Monday, 2 March 2009

Relieve the Pains of Your Body and Soul With Hot Stone Massage

The lifestyles of people are changing and along with it their stress and strain level. Blessed were the people of the golden ages when they did not have to work so hard to earn their bread and butter. During those golden days, life was simple and people did not have to work hard both physically and mentally like their modern day counterparts. To be fair, there was not so much entertainment that we can avail nowadays, during those days.

The entire scenario has changed and in order to supply our extravagant demands, we have to work much more. We also abuse our body with rich food and the ingredients therein also take their toll on the other parts of our body. Hence it is not surprising to find people feeling tired and downcast easily. The best way to shake off all the tensions and body aches, why not try a hot stone massage therapy?

There are few people nowadays that have not heard about the amazing curative powers of hot stone massage therapy and the wonders it brings about on both the body and the soul. Hot stone massage therapy is an extension of swedish message therapy which is the commonest form of message therapy in America. In normal therapy, specialists use different movements like kneading, long & smooth strokes and a variety of other strokes on the muscle's superficial layer using special lotions and message oils. This tends to relax the messaged muscles and remove the tiredness of the body. However, in hot stone massage therapy, the use of which dates back to ancient times, smooth and flat heated stones are places on the key points of the body. At times the masseur might also hold the stones in their hands and massage different areas of the recipient's body.

For the massage to work properly, it is imperative that the stones retain their heat over a long period of time thus massage specialists prefer using stones made out of basalt. These stones are known for their heat retaining capabilities. Basalt rocks obtained from the river bed are preferred since their surfaces have been smoothened over time by the river's water flowing over them. The working principles of hot stone massage therapy is very simple. These stones are first immersed in water and then they are heated in a special electric heater till they reach the appropriate temperature. After they reach the required temperature, these stones are placed at strategic points between the toes, on the back, or in the palms of the hand. The heat emitted from these stones gets transferred to the body, penetrates the skin and relaxes the muscles underneath. A certain amount of pressure is applied on the stones while messaging and the message therapist determines the amount of pressure to be applied depending on the location of the body and also on the amount of muscular relaxation required. By undergoing hot stone massage therapy, one will experience improved blood circulation and calming of the nervous system.

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