Saturday, 28 June 2008

Self Massage For Abdomen and Lower Back

It's natural to rub your abdomen when you have a stomach ache, and any form of abdominal massage, however basic, is extremely comforting. Although you can massage your abdomen while sitting up, it is much more relaxing if you lie down. Lie somewhere comfortable, with a small pillow under your knees so that both your back and abdomen are relaxed. Always use a clockwise motion when massaging the abdomen since this follows the workings of the intestine; this can help relax the abdomen, which, in turn, can aid digestion.

Stroke one hand after the other around your abdomen in a clockwise direction, lifting one hand over the other in a continuous flow. Increase the size of the circle to cover the whole area, then gradually make it smaller again.

Apply static and circular pressures all around the abdomen, following the outline that you traced with your strokes in step 1. Use one hand on top of the other, or the palm of just one hand, depending on how much pressure you want to apply .

Bend your knees over to your left and knead the right side of your abdomen with the fingers and thumbs of alternate hands. Rhythmically pick up and release the flesh wherever you can, then bend your knees to the right and knead the left side.

You don't have to be in the perfect surroundings to do a self-massage - you can massage your feet while watching tv, or your hands while talking to a friend.

Lower back

You can massage your lower back by sitting cross-legged, as shown here, or by lying down on your side with your top knee bent in front of you. The movements outlined below are designed to release muscular tension and aid relaxation.

Relieving muscular tension

  1. Start by vigorously rubbing the palms of both your hands up and down the small of your back, and from side to side, to warm the area and release any muscular tension.
  2. For a stronger, deeper movement, make your hands into fists and press the thumb side of your hand into your sacrum, the lower part of your spine. Then stroke your fists firmly up and down the area.
  3. Make deliberate, circular pressures with your fingertips or thumbs all around your sacrum.
  4. Now, pummel the area with floppy, relaxed fists, taking care to avoid your kidneys. Finish with some gentle stroking.

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