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Day Spa - Massage Salon

Beating deadlines, sleepless nights and your workload piling up could really take a toll on your body. It may be time to give yourself some overdue pampering and there is no better way than a long soothing massage to relax those worn-out muscles. Research has shown more benefits of massages which include pain relief, reduced anxiety and depression. It also temporarily reduces blood pressure and heart rate.

Massage Salons offer services that relieve aching points in the body, thereby, promoting relaxation. Here are the usual massage services being offered:

1) Pregnancy Massage
It is believed to ease the labor process. It also reduces the stress, strains, and discomforts of pregnancy. A Pregnancy Massage often costs $20 an hour.

2) Shiatsus and Acupressure
It is an oriental finger massage that releases energy blocks and balances the energy flow. Shiatsus and Acupressure costs $50 an hour.

3) Reflexology
A technique based upon the knowledge that all organs and muscle groups have corresponding reflexes in the hands and feet. Pressure point stimulation releases tension, reduces fatigue and opens energy pathways allowing the body's organs to function to their fullest potential. Reflex points on the feet and hands are targeted by placing thumb and finger pressure. This relaxing treatment improves blood circulation and well-being. A reflexology session often costs $50 an hour

4) Deep Tissue
Experiencing muscle spasms lately? Then deep tissue massages are best for you. This breaks up adhesions in the muscles, rejuvenates, and de-stress by focusing pressure on deep muscle. Deep Tissue massages often costs $60 an hour.

5) Stone Massages
A stone may prove to be as worthy as gold by the rejuvenating effects that it brings. Heated stones (usually basalt or marble) are placed under the back, along both sides of the spine, and on top of the torso. These relax the muscles, allowing the massage therapist to work deeper into the muscle. Cold stone therapy is also becoming popular. Cold stones act as a powerful decongestant. Stone Massages are being offered with rates starting from $35 for half an hour and $90 for a full hour.

6) Aromatherapy Massage
This type of massage is done with the use of aromatic essential oils from plants and herbs, to pacify pain and alleviate tension. Imagine lying in a water tub surrounded by vibrant-colored fresh flowers, soak in the fragrance of aromatic oils that serve to relax and soothe the mind. Some massage salons have a wide selection of different massage oils from which you can choose from. Aromatherapy massages are usually priced at

7) Watsu Massage
This is a water massage done in warm, waist-deep water. The person receiving massage is placed in a special Watsu pool that is slightly heated wherein he or she floats at the surface of warm water with support while being massaged. Price for one hour massage is about $95.

8) Foot Massages
These are performed in adjunct with other services such as pedicures. It can also be performed in a treatment room. Prices could be about $35 for a 25 minute massage.

9) Swedish Massage
One of the most popular relaxation therapies is the Swedish massage. The massage makes use of firm, gentle pressures in the direction of the blood flow returning to the heart to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain and tension. Swedish Massage services are priced at $70 for an hour.

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