Monday, 9 February 2009

Relaxation Massage: The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Everyone loves a good massage, and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to get one. You, yourself, can be your loved one's masseuse for the night, and forever be remembered as the strong hands that rubbed out the knots, kinks, and soothed any aches and pains away.

Surprise them one night after a long day at work. Set up a quiet room to be their haven of serenity while you work your magic on their body. Dim the lights, and light several scented candles that are your lover's favorite. You need to keep in mind all of their preferences in order to make this night successful. Their favorite candles, favorite music you will play softly in the background, and favorite scented oils or lotions that will be applied generously to their skin as you massage them into oblivion.

Keep in mind that you need to have a surface that is comfortable and stable enough to allow them to lay on it for a significant amount of time. Drape sheets and towels over the make-shift massage table and add a pillow or two for comfort's sake. The temperature of the room should be war, enough so that when their bare skin is exposed, they do not get cold. Use a portable heater if you have one to ensure their comfort.

If you are lucky enough, your partner may want to reciprocate the relaxation massage to their favorite masseuse. If this is the case, you want to consider purchasing a DVD on relaxation massages and other massaging techniques. This is a resource that you and your lover will use for years to come.

Purchasing time with a private massage is always a wonderful Valentine's Day gift as well. If you both get them done at the same time, a similar connection is still created as if it were just the two of you but for lasting benefits, and increased intimacy sharing massage with each other is not only the most powerful but by far the most cost effective.

Relaxation massages are meant to relieve the body of any negative factors that were caused by stress, illnesses, or physical impairments. It opens the spirit and mind, and allows for a person to become focused on what is really important. And who wouldn't want the kind of Valentine's Day gift that will allow you to share in your lover's pleasure?

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