Saturday, 21 June 2008

How The Wrong Massage Table Could Ruin Your Practice

The total collapse scenario.

It's the nightmare of every massage therapist. Just imagine you're in the middle of the massage your client is totally relaxed, there's some quiet, may take if, nice music playing in the background, soft light from candles - just the perfect massage. And then all of a sudden, it happens: as your buddy pushes against the massage table, something snaps and the whole thing collapses. In the best case the client is just in a state of shock, in the worst case he is seriously hurt. Nowadays massage therapists face a much higher liability then they did a couple of years ago. A client who got her this way might ruin your business in several ways. He might just so you. This can be so expensive that price you out of business. Or he could just spread the word. If something as extreme as this happens to somebody that person will surely talk about this with lots of people. This is the worst kind off word-of-mouth that you can imagine.

But it's relatively easy to avoid this kind of scenario. Just choose a strong and stable massage table.

But let me be a little bit more specific than saying "strong and stable" - because what really matters is "what exactly do I have to look for when buying a massage table?".

Look out for these things: is the table reinforced? If the table is reinforced this helps to prevent swaying when a heavy client lays down, or when you apply heavy pressure.

Reinforcement not only is a good way to prevent that whole collapse, but also provides your massage client with more comfort. If the massage table does not have a very strong and stable feeling to it, your client might subconsciously worry about it and this will lessen his massage experience with you, even if otherwise everything you do is 100% perfect. With the many choices of massage therapists were practicing nowadays this could be a client that you lose forever.

Another thing that you should look for when buying a massage table is: What is the material that the table is made out of? it should be high quality hardwoods or high-quality aluminum, or better.

The last thing when it comes to the stability also massage table is: What is the tables weight rating? The table should support at least 500 pounds off downward applied force.

If you watch out for these three simple things before you choose a massage table, you can be sure that the worst case won't happen. But there more to selecting a massage table than just making sure it's stable.

Learn more about buying massage tables at the Massage Tables website.

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