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Key Features of Massage Chairs

If you are looking for a massage chair, then you should understand some of the basic options that are typical in these massage recliner. These advanced chairs continue to evolve, offering you more feature than ever before. Different parts of the recliner offer a variety of options to think about to find the best massage lounger for your need. Here are some of the more salient aspects of massage chairs for your perusal.

Chair Back Massage: Massage chairs really started with the back massage. A mechanical roller system is the often used and the most effective. Most roller systems perform both kneading and tapping massages. They may use one motor or two motors. The two motor configuration comes with a tapping motor and a kneading motor. This ensures sufficient strength to provide good penetration.

Chair Back Recline: The massage chair needs to recline. This allows you to put more weight on the roller mechanism for deeper penetration. A motorized chair back recline is pretty standard in most chairs. The other option is a piston-driven manual system. A piston-driven system will provide lift in one direction. Usually, the incline is provided assistance. Your body weight is used to recline the chair.

Seat Massage: The seat can provide massage either from beneath the seat or from the seat cushion. Massage heads can be incorporated in the seat beneath a cushion. These may be rotary heads built into the seat. Vibration can be used either beneath the seat or in the seat cushion. In the seat cushion is a combination of air bags, vibration motors and even heating elements. The seat cushion performs the massage directly.

Leg Rest Massage: There are two basic approaches to massaging the legs in a massage recliner. Either an air system is used or a mechanical roller system is used. The air system is driven by a compressor and provides a compression massage with air bags. The air bags are designed to provide effective compression massage to larger muscles. In a mechanical roller system, a motor drives a rotary massage for the legs to provide a kneading sensation.

Leg Rest Incline: The leg rest either has a motorized incline or manual piston-assisted recline/incline. The motorized provides for one touch raising or lowering. With a piston-assisted, the leg rest will rise with the assistance of the piston, but the weight of the legs are used to recline the leg rest to its down position.

Remote Control: Remote controls are either embedded in the chair, usually the armrest. Or have a hardwired remote that stores either in a remote arm holder or a pocket in the armrest. Remotes may have LEDs or LCD depending on price point. Wireless remotes are another option, which right now are limited to sub remotes which are designed to be more portable. Check between automatic massage programs which are one-touch and manual programs. Manual programs may require you to push a sequence of buttons. Ease of use is always a question with remotes.

Style: Massage recliner designs have lacked while technology is pushed forward. Many chair companies have horrible looking, industrial designs. You know the chair will get relegated to the garage. There are some beautiful designs, but the vast majority is simply tasteless. Check around and see what you like.

Massage chairs are a moving target. More great features continued to be added at an incredible pace. There are a lot of choices and you should see what you like in both massage therapy and design. This is a long term purchase and you want to make sure you target your longer term needs. There are a wide range of massage therapies available and you should learn more about those. It is really an exciting time to be looking at massage chairs today.

Discover more about Massage Chair Features and find the perfect massage chair for your needs. A massage chair is a long term investment and should fit your long term requirements. Find the best Massage Chairs for relief at the touch of a button.

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