Friday, 31 December 2010

A Review Of Couples Massage Therapy

Couples therapy using massages is fast becoming a popular technique being used by marriage counselors. The process of getting couples to forget their troubles and relax together creates an atmosphere that can be easily replicated when the masseuse is not available or around.

The calming and relaxation that is brought on by having a NYC couples massage seems to have some effect on both men and women. Undoubtedly if there is a deep rooted problem then definite counseling is needed. However doing this in addition to counseling can have a major effect on the couple. Let's look at the real purpose of a massage.

A massage is aimed at relieving stress and muscle tension. Stress leads to muscle tension, by gently massaging muscles, there is relief of this stress. When the main cause of stress lies in a marriage or relationship, then relief of the stress simultaneously with the man and woman can really have results. Empirical evidence documented by psychiatrist's shows that a couple having a massage in the same room, speaking together at the same time seems to relieve some emotional and physical tension that has built up between two people. This is important here for many people to fix their ailing relationship.

There are several types of massage and categories that have been used. Primarily both the deep tissue massage and Swedish massages have resulted in some really excellent results. This goes across the categories of troubled couples, prenatal couples and even geriatric massages. The important aspect is to get the trigger point for both couples; this can be achieved using things such as hot stones. This not only causes and increases in body energy but leads to a level of intimacy between both man and woman.

1. A NYC couples massage relieves tension between you and your spouse as it allows you to relax together.

2. It permits both to take part in a very pleasurable moment, together - not something that causes undue stress between the two.

3. It removes apprehension that men feel as having their spouse in the room removes the inhibition of nudity or partial nudity inside a room.

4. It fortifies your mental health by making your body completely relaxed. Reaching that combination seemingly between body and spirit.

5. It improves blood circulation, removes painful knots that are as a direct result of stress.

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