Friday, 13 March 2009

Spiritual Healing and Connection Through Tantra Massage

You may have heard of Tantra massage. The term is quite prevalent from online and offline sources. Your initial notion of this form of massage is that it is of a sexual nature. Tantra massage is sexual in a way. It is a sensual practice and experience as well. When you think of sensual and sexual pleasure, you would primarily connote it with physical or baser fulfillment. But you should know, Tantra massage is a spiritual practice, and it goes way beyond touching the skin. Sensual and sexual pleasure incited in Tantric massaging is for a far more profound purpose, and it is of the spiritual aspect.

Sensuality and sexuality in this practice are simply means to a higher end. Other than enhancing sexual energy, Tantra massage aims on awakening another yet powerful energy- the Kundalini. The Kundalini is a potent essence lying dormant at the base of the spine. Through Tantra massage, the Kundalini energy is stimulated, rising up the spine. Potent the Kundalini is, it allows the body to heal itself more quickly. Then there are the chakras, said to be a disk or wheel found at the center of the body's energy. There are seven chakras running along the spine. Activating the chakras stimulate the body's healing process as well.

When these powerful and essential energies in the body are awakened, it paves the way for physical, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation. This energy stimulation can heal physical scars. Even intangible emotional wounds and scars are soothed, giving way to deeper healing in the same manner. The Tantra massage entails a profound connection between the participants. It is a highly intimate experience leaving a person quite vulnerable. Trust and openness are essential for both the participants. Most often, Tantra massage is done by lovers, allowing them to connect on all levels. From the physical, emotional down to the spiritual aspects. Sexual experience is enhanced, but on a more substantial note, they establish a deeper relationship rooted on the spiritual.

From the substance of the physical to their intangible selves, both parties created an essential bond. It is healing from the inside to the outside, from one person to another to both. A sensual experience may be different from a sexual experience. Thus, in tantric massaging, the end result may not be sex. But rather just feeling each other, and breathing each other. As it entails wholehearted surrender and openness, the Tantra massage can be liberating. It is two people letting be and getting lost in a positive and profound experience. Inwardly, energies are incited and awakened. Essence building up from deeper recesses bringing forth healing and a new sense of life.

In today's hurried world, people often get impatient, even when it comes to deriving fulfillment. Sensuality and sexuality are not consummated on all levels, but rather on the surface- merely on the physical. But taking time and letting go of time, enjoying the moment of Tantra massage is giving each other an experience of life more than pleasure.

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