Thursday, 31 July 2008

Aromatherapy Massage

Massages are not just for women anymore; men and teens alike are increasingly becoming regulars at local day spas as well as resorts around the world. A major reason for this increase has been due to the aromatic benefits an aromatherapy massage can have on your muscles, brain function and overall physique.

For centuries, herb, plant and flower extracts have been used to remedy wounds, heal the mind and soothe the soul, and continues to do so through various massage techniques. Only a small amount of aromatherapy essential oils needs to be used and many come in various scents to help you achieve something more than just a way to warm your muscles and fight fatigue.

If you are curious as to how aromatherapy oils can help you in a massage, it's really quite simple. As your massage therapist begins to use a few drops of pure essential oils, the oils will be absorbed through the pores in your skin and penetrate down to your capillaries and cell tissue, assisting to quickly travel to your blood stream. This stimulation of blood will instantly cause your overall state of mind, body and spirit to come together as one. Aromatherapy massages aid in decreasing depression and anxiety, even giving your body a burst of needed energy to get you through the rest of your busy day.

A very ancient form of massage which originated from Japan and taught world-wide today as a form of massage is the Reiki massage, which is used to treat the person as an entirety, through aromatherapy oils , relaxation and hand techniques known as the "laying of hands." The method is based on everyone having a "life force energy" which determines what our health, emotion and overall well-being is at the time. The massage helps to achieve the highest energy possible to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Based on the scent of the aromatherapy essential oil you choose, whether it be a pleasant or musty smell, it will affect your mood differently. Since smell is our most sensitive sense, associating a certain smell with your massage can help you to achieve a much greater experience. You can even try it at home with aromatherapy candles and pure aromatherapy essential oils. Or try placing an aromatherapy diffuser to freshen up a few bedrooms and to provide a smell you love into your everyday lifestyle.

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