Sunday, 6 September 2009

Massage Chairs Feature Foot Reflexology Massage

There many different types of alternative medicine that are available today. One particular type of alternative medicine which has been practiced for centuries is reflexology. Reflexology utilizes different movements such as massaging, squeezing and pushing different parts of the feet. Reflexology has evolved in our knowledge of it with it. Although the concept of reflexology is not new its availability in massage chairs has occurred in just the last few years.

Reflexology is unique in certain respects as it utilizes what are known as the trigger point on the feet. It is thought that these trigger points are related to different organs in the body. As with many alternative medicines, sufficient studies have not been conducted to prove or deny these claims.

One of the good things about reflexology massage is that there are no known side effects. The worst that can possibly happen is that your feet are massaged for too long. If your feet are over massage then it is possible that they could be a little bit sore afterward.

The manufacturers of massage chairs have extensively studied many of these alternative medicines including reflexology. Many of the concepts of reflexology have now been duplicated with technology in massage chairs. This is a convenient way to receive reflexology foot massage on-the-fly.

Massage chairs come with leg rests that contain foot wells. The foot wells are specially designed to deliver an effective reflexology foot massage. Located under need the feet are either reflexology plates or airbags with reflexology nodes. These are designed to gently stimulate the trigger points on the soles of the feet.

To provide a soothing foot massage, most manufacturers of massage chairs utilize an air massage system. Specially designed airbags are located in the foot wells to provide a compression massage. Compression massage delivers a soothing and relieving massage for the feet.

In order to coordinate all the action going on in the foot wells, massage chairs utilize a computer board. Customized programs have been developed to deliver the reflexology foot massage. This enables the massage chair to activate and deactivate the different systems to provide a relieving reflexology foot massage.

The reflexology foot massage is activated by using the remote control. The remote control then starts the software program for the foot massage. These coordinate the airbags and the stimulation of the trigger points of the feet.

Some massage chairs use reflexology plates. The airbags are used to push the feet downward onto the reflexology plate. This is one method to stimulate the trigger points on the feet. Other manufacturers use reflexology nodes on the airbags. The air bags inflate underneath the feet which push the nodes into the trigger points on the soles of your feet.

Practitioners have reflexology have developed different maps of the feet. These maps show the location of different trigger points and their corresponding organs. As these areas are stimulated it helps to relax its related organ.

There are really two parts to receiving a reflexology foot massage in massage chairs. One is to write a thorough and relieving foot massage. The second is to stimulate the trigger points which induce its corresponding organ to relax. By systematically massaging the feet, it helps to relax the entire body.

If you are interested in learning more about reflexology foot massage, then check out some of the models from Omega, Panasonic and Sanyo. These are the top manufacturers of massage chairs and they have developed effective reflexology foot massages. Many of their models contain reflexology foot massage as a standard feature.

These companies understand the importance of the seat in providing a full body relaxation. Massage chairs also contain a number of other massage and therapeutic treatments in addition to foot reflexology.

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