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Massage Hints And Tips


Massaging is one of the most widely recognized therapies in the world and many people see it as a way of life instead of a luxury. It is widely used to compliment medicines in treating a variety of ailments, most related to stress and tension. Very often emotions become reserved and manifest themselves in the muscles, by massaging the muscles and releasing these reserved emotions both body and mind will benefit.

Many people see massaging as quite a time consuming practise however that really is not the case. A simple 10 or 15 minute hand or foot massage can be very stimulating due to the proximity of the reflexology points. There are many types of massage for example some techniques work on pressure points whilst others work on specific points to eliminate toxins. The benefits of massage are quite vast and include improved circulation, digestion and skin condition.

Essential Oils

Massaging is obviously all about touch and touch is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle. All too often we get caught up in our hectic lifestyles we overlook giving each other a hug or holding a hand, which can make us feel instantly better. We can combine this touch and massage with aroma and provide an ultimate feel good therapy. We are surrounded by thousands of different scents yet we are quite unaware of the power that scent can have on the brain. The same area of the brain which is stimulated by smell is also connected to the hormonal system and it is for this reason odours can comfort us, relive memories, warn us of danger and recreate experiences.

A Blend of the two

When massage is blended with aromatherapy, the scents of the essential oils assist greatly in relaxation and they help to rebalance the emotional tension which often leads to muscle stress. When blending these together, it is unlike a traditional massage as the process is slower. Time must be allowed for the oils to be absorbed by the body and this will depend on the physical state of the receiver (amount of fatty tissue).

Preparing the Perfect Massage

It is important to create the right atmosphere and if possible use a room which has soft light colours. It is also important for the room to be warm because very often during a massage the exposed muscles will become cold and contract, which is the opposite of what we want to achieve. The lighting should also be soft, candles make for a veryrelaxing atmosphere but can be quite hazardous, a dimmer switch for your lights are the best tool for creating the right atmosphere.

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