Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Creating Environment For a Soothing Massage

A massage is the unsurpassed solution to a person's weariness. No other method can be as good as providing a massage. Getting a good massage is bliss for the receiver. It can provide mental as well as physical peace to a person if provided in the right type of environment. Creating a good mood is very important for the person undergoing the treatment. If the person getting the massage is not finding pleasure, then it is waste of time both for the receiver and the masseur.

For a suitable surrounding, you need a few objects. Here is a vivid description of a few of them:

1. Music: The first and the foremost thing that is required to create a mood is the music. You need to play some soft and relaxing music while massaging a person. This enhances the effect and provides great mental satisfaction to the receiver. It is a better idea to play music that will be liked by the person experiencing the massage. Music has always been the most widely accepted form of relaxation since a long time. Thus, if you play some sort of good music definitely the massage can be enjoyed as well as benefitted more by the receiver.

2. Candles: The second major item needed to create the mood of the receiver is the candles. Candles that provide a favorable aroma are liked by people. You can choose various candles like lavender, rose, jasmine or any other favorite smell of the person receiving the massage. A sweet odor also helps in providing mental tranquility to the receiver.

3. Flowers: You can also place flowers in the room where you provide massage to people. The sweet smell of flowers diverts the attention of the people receiving the massage from their daily tensions to serenity and spirituality.

4. Oils: The other important object required for the massage is the massage oil. It helps in reducing the friction between the hands of the masseur and the body of the receiver. Massage oils that provide some benefit to the body of the receiver are always the best choice. You can opt for almond oil or jojoba oil. Other varieties are also available in the market these days.

5. Towels: The next necessary requirement is the towel. You require at least two big towels for the massage. One should be placed under the person getting the massage and one on top of him to hide certain unclothed parts of his body. You should make the towels warm to provide warmth to the receiver of the massage.

6. Books or video: This is basically for the beginners. If you do not have the exact idea of the steps to be followed, then you should buy a good book or a video to learn the accurate steps for the massage. You can also take help from the online sites available for the purpose.

7. Lights: The lights of the room where the massage is under progress should not be too bright. The lights should be kept dim, to make the person feel more comfortable and warm. Bright lights tend to irritate the eyes of the person taking the massage.

Provided by: Jan H Schiphorst

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