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How to Get Rid Of Cellulite With the Help of Massage

Doing daily massage helps cellulite in many ways. Aside from helping cellulite, massage is natural, effective and perhaps one of the most pleasant treatments for cellulite. By combining massage with a cellulite cream or oil, either bought or homemade, you combine the two treatments to make them far more effective than either alone.

Cellulite is thought to be caused by a build up of toxins, causing the connective tissue between the skin and fat layer to become misshapen. This causes the lumpy appearance over thighs, buttocks and stomach. Diet and exercise help but are often not enough to combat the appearance of cellulite as it doesn't just occur in the overweight, but even people who are considered at an ideal weight.

Massage helps cellulite in several ways, by improving skin elasticity, increasing circulation to the area, boosting metabolism to help eliminate toxins and by decreasing fluid retention.

By increasing the circulation to the troubled area, toxins are eliminated from the body faster, helping with cellulite by reducing their build up. Massage relaxes the muscles of the area, allowing for more blood flow which in turn is responsible for helping the body rid itself of toxins.

Another way the body rids itself of toxins is though the lymphatic system, a system that helps the body with fluids right under the skin. These fluids are responsible for carrying toxins away from areas but often get blocked or slowed down. Massage helps give the lymphatic system a boost, stimulating it to drain toxins and any accumulated fluid in the area.

Massage can be done for cellulite with a regular lotion or used with creams or oils specifically for fighting cellulite. When doing massage to help cellulite, always massage in the direction of the heart, pushing fluids and toxins toward the elimination system. Combine light strokes and heavier strokes to stimulate both the muscles and the lymphatic system as the muscles are deeper than the lymphatic system.

There are any number of tools made specifically for cellulite massage. These aren't needed but can be of some assistance when trying to get to hard to reach body parts. Be cautious not to over massage the areas, especially when using any tools for assistance. This should not be painful but instead be very pleasant.

Massage is one of the most basic treatments than can be done to combat cellulite, but it's also one of the most effective. When used as part of your daily cellulite removal routine, it will help you see results faster.

Cellulite is a serious skin disease. It is often recommended to use a proper guideline for curing cellulite.

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