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Acupressure Massage Therapy Restore Balance & Harmony

Clean out your system with an Acupressure massage. Acupressure massage is based on the ancient Chinese medical arts of acupuncture, but without the needles. Acupressure is accomplished by putting medium pressure on particular trigger points throughout the body. This type of massage therapy activates the body's energy to increase the effectiveness of the immune system and restore balance within the body. Now technology is being used to locate and stimulate your body's acupressure points in the premier massage chair brands of today.

Acupressure is a massage technique which helps to release blocked energy centers in your body. Science has confirmed the existence of meridian pathways using various electrical techniques. Chinese medical arts understood these meridian pathways to carry energy throughout the body. They noticed that certain junctures or centers could become inhibited or blocked causing the body to be out of balance. By applying pressure to certain pressure points in the body, the energy flow could be manipulated and restored. Science has now mapped out the body's acupressure points and has cataloged over 350 points in the body.

Acupressure massage is performed using kneading, tapping and vibration massage techniques. These massage techniques are used throughout the body in conjunction with stimulating the acupressure points. Delivering the acupressure massage is achieved by making rapid circular motions with medium pressure on particular trigger points. The trigger points are then stimulated in conjunction with massaging the body to release blocked energy. The energy flow is restored and the body returns to a normal balance.

Acupressure massage therapy has many positive benefits. It helps to alleviate stress, muscle tension, aches and pains. It helps to harness the body's own recuperative powers. The acupressure stimulations help diffuse the build up of toxins in the body. As toxins in the body build up, it causes stiffness in the muscles. This muscle stiffness puts pressure on the circulatory and lymph systems. This puts unequal pressure on your body putting it out of balance and harmony.

Massage chairs incorporate advanced technology to accurately locate the trigger points of the body. The software programs make a map of the users trigger points. The acupressure massage is then customized for each individual user. There are almost 100 trigger points in the back alone. Massage chairs have outstanding capabilities to stimulate your acupressure points and apply massage techniques such as kneading, percussion and vibration. These massage therapies are effective in relieving soreness, aches and pains in the back, shoulder and neck.

For the lower body, many manufacturers have developed air compression systems. The air compression systems incorporate specifically designed airbags with special nodes to activate trigger points in the lower body. When the air compression system activates, the airbag inflates and the node pushes gently into the trigger point. These are most commonly found for the back of the calves and for the bottom of the feet. Stimulating these trigger points help to induce total body relaxation and release accumulated tension.

New studies of acupressure massage are showing that it can help alleviate headaches, insomnia, dizziness, digestive disorders, constipation and in some cases even motion sickness. We are just beginning to understand the power of acupressure which has been known for centuries in China. Modern technology is being employed in the best massage chair recliners to deliver more effective acupressure massage treatments. The true effectiveness of acupressure massage is when it is done on a frequent basis. Remember stress accumulates daily, so the stress must also be released periodically. Massage chairs are the most cost effective and convenient way of receiving the benefits of acupressure massage.

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