been successful with several natural health programs for many years. Rose decided to share her knowledge and tips through her website http://www.healthzine.org. You can sign up for her free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Miracle of Therapeutic Massage

When muscles ache and backs give out, there are many different approaches towards healing and treatment that doctors may recommend. But, you really don not need a physician to tell you that massage is a beneficial course of action to aid in a multitude of ailments, conditions and diseases.

Throughout the years and across numerous cultures, massage has been highly regarded as a positive aid in the maintenance and achievement of better health. Although a wide range of options are available to choose from, there are various techniques and methods that will provide the best results on an individual basis.

When receiving a massage from a well-trained professional, you will encounter a set of hands that have been molded into sturdy tools of health. It is the job of the massager to promote the wellness of a client. The healing properties of a therapeutic massage are undeniable. Offering relief from a variety of ailments, from poor circulation to a muscle tear, it can be found in spas, resorts, rehabilitation clinics and doctor offices. It is such a popular form of stress relief and healing that many people offer therapeutic massage in private settings, such as sessions given in the home.

Why Therapeutic Massage?

One of the main reasons a client may seek out massage is to achieve relief from a pain in a specific part of the body or to eliminate the effects of something causing discomfort in the body. But, there are many different benefits that a client may receive from having a massage. Therapeutic massage increases the range of motion associated with various joints, as well as speeds up the recovery time from overexertion in physical activity.

Have trouble sleeping? Massage can help. Slumping too much? Therapeutic massage improves posture. Suffer from high blood pressure? This type of massage has been known to reduce high blood pressure levels. Have a big test or job interview coming up? Massage can improve concentration and help people to focus better. Overall, therapeutic massage encourages and promotes an increased feeling of wellness and calm.

Massage Services

When visiting a spa or massage clinic, you will encounter an array of exhilarating options to help ease your tension and relax your muscles. For instance, aromatherapy can be used in therapeutic massage to intensify the stress-reducing properties of the practice. Essential oils are slathered on the skin during the massage, promoting increased detoxification and tension relief. While lying on a table is considered quite a common practice in giving and receiving a massage, there is also a therapeutic massage approach that is given in a chair. While the fully clothed, the client sits in a special massage chair, their shoulders, arms, neck, upper back and head receive attention.

Sometimes, a therapeutic massage uses heated lava rocks to increase circulation, as well as treat joints and tendons. There is even therapeutic massage that provides a wealth of relief to a pregnant woman. Two different kinds of massage exist in this category of relief. Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, there are therapeutic massage techniques that allow a client to relax and get relief from some of the common discomforts associated with this important milestone. The second selection in pregnancy massage helps women when they are experiencing labor. Various techniques and positions are used to provide comfort throughout this trying process.

For those who suffer from chronic muscle tension, a deep tissue massage may be chosen. Slow strokes and increased direct pressure and/or friction characterize this type of massage. The hands run across the grain of the muscles in such a way that promotes enhanced relaxation and tension relief.

Two types of popular massage you may encounter include Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. Swedish massage provides relaxation through a mixture of long, light strokes, coupled with kneading techniques. This type of massage is good for the elimination of toxins, increased circulation, decrease in muscle tension and a noticeable boost in the immune system. Shiatsu massage, which originates from Chinese health treatments, involves the stretching, rubbing, chopping and massaging of the body.

What Else Can Therapeutic Massage Do For Me?

Besides easing the aches and pains associated with tight, swollen and rundown muscles, there are numerous benefits that a client can enjoy. Below is a brief mention of some of the positive results that come from therapeutic massage:

Relieve Stress & Achieve Relaxation: When muscle tissue is transferred from a position of contraction, relaxation is achieved. The movement of blood throughout the body encourages this relaxed state.

Medical Massage: Massage aids in the treatment of a variety of health problems that could slow up daily activities with painful and stressful ailments. It is often used to treat back problems, as well as straighten out kinked nerves. Varicose ulcers, strained bowel movements and muscular atrophy can also be treated with therapeutic massage.

Aid Sports-Related Injuries: Whether you are nursing a healing broken bone or dealing with chronic strains and sprains, therapeutic massage can provide relief. The pain and inflammation attached to these sports-related injuries can be eased with the techniques of this kind of massage. Therapeutic massage not only helps weak or injured body parts, but also makes the healthy ones even stronger.

Treat Disease: When suffering from a serious disease or chronic condition, therapeutic massage, when properly administered, is rather beneficial. This is especially true when it comes to diabetic patients. Not only can diabetic clients achieve relaxation through massage, but it also improves poor circulation that often leads to serious complications with the disease. Massage especially provides much-needed relief to the hands and feet of those suffering from diabetes.

Tone the Body: Whether you are trying to lose weight or working on improving the overall appearance of your physique, you will find that therapeutic massage aids in the quest of a better body. Muscles become more toned and the increase in circulation allows harmful toxins and chemicals to flow away from vital body parts. Improved range-of-motion, as well as increased flexibility is also a welcome outcome associated with therapeutic massage.

