Sunday, 5 October 2008

Massaging Oils - The Smooth Secret to Better Massage

So you read a book on Massage and you're ready to try it out tonight on your girlfriend. The techniques are fresh in your mind and you want to do a good job to help your partner relax a little. Well, there is something else you should do first. You should get a selection of Massaging oils ready to use. If you haven't used them before, don't worry, it's not that hard to find them. If you are lucky, and live in a large metropolitan area, go to the large retail stores like Wal-Mart or K-Mart perhaps. Sometimes they have pre-mixed oils for massage. If not, they have a selection of fragrances and essential oils in the Women's Department. Try something you like. You can make your own massage oils by using an essential oil to add scent to your base massaging oil. There are two kinds of oils commonly used in Massage.

The first kind is a mineral oil. These oils are readily available at large Drug Stores. The other kind, my personal favorite, is a regular vegetable oil. Take your pick of olive oil, safflower oil, whichever you feel the most comfortable with. My favorite is safflower oil. To give it a scent, I get oil of clove from my local CVS drug store. But you can use any scent that you like . Some suggestions are Patchouli oil, Cinnamon oil or a delightful one from India, I think. It's called Frangipani. Go to the Cosmetics area of the big Drug Stores and get a few plastic squeeze bottles with a narrow hole on top. Use these to dispense the oil into your hands. You should never, as a rule, squirt the oil directly on your partner. Always put it in your palm, first. Then rub your hands together a few times to spread the oil and to warm it up. You want this to be a sensory experience to remember, not a shock.

Now that you have your oils prepared. There are a few tips to mention here. If you are doing a whole body massage and will use a lot of oil, then it's a good idea to prepare two bottles of oil for each of the scents you have chosen. The reason? well, think about it. If you are moving back and forth over a large area, as you do with a whole body massage, you will save unneccesary going back and forth trying to get the bottle that somehow is always at the other end of your partner. When you start a massage, you should try to maintain contact with your partner all the way through the massage. If you have to stop to get the bottle, it can be awkward and sometimes unsettling. So use two of each to prevent that. Also, don't use too much oil at once. A teaspoon at a time should be enough for a fairly large spot to massage. If you need more, like for example, massaging a hairy back or chest, apply more in small amounts. There should not be any pooling of oil on the one being massaged. Don't pour the oil into your palm over your partner, do it by their side. You can still maintain contact with your partner with the under part of your forearm or maybe an elbow.

When you are done, and you can hear the smile of your partner, ask him or her to give you a massage, also. First, you will love it. Second, you will be able to feel what works best and how light or heavy to rub. It will give you insight into your next venture into the world of massage.

I want to take the time, here, to point out that I am not a licensed masseuse. I am not a professional. I do, however, consider myself a gifted amateur and someone who loves to be massaged, too. So, be cautious at first, until you learn a little about what your partner likes and how hard to rub. It's not that hard and it feels great. In some cases, it's even a health benefit to the object of your massage. And one other thing, your pets love to be massaged, too!

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