Thursday, 28 May 2009

4 Things to Consider When Looking Into a Massage School Clinic

If you have pondered on the idea of becoming a masseuse and have decided it is the path you would like to take, you are going to want to go to a massage school clinic. This will help you get the proper training and certifications you need to excel with your career. To help you decide on the right massage school for you, here are four things to take into consideration.

1. Cost

As with any type of education you pursue, you are going to want to look at the overall cost of the school. Typically this type of training is considered vocational school meaning most are privately owned and operated schools. Because of this, tuition can vary a great deal depending on the school you will be attending. You will want to ask if you can pay by the course, if there are different prices for the different levels offered, and whether or not the school offers financial aid.

2. Licensing requirements

Prior to selecting a massage school clinic, look at the various licensing requirements that have been created. You want to make sure the school you attend meets the license requirements for the area you hope to get a job in. In the United States you will find that requirements are set by the state which can make it difficult. Just make sure you do not go through school and then find out you need more training then originally thought.

3. Curriculum

Because massage therapy is generally offered in vocational schools, you will be more focused on a specific amount of hours rather than a degree. There are some schools that are offering it as an associate degree, but a majority still go by certificates or diplomas. The general consensus is a minimum of 500 hours is needed to get your diploma, but it depends on the area.

4. Courses

The last thing to consider while selecting a massage school clinic is what kinds of courses that are offered. The more training and education you receive the better prepared you will be for the real world. Make sure whatever school you choose includes both theory and practice courses. Theory courses will consist of anatomy, physiology and psychology while practice courses will give you basic, intermediate, and advanced massage training with shiatsu, chair massage, and various other practices.

Keep in mind that the type of training and education you receive can prepare you for the rest of your life. It is vital you take the time to find the most sufficient massage school clinic that will set you apart from the rest of the field. The more prepared you are for the real world the better off you will be.

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