Dr. Barry Lycka is president of http://www.LesTout.com the number one source of internet guidance.

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Spa Relaxation - Erase the Stress

Stress -- we have all heard about it, and felt it at one time or another in our lives. So how do we get relief from stress? Spa salons offer a very relaxing atmosphere in which this is achieved. One such stress relieving treatment is massage. There are several different types of massage. A full body massage is very relaxing. You are taken into a changing room and given a robe. When you enter the massage room, the masseuse should talk to you about the type of massage you would like and if there are any health conditions to be considered. This way the masseuse will know what type of massage is right for you.

For a full body massage, the masseuse will start at the arms working their way to the shoulders and back area, down the legs ending at the feet. The lights will be dimmed and there will be soft music playing if you wish. Aromatherapy oils are used to achieve a more relaxing scent and to make help the hands glide over the skin in a more comfortable manner. If you have allergic reaction to certain types of oils let your masseuse know ahead of time. Most masseuses do not talk during a massage so their client can relax completely. If at anytime you have pain during the massage tell your masseuse.

There are many types of massages to achieve the relaxation you need. Hot stones are another type of relaxing massage. Facials are very relaxing as is Reiki, which is energy based massage. You will enter the salon stressed and tense, but you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. You will feel years younger and have more energy than when you first entered. Many different salons offer different treatments for relaxing. Check them out and don't be afraid to ask about the types of massages they offer. After your fist time at a massage salon you will feel so good you will wonder why you have never gone before and make another appointment for the next time.

Not only do massage salons offer different types of massage. Some also offer alternative ways to relax. One alternative way to relax is called aromatherapy. There are different scents that will relax your mind and with it your body. The scents that are most commonly used are called lavender and chamomile. These herbs have qualities that when used in oils or candles give off a calming or relaxing aroma. Soft music is another alternative way to relax. When the lights are dimmed, try putting on soft flute music or any music instrument of your choice. This is very calming for the soul and frees the mind. There are many ways to leave stress behind, relax and feel rejuvenated. Try some or all of these. There is one out there just for you.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Thai Massage Music - The Marvellous Blend of Music, Massage and Health & Fitness

Healing music and curing massages are part and parcel of each other. Thai massage has a history of 2500 years back in India where it was originated by a physician Jiviaka Kumar Bhaccha and then it carved its route in Thailand and under the influence of Chinese medicine it flourished to its peaks. It effectiveness is in its gigantic energizing results, and revealing tight discourses resembling to Yoga. The Thai massage therapist brings all his/her massaging moves by utilizing hands, knees, legs and feet strikingly similar to yoga stretches. However, it has great edge over yoga since it's more relaxing and more excitable in terms of execution.

Thai music is great asset in enhancing its mammoth healing ability. Most Thai massage work specialists recommend music as an add-on with the massage. Some of the Thai massage music play list is given here.

Shamanic Dream by Anugama

It is an excellent new age classic with awesome recordings available. The simple beautiful beat is amazingly supported by acoustic instruments and sounds. It is a truly lovable meditative music. Following tracks are included

1) Shamanic dream

2) Chakra-journey

3) Mystical trance

Bali by New World Music

A perfect specimen for Thai music and massage with great audio quality, stunning rhythm and is enriched with atmospheric as well as rhythmic aspects. Following tracks are included.

1) Lake Of Purity

2) Forgotten Temple

3) Spirits of Mountain

4) Ocean Shrine

5) Islands at dusk

6) Holy Waters

Tales of a Prior World by Prior World

It was recorded in 2002 and is a jazz with most astounding music you will ever listen. Reviewer Julian Derry's opinion "Sophisticated ambience for the jazz mind." speaks for itself. Track listing includes,

1) Prowling the beat

2) Prior World

3) Cairo

4) Magister Ludi

5) Dhoopi's Dream

How does it help?

It generally lasts for 60 minutes and without oil and mostly in comfortable dress. There is certain atmospheric tension and nervousness during any massage and Thai massage is not different in this regard. The Thai massage music helps you in following things

1) It makes you feel relaxed and at ease

2) It doubles the effects of any pose as a relax mind is best suited for any Thai bodywork pose.

3) It is a perfect add on for your energy level. Your energy level rises from arbitrary zero to medium or maximum depending on your intake.

4) It gives a strong focusing of mind. During the massage certain particular poses may distract your attention and a focused mind is a must if you want to be fully benefited. Therefore, it helps you make a strict concentration and you are gifted with full relaxing status.

5) The circulation of blood along with focusing of body is also confirmed through this massage music.

Conclusively, music is generally termed as "nutrition of a soul "and with Thai Massage Music you cannot only be enjoying a great relief for your body and mind but also your soul.