Thursday, 23 October 2008

Stressful Times Keep Chair Massage Therapists Busy

Office massage, once considered a luxury, is gaining in popularity among over-stressed professionals who are working harder due to corporate downsizing and who are experiencing increased injury and illness as a result. Therapeutic massage is a proven method to alleviate stress and physical discomfort, and is becoming more popular among companies trying to keep absenteeism at bay. Rising unemployment and the deteriorating economic situation in the United States coupled with election year politics is causing a surge in anxiety for millions of Americans. The associated rise in feelings of irritability, depression and sleeplessness are helping to increase the demand for corporate massage, even in tough economic times.

The 12th annual consumer survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), released in August 2008, shows that nearly 60% of Americans feel more stressed than last year. The study confirmed that stress is one of the top reasons for getting a massage and that the increased demand for massage occurred in both higher and lower income brackets. Doctors who were queried said they were referring patients to massage therapists at an increasing rate, which points to the medical community's increased awareness of the physical, emotional and cost effective benefits of therapeutic massage.

Corporate massage is being integrated into employee wellness programs as well as an incentive or as a reward for hard work. Heavy workloads make finding time for off-site stress relief a difficult task, and many professionals are unable to travel to a spa or dedicate the hour or more that a traditional massage requires. A chair massage is an ideal solution, because it imparts healing benefits in a short session and is performed on site, without the need for oils or for the client to disrobe. Clients of chair massage experience a release of tension, improved mobility, lowered blood pressure, and improved emotional status, which can be considered a significant benefit for employers through a marked decrease in sick days.

In a tough economic climate, Americans are finding it necessary to cut back and re-prioritize, and companies are searching for ways to reduce their bottom line. For workers who do not receive corporate massage through their employer, it is important to keep personal health at the top of their agenda. For less than a night out at the movies or dinner at a restaurant, a Chicago chair massage can provide important and lasting health benefits to those who need it most.

Brandon Thomas is a nationally certified massage therapist and founder of JoyLife Therapeutics. JoyLife Therapeutics provides chair massage, corporate massage, office massage, special event and trade show massage throughout the US.

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