Monday, 11 August 2008

Review Of Omega Massage’s New 5000 Deluxe Massage Chair

There are so many features and spoiled rotten bonuses in the Omega M-5000 Deluxe Massage Chair, which you might have a hard time getting out of this chair. Starting with the overall appearance of this handsome chair, down to the technology and ‘extras’, there are enough treats to spoil just about any person who wants to be spoiled.

Genuine premium Ox hide leather covers this chair beautifully to allow the softest, most comfortable seat in the house. In addition, an ergonomically designed dual headrest pillow accommodates for people with different body types, thus making the massage session more effective for that individual.

When you sit down in this chair, the technology will scan your body shape and weight against the chair to customize the massage track length and roller width according to your own body type. With a massage track that strokes a 28 inch length, which is a few inches longer than the average human spine, you will get your body worked from your neck down to your pelvis. An issue I have with a lot of other massage chair recliners is that they don’t massage the sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of your spine and between your pelvic bones, in the back), which is a common area of complaint for low back pain sufferers.

Because this chair scans your specific body type, you cannot specify a lower or higher shoulder height if your determined height does not suit your preferences of the area that needs the massage most.

In addition to the basic massage feature of working up and down your back, the Omega M-5000 Deluxe will also work your neck and shoulders, relieving common fatigue and pain most commonly found in people that do computer work or stationary work. The auto feature of this massage technique allows for a precise pinpoint treatment to those common ailments.

And as the massage works its way down your back, it also works your waist and low back more effectively. Many massage chairs tend to miss this area, or cannot effectively work this region. But low back pain is the most common reason people see a Doctor for back pain, and is estimated that 4 out of 5 people will deal with low back pain at some point in their life. That’s practically every person. The targeted pressure points from this feature are effectively relieved, allowing stress and tension to dissipate from that region of the back, leaving you feeling improved and relieved of this most common low back symptom.

You can also recline this chair from 115 to 175 degrees to really sink into the chair. The seat of the chair is not considered ‘oversized’ so as the chair reclines, the seat space is minimized. This chairs design overall is not accommodating to larger people, with the measurements and technology only suiting a person 200 lbs or less.

With a total of 6 rollers and 5 pre-set sessions to work your back, neck, shoulders, and waist/low back- it seems enough of a chair at that. But that’s not all. The Omega M-5000 Deluxe also works your thighs, buttocks, calves, and feet.

3D Air Pressure for the lower body is customizable for your tolerance, as well as 2 pre-set programs for the calves and feet to effectively use reflexology and pressure points to relieve common symptoms of fatigue and stress in the lower body. Nodules in the feet are utilized when the air bags are activated, stimulating acupressure points. No other massage chair uses both air and nodules in this area as effectively together.

Omega chairs boast the use of Japanese-made parts, which are assembled in China, instead of Chinese or Taiwanese parts that have a reputation of wearing out quicker. The ratio breakdown using cheaper components is the primary reason that chairs need repair or maintenance work.

With extra features like a pop-up tray on the side of the c hair for convenience, a holder for the remote to keep it still accessible, an MP3 player that is compatible with windows 2000/XP and headsets, all of these features are added for the same reason: To increase your ability to relax, therefore maximizing the benefit of a massage for overall health and a stress free life.

The only “knock” against the Omega 5000 DLX, if you can call it that, is that it is a relatively new chair, not as well known as the Interactive Health or Panasonic massage recliners. But, to put your mind at ease, Omega offers a whopping 5-year warranty, unparalleled in the massage chair industry. By the way, the warranty also includes a 90-day in-home service warranty the minute your chair is up and running in your home or office.

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