Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Use of Massage Stones in Ancient Times

Stone massage is believed to be one of the oldest types of massage therapy which was used in ancient times. It is practice in the old world that sometimes it is a wonder if it was even used by great fighters like Attila the Hun in his aches and pains in fighting historical wars. Though we will not probably know for certain if he did have a soothing massage, the records of the past provide us with some useful information about the actual usage of massage stones all throughout history.

The Chinese are often credited with creating this earliest form of massage around 3000 BC. Ancient Chinese used this type of treatment for illnesses such as paralysis. Warmed stones were also utilized to improve the performance of the internal organs. India is also known for its long use of this type of massage. This country incorporated the therapeutic massage into the traditional medical system and made use of aromatherapy oils and spices. Historical accounts also revealed its use in Egypt and was proven by pictures of people being massaged found in various tombs of Egyptians.

Even though it was deep-rooted in the Eastern regions, it ultimately traveled westward to the Greeks and Romans. Several Greek and Roman heroes have said to used this technique as a form of treatment for nerve pain. It was revealed that the Great Julius Caesar himself include this in his daily rituals.

As the Roman Empire fell, all medical and scientific practices including the massage therapy have supposedly been forgotten. It was only in Europe during the Renaissance that it continued to evolve as a form of healing process.

In the 19th century the use of stones with a newly developed massage technique called the Swedish massage was combined. Experts believe that masseuses in Sweden incorporated several massage techniques utilized in the ancient world such as those from China, Greece and Egypt.

In World War II, it has been used by the medical staff as a massage for wounded soldiers and to treat for nerve damage and ease shell shock.

Today, the use of massage stones is still widely utilized to treat various types of conditions and healing treatments. It is also a process of relieving stress and releasing tension from the body. This massage therapy session is very effective in alternative medicine for pain management and treating disorders such as insomnia and depression.

The beneficial effects of a soothing and relaxing massage are priceless. Throughout history it has served to be a therapeutic way of treating many ailments and body pains. It also promotes blood circulation and release toxins in the body enhancing body performance and vitality. A stone massage therapy has proven to be therapeutic in both modern and ancient times.

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