Sunday, 25 January 2009

Partner Massage - How to Achieve a Head Massage

Persons believe that of all the massage strategies out there, a head massage is the most calming, the most comforting and the most reinvigorating encounter. This should turn out as no revelation as the head is most of the time recognized as the sanctuary of the body. The head, after all , accommodates the mind, and the mind is accountable for ever bodily task, each physical encounter , each mental activity and each empirical consequence we have to live with.

Certainly, there is no refuting the truth that if you like to ease your companion of the pressure and the pains and the exhaustion she faced from her day, a head massage is the best means to go.

The dilemma is, not each one is well versed with the skill of the head massage.

Don't worry just yet, however. Here's a truth you should understand : a head massage is one of the most effortless massage strategies you can do.


Just obey the list of tips.

1. Make your companion recline. Hold her head using your palms and fingers. Once she's resolved on such a point, you'd see your hands having complete hold on her head. This should act as your number one stance.

2. Put your hands above her forehead, using your thumbs on the core of the same portion. Press the core of her temple using your thumbs, while your remaining fingers massage the ends of her head. This must offer a calming yet refreshing feeling for your spouse. Execute this for 5 minutes.

3. For the second phase, put each and every of your fingers on top of her scalp. Massage her head by caressing her hair using your fingers in a method that imitates shaping of rice pudding. All of your fingers will be in force to guarantee that you will encompass a big area of your spouse's head. Make this for about 3 minutes.

4. With of the same finger movements described above, stroke your spouse's hair from the external contours of her head to the center of her scalp. Do this with the correct total energy as necessary. Keep with this for about 3 minutes.

5. Most of the time, you will have some open fingers. Use these to explore other sections of your spouse's head, specifically the ends of the head and the lower portion of the ear. These are receptive sections that are identified to stimulate relaxation from your subject.

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Troy is a practitioner of alternative therapy and publisher.

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