Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hot Stone Massage For Relaxation and Stress Relief

Every day brings with it a potential for stress. There are also situations where you may not be experiencing emotional stress but you may have serious pain. Undergoing a massage is an effective and pleasurable way to obtain stress relief and pain relief. Getting a hot stone massage is even more effective because the stones are used to warm up the body and make them more pliable for deeper massage techniques. The hot stones are lined down the center of your back and are then massaged across pressure points on the body with massage oil.

Basalt Stones
A common stone used during a hot stone massage is basalt. The basalt stones are smooth and have a little weight to them. The basalt stones are kept in heated bath water until a temperature is reached that's suitable for the massage. When you are getting your hot stone massage, you may also have a stone placed in each of the palms of your hands as well as on the soles of the feet. This is an excellent technique for individuals suffering from arthritis or other chronic pain conditions because it helps to improve the circulation. If you are seriously tense, stones may be used to massage the actual muscle.

How It Works
The principle behind a hot stone massage, which is an alternative form of massage, is that the entire body is composed of a network of connections that can be manipulated through the hands, feet and other pressure points.

Costly Stones But Worth It
While hot stone massages are effective for relieving stress and releasing muscle tension, they can be very expensive so and most beneficial for people who are experiencing chronic pain or severe levels of stress.

Even if you are not under chronic pain or severe stress, you should try a hot stone massage at least once in your life. You may love it so much that you build an occasional massage into your budget.

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