Sunday, 12 April 2009

Buy a Massage Chair For Comfort First

Buying a massage chair can be tricky if this is your first time. Because comfort and massage functions are the primary functions the massage chair will serve, the most important thing you can do in your research is go to multiple stores and try out a variety of brands, models, and designs.

Massage chairs have built in rollers, nodes, and air bags that try to emulate the hands and fingers of a massage therapist. When you are at the store trying the chairs out, notice the different massage functions as well as the intensity of the massage. Some chairs offer more massage functions, some allow you to set combinations of functions as well as the intensity. Most chairs that allow you to adjust the intensity will come with removable cushions. Just use more cushions to lighten the massage intensity, or fewer cushions to increase the intensity.

Inanimate comfort of the massage chair is really about supporting and filling the contours of your body. It comes down to size, and density of the chair. Removable cushions give users flexibility when it comes to density. You can add more cushions if you prefer to lounge on something soft or, if you need more support, remove cushions if you want your chair to be more firm with less support in specific areas of the body.

Comfort of the massage itself is about fitting the rollers to the size of the user. Some chairs start the back massage high in the backrest and rolls downward. For some people the starting position of the roller is too high and needs to be adjusted to start at a lower position. Some high end chairs will recognize the user's height and automatically adjust accordingly. Even fancier featured chairs can even sense the location of the user's spine. Other chairs will let you choose the sequence of massages and save settings that you like best to be performed the next time you hop on. Some chairs work areas other than the back like the arms, hips, legs and feet using air bags that inflate and deflate. Whatever you decide on, it is crucial to make sure you find a chair that fits your height or is adjustable to your height and anyone else who will be sharing use of the chair with you on a consistent basis.

For many people, the massage chair is a bulky item that will serve dual purpose as lounge chairs too. This being the case, you want your massage chair to be something that you look forward to when you come home. And being home is all about comfort.

Massage Chairs Review is designed to help you learn everything you need to know about massage chairs. When buying a chair we want you to be able to select the right chair and be aware of the different types of massage chairs and feature available.

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