Monday, 18 August 2008

Self Help Massage

There are many benefits of massage therapy. It will help you to relax tensed muscles and increase your blood flow. This will help you with stress management and relieve tension. It can often help you to feel better and improve your health. It can also help to heal injuries and certain ailments.

You can have the luxury of getting a massage done professionally or you can do some basic self-massage yourself. There are several ways that this can help you. The two most common are, helping you relax and improving your circulation. When you do this, you can relieve yourself of tension and reduce swelling that is caused by injury. A short massage will also help you feel less tired and make you feel rejuvenated.

You can use a massage belt, glove, or just your hands to do this. There are several techniques you can use. The ones you use will depend on what your purpose is. You can either: stimulate, relax yourself, or help your body to heal and synchronize itself.

It only takes 20 minutes to relieve tension with massage. Either sit in a comfortable chair or lie down. Massage one area of your body, slowly and methodically. Here are some techniques you can use.

• Kneading: this is a technique in which you massage your muscles as if they were bread dough. Sometimes it helps to use warm vegetable oil or aromatic oil.

• Rubbing: use the palm of your hand and rub your muscles in a circular motion.

• Vibrating: This is when you use the back of your hand to lightly slap or knock rhythmically. This will relax your muscles and improve circulation.

• Final strokes: use gentle outward directed strokes at the end of each session. Always massage in an outward direction and be gentle. If you see any red or broken areas, do not massage them.

A good massage to do at the beginning of the day is to massage your legs. This massage should be done in an inward movement toward the heart, and moving from the bottom to the upper part of the leg.

Self-massage can be a very good therapeutic treatment for both your mind and body. It is important to make sure that you are comfortable and undisturbed in order to get the best effects of this treatment. When done correctly on a regular daily basis, you will not only feel rejuvenated, but you will free yourself both mentally and physically, of tension and stress.

So try to give yourself just 20 minutes a day, relax and enjoy a healthy and beneficial massage today. You will be glad you did and be able to reap the benefits for years to come.

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