Friday, 2 January 2009

9 Simple Steps to Perform a Face and Head Hot Stone DVD Massage

What kind of hot stone massage do you need? There are neck massages, back massages, hand massages, foot massages, and limb massages. You can learn the proper techniques for these various types of massages, through an instructional hot stone dvd. Though it is less common than back massages, the face and head massage is yet another effective way to provide a relaxing hot stone massage.

In a hot stone massage, the therapist warms and sterilizes hot stones, before strategically placing them on various parts of the patient's body. The stones are usually basalt stones, which originate from volcanoes. After the stones sit on the patient's body for roughly 20 minutes, the therapist then removes them, and begins the routine for a "standard" massage.

When we think about tired and tense regions of the body that require a massage, we usually think about body parts such as the neck and back. However, the face and head can also experience a substantial amount of tense muscles-and especially in the jaw region. A face and head massage can complement a full body massage, or even a massage for the back and shoulders. Here are the steps to give an effective, relaxing face and head massage:

Step 1: Cup your hands around the patient's head. The thumbs should sit on the forehead, and the fingertips on the temples. Work from the eyebrows towards the hairline, creating lines that flatten out the forehead.

Step 2: Use your thumbs to press between the patient's eyebrows. Repeat this action, moving from the forehead's center, to the patient's hairline

Step 3: Use your fingers to create a circular motion at the temples. Continue making circles as you work downwards along the jawbone, to the patient's chin.

Step 4: Use your fingertips to create a "line" from under the temples, to the cheekbones. Repeat this process, each time dropping the line lower along the cheek.

Step 5: Using your fingertips, create a line from underneath the cheekbone, to the temples. Then create circles around the temples again

Step 6: Push gently around the eye socket's upper bone. Begin at the nose's bridge, then move outwards, to the eye's corner. Repeat this process, focusing on the eye socket underneath the eyes.

Step 7: Use your thumbs and fingers to massage lightly the ears between them. Begin at the patient's earlobe and then motion around and upwards, to the ear's peak.

Step 8: Gently pull the patient's ears. Begin at the earlobe and then move upwards to the ear's apex.

Step 9: After cupping your hands, place then over the patient's eyes. Make sure to inform the patient first, before taking this action. Have him or her deeply breathe in and out, numerous times. Then remove your hands.

Although we often overlook it, a face and head massage can provide yet another way to deliver relaxing hot stone massages, to patients. Make sure to follow the proper procedures, to ensure that the massage is safe and effective. A facial massage puts the patient's best face forward!

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