Thursday, 6 August 2009

What a Massage Therapist Should Remember During Stone Massage Sessions

Massage is an essential way to make people forget about all their aches and pains. The gentle, firm touch of the therapist makes a whole new difference in delivering comfort, rejuvenation, and relaxation. It is no different from grinding up different spices to bring out their unique flavors. Therapists do the same thing with their clients. They knead and rub their muscles to bring out the new person, who is renewed and completely rid of stress.

Clients know what they need when it comes to acquiring massage services from health spas. They take notice of what ails them and consult the massage therapist. With this, they work together in knowing the trigger points that need attention. This way, the therapist finds it easier to target the pain spots during the session.

Therapists spend a lot of their time in making their clients feel comfortable. They have dependable equipment and supplies that help them enhance the massage experience. But if the therapist wants to do a good job during the session, kneading, rubbing, and having all those supplies are not enough. Like any other specialization, there are some things that the therapist has to take into careful consideration during the stone massage session.

a.) Safety. This should be primarily considered because safety includes both the therapist and the client. During a hot stone massage, the therapist and the client both get in contact with the hot stones. The massage therapist handles the hot stones. The client endures these hot stones during massage sessions. Towels and tongs make it easy for the therapist to handle these massage stones. The therapist should always have an ice bath ready to use for cooling down the client's skin or the stones themselves.

b.) Temperature. Therapists should always take temperature into consideration. They use the heated stones all throughout the session, so heating them up should be done properly. The temperature of these stones should be between 120 and 150 degrees. Massage therapists should maintain the temperature for about 15 to 55 minutes before each session begins. They should carefully monitor their stones as they heat up so that they are of the right temperature for the client. They should also make sure that the client finds the heat of the stones just right for them to take even if they are supposed to be hot to begin with.

c.) Stone placement. During each rejuvenating, relaxing stone massage session, therapists should always consider where to carefully place the heated stones. They should know the trigger points on the client's body so that they could strategically place the hot stones. They should also know which areas of the client's body they should use the working stones during the stone massage session.

Massage therapists who are dedicated enough to do their jobs right have clients who come back again for another round of relaxation.

These are only some of the basic things that the therapist should remember during stone massage sessions. With these always in mind, massage therapists are assured that they will be able to perform their stone massage efficiently and effectively, much to the satisfaction of their clients.

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