Monday, 8 December 2008

A Massage Can Act As a Boon For Your Severe Neck Pain

neck pain is another most prevalent and the most discomfited sort of a pain one can suffer from. it is mostly accompanied by a headache. the occurrence of this type of a pain also results from muscle contraction or muscle stiffness. a neck pain can bring along with it various problems to the sufferers like uneasiness in movement, muscle tightening and of course headache with a severe pain in the neck.

if the neck pain is relentless, then you can go to a doctor, but at the same time it is advisable for you to undergo a massage. a full body massage or a massage provided only to the face, head, back and neck of the sufferer, aids in providing a quick relief. before resorting to the intake of medicines, you should always take a massage first and observe the results.

a massage helps in reducing the tension prevailing both in the mind and the muscles of the receiver. it is helpful in relieving a person from stress and tension. it loosens the tensed muscles, improves the flow of blood in the body, aids the lymphatic system to function properly and last but not the least helps the nerves to communicate properly with each other.

various massages can serve to help the people suffering from severe head and neck pains. you can either undergo a single massage or a combination of two or three massages to gain a quick relief. they are as follows:

- shiatsu massage: this type of a massage originated in japan and is very helpful in providing relief to the person having pain. this massage considers the human body to be a pool of points. by applying pressure to these points, the flow of energy in the body can be stimulated, thereby helping the person to recover faster.

- Swedish massage: this is basically a full body massage and incorporates the techniques of various types of massages in it. it deals with the application of pressure to the muscles and relieving a person from his stress and tension which will in turn be helpful in reducing the pain in the neck. this type of massage is mainly responsible for aiding the surface muscles.

- deep tissue massage: this massage is performed in combination with the Swedish massage. in contrast to the Swedish massage that deals with only the surface muscles, this massage is related to the concept of applying pressure to the deep muscles and the connective tissues. it is a better approach than the former one as it applies pressure more deeply and hardly, which in turn is more beneficial in extracting the pain from the neck muscles.

- trigger point therapy: this type of a massage deals with certain specific types of muscles present in the body namely trapezius muscles and the sternocleidomastoid muscles. by the application of pressure to these muscles, the knots if present in the muscles can be dissolved, thus providing relief to you.

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