Monday, 11 April 2011

Hilot - Effective Filipino Massage Therapy

Hilot is a popular massage method that originated in the Philippines which is commonly used in its provinces. It uses traditional Filipino herbal medicines and ointments as a part of the healing practice.

This type of massage therapy was the only source of medical care for the Filipinos many centuries ago. Even today, in the rural areas of the Philippines, hilot is still used by many people especially the poor people who have no money in getting their sick loved ones to the hospital for treatment.

Hilot is a combination of many types of medical care from healing, setting the bones in place, and delivering babies from pregnant women on rural areas. Most massage therapists are known as "manghihilot" which almost all of them are fond of using herbs and ointments during the massage therapy.

Like most Asian style of massage therapy, Hilot focuses its healing ability by clearing the energy pathways all over the patient's body which is believed to be responsible in providing a healthy condition to the human body. Most of the massage therapists that are good in this method can sense what is wrong with the patient's body by looking at him or her. Hilot, unlike most massage therapy needs communication from both parties as the massage therapist works on the patient's body. This type of massage therapy is a light therapeutic massage that can relax and comfort the patient's body.

During a massage therapy session, the massage therapist asks the patient to lie down on a massage table or bed and remove the upper clothing as he or she starts working at the back part of the patient. Heated banana leaves and other herbal leaves are used and placed on the different areas of the patient's body to help him relax which is similar to the use of hot stones. Herbal ointments are then applied on the back part of the body as a lubricant for better maneuvering of the hands for the different massage strokes. Pressure then is applied as the massage therapist works in relieving back pain and removing stress out of the patient's body. In case the patient experiences painful strokes or too much pressure applied by the massage therapist, he or she should let the massage therapist know how he or she is feeling so that the therapist can adjust and reduce the pressure and effort being used on the patient.

Hilot is a deep tissue massage which is a type of massage commonly used by athletes or individuals that works hard or has stressful jobs. This type of massage therapy relaxes and energizes the body in order to work properly and at its best. The deep tissue massage releases tension on the muscle which calms it and prevents body stiffening that often results as stress on the patient's physical condition. Unlike most massage therapy though, hilot doesn't follow a pattern during a massage therapy session, instead the massage therapist bases his or her work on the treatment needs of the patient. Hilot is an effective method of relieving body pain and other types of sickness.

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