Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A Simple Foot Massage Will Do, Try It

You Don't Need to have a Foot Fetish to Enjoy a Foot Massage!

You don't need to have a foot fetish to enjoy giving or getting a great foot massage! You'll be surprised how incredibly relaxing it can be.

Many people are concerned they'll be too ticklish to enjoy a foot massage. You use a firmer pressure than you would when being tickled, so that you don't have that same sensation.

You have over 5,000 nerve endings in your feet!

If you're going to a spa or massage therapist the proper name for a foot massage is "Reflexology". You can even buy Reflexology Socks for use at home, which will help you see where each point connects with!

Reflexology is more about pressure points, where as a foot massage will be more about stroking the foot and kneading it with your hands.

Start by having your partner soak their feet in a warm water bath. Both of you will feel more comfortable if the other person's feet are fresh and clean.

I find that having a person sit in a chair, while I'm seated on the floor or a pillow, puts me at a comfortable position.

Take the foot into your hands, applying enough pressure that the person isn't ticklish.

You can stroke the foot from the base of the ankle across the top of the foot, while supporting the foot with your other hand.

I like to hold the heel in the cup of my hand for support. If the foot is resting, you can use both hands in a sliding, kneading and stroking motion on the top of the foot.

I like to place my hands then underneath the foot, with my thumbs upon the top of the foot, and slide my thumbs down the top with enough pressure.I will also use circular motions with my thumbs on top of the foot.

If the foot is cupped in your hand at the heel, turn your hand around, and massage the heel as well.

Take each toe and gently pull on it, and stroke around and between each toe. I like to also extend the massage up onto the calf area as well. A nice firm pressure will be soothing to your partner.

If your partner has high blood pressure or Diabetes, check with your doctor first before doing a foot massage. This foot massage is not medical advice, and if you have any concerns or questions, you should also seek the advice of a professional.

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