Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Massage Techniques and Tips to Use for Valentine's Day

Rarely will you find that your sweetheart will pass up a good massage after a long day, but when it is planned and presented as a gift, it makes it all the sweeter. In order to make this a successful, mind-blowing gift, you need to learn about a few massage techniques and tips that you can use during that special moment.

To begin with, if you plan to be the masseuse for the evening, then you need to set the mood of the room before your lover even enters. Lights should be dimmed, candles lit, scented oils or lotions present and heated, soft and slow background music playing. Ensure there is a comfortable, stable table for your lover to lie on when your hands provide the most magical moment for them. You also want to have several towels or sheets on hand to drape over the table, and ensure the temperature of the room is one where your sweetheart will be comfortably warm.

Introducing your lover to the many massage techniques out there isn't feasible. There are literally hundreds of massage types that take time to learn, but you don't have to master a lot of massage techniques, all you need to choose the best one you feel will provide the most comfort, enjoyment, and relaxation. The basic Swedish massage technique is one where you will combine scented oils with deep rubbing, kneading, sweeping, and pulling of muscles towards the heart. It is the easiest method to turn into a sensual massage and can be done anywhere on the body. Mainly Swedish massage consists of extremely gentle, massaging strokes that promote deep relaxation and will have your lover feeling rejuvenated and more focused upon completion. Done correctly, it will be one the things that they'll bring up again and again as an awesome experience.

Shiatsu is a massage technique that requires finger pressure along what is called in eastern medicine, meridians of the body. It's an ideal method to use if your partner has a headache, sinus issues, and even allergies. By gently pressing on certain areas of the head and face you can not only relieve some of these symptoms it can also be extremely relaxing. You can use these various massage techniques as a supplement to an incredible Swedish massage.

Deep muscle tissue kneading will relieve the tissue of any stress and or knots that have been growing due to the daily pressures we all experience. This is another method that can be primarily used all over the body, and again turn into a more sensual or sexual experience. The deep rubbing will promote endorphin and hormone stimulation, making your lover more aware of the connection that your hands are creating.

However, I would avoid any deep work unless you've been trained specifically in deep tissue massage techniques. Sticking to simple relaxation techniques is perfect way to treat our lover for Valentine's Day.

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