Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Massage Therapists Who Feel Like a Fraud

Getting past The Fraud Idea

One of the frequent hurdles new Massage Therapists bang their head against is the feeling that you're a Fraud - regardless of your training, despite your ability, deep down you have a nagging doubt that you have no right to be treating people.

The primary purpose of any practice is to give the best degree of service, value and result to every prospect that makes an inquiry, asks for help or does business with you. The growth of your practice depends on to what extent you impress the client. It’s all about them, it’s never about you.

Ask yourself right now – how can I deliver more value to my clients? What can I give them as a gift? How can I raise the professionalism? What would blow me away if I was in their shoes? How can I over-deliver? Diary in a monthly “Service improvement” meeting and brainstorm ideas.

How many clients do you need to treat to disprove this to yourself?

This is a typical issue and it's utter garbage!

Your mother thinks you're a flake.. Your friends don't know what to say and they really don't know how you feel. And there are dozens of conmen on the high street who did a 2 day course and now call themselves an expert. It says so right there on their cheap and nasty business card. And that makes you squirm, doesn't it?

One of the main reasons most Therapists and Coaches struggle is that they lack self belief.

A fraud is a fake, an imposter who's hiding in plain sight, making deceitful statements in order to fool people and con people out of money with no remorse. Are you truly saying that's what YOU are?

Told you.

This is a practice killer.

Probably not, so why does it often feel like you're not allowed to truly step into your position with total self-belief? Well, here's what my private clients sometimes reveal to me:

I don't really know what I'm doing yet - then specialise on what you DO know.

My own life isn't perfection yet - what matters most in Coaching or Therapy is THEIR circumstances, not yours.

I have few [if any] clients - think how many people you've treated over the years in one way or another

Action Step - dissolve that sucker right now

Write down the answer to the following question - "How do I know I feel like a fraud?" Then look for reference experiences to challenge that notion.

Most therapists need about 4 reference experiences to build a new belief. So scan your pastor quickly get 4 clients to work with and earn your right. Eventually even you will have to admit it's nonsense!

If you want to strengthen your confidence, raise your standards and reinvigorate your practice, ask your existing clients [assuming you're not brand new] "What do you get out of us working together?"

The massage therapist who has faith in massage has always been doing it, they just didn't know that was what to call it. Immense caring and fulfillment fuels their drive to innovate and create new products and services, and they radiate sparkle and health and subsequently attract more referrals.

Start educating your clients so they know exactly what it is that you provide. Write fact sheets.

Marketing is not seduction - trying to impress, flirt and painfully manipulate into "buying". Attraction-based Marketing is positioning yourself as the one to go to in full view of the clients who need you the most.

Jonathan teaches a complete step by step marketing strategy to help new and veteran Therapists build a full practice of paying clients. For more see http://www.fullpractices.com

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