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Advantages of the Unique Swedish Massage Therapy

A necessity for some and a luxury for the rest a refreshing massage is the rage of the day. A massage can soothe the nerves, rejuvenate the body and reveal one of the tiring days stress. It is also a nice way to take some time out for one self and pamper one health, health being the prime wealth of any individual. A massage is also a typical way of adding to ones beauty as it is extremely beneficial both to the skin and the muscles. A well done massage increases the skin tone and makes it softer, supple and offers a pinkish glow in the long run.

For those complaining about their body aches and joint pains specially in the senior age groups a massage adds to the techniques of natural relief and done on a regular basis improves body efficiency and flow of blood. A perfect massage manipulates the skin and results in healthy effects on the skin and the underlying tissues. Massages can be done through various techniques including stroking, rubbing, playing with the skin and kneading. The concept of the Swedish massage therapy was developed by Swedish gymnastic instructor Per Henrick Ling who conceptualized and ideated a perfect blend of workouts by own and therapeutic help by another to offer to one complete refreshment and maintenance of the body and the development of strong and defensive muscles over time.

According to him the ideal way to stay fit and fine was to exercise and unwind the body through a Swedish massage therapy. However, the credit for the scientific and medical benefits hence attributed to this system or therapy is attributable to Dr. Johann Metzger who further brought into the system unique techniques through which the massage offers medically recognized ailments. The Swedish massage therapy uses different types of elongated smooth strokes which offer unbelievable benefits. It works miraculously for the blood flows and stimulates nerve ending in the skin.

Apart from relieving from tension it also heals injury or muscle soreness .A profession Swedish massage therapist uses five unique strokes. The effleurage, petrissage and friction strokes concentrate on gliding, solidity and globular brushes while the tapotement and vibration include thumping and swift shaking respectively. A well taught therapist the client by draping him with a long sheet of cloth. The massage flows from region to region. The area being massages first is exposed and covered by various oils or aromatic liquids that smell sweet and offer comfort. The oil may be warmed to make the massage further effective.

With the uses of various oils the therapist soothes and brushes with the area with the typical combination of the five unique strokes and continues for a considerable number of times. As one area is done, it is covered by the drape and the therapist moves to the next region. The Swedish massage reduces pain and immobility of the limbs. It is believed by leading medical professionals that continuous application of the Swedish massage therapy for over two months offers astounding benefits to the patients of Osteoarthritis and is termed as the classic massage in various parts of Sweden.

Author Samantha Faist has written several articles about swedish massage therapy and is considered an expert in different kinds of massage like deep tissue massage techniques.

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