Thursday, 23 April 2009

Massage Parlor Etiquette

One of the more pleasurable experiences for most people is receiving a massage from a qualified therapist. Massages are known to be very relaxing, yet energizing at the same time and are a great way to relieve stress from everyday life. If you have never been to a massage parlor, you should observe proper etiquette. Therapists, just like any other professional, expect respect and courtesy so they can perform their job better.

Here are some parlor etiquette tips to keep in mind the next time you visit a massage parlor or spa.

1. Make sure you call ahead and schedule a massage. Although many therapists do accept walk-ins, it's better to call ahead so the therapist can plan expect your visit in advance and can provide excellent service on the timed service.

2. Be sure to be on time. If you arrive late, your session might be cut short due to another appointment right after yours.

3. If you can't make a schedule, call to cancel your appointment so your therapist doesn't waste their time and can possibly schedule another appointment in the place of yours.

4. If you have to fill out any forms, fill out the forms as accurately as possible. The forms are there for a reason and the therapist need to know certain pieces of information before the session begins.

5. If this is your first visit, try to get to know the therapist better to make the session more comfortable and get rid of any inhibitions.

6. Try to minimize the disruptions during the session so you and the therapist can get the most of the time. Remember to visit the bathroom before the session and also turn your phone on silent mode or completely off.

7. Do not apply any lotion or moisturizer on the day of your visit. The therapist will most likely use oils, which work best without any lotion or moisturizer applied.

8. Remember to have clean hygiene when you visit. It's just rude if you don't.

9. Don't forget to leave a tip. Therapists mostly work for tips and be sure to tip for good service, just like you would at any full service restaurant.

Massage therapy has many benefits that is well worth the cost. If you are stressed, tired, or have body aches, you should research the parlors in your area and schedule one today!

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