Thursday, 26 June 2008

Cellulite Massage Techniques

Cellulite massages help remove and reduce the features of cellulite. A well performed massage can aid in dissolving the fat cells under the skin that are one of the main causes of cellulite. It's important that you have realistic expectation of what a cellulite massage can do for you, you must not consider the massage asa cure but more another step in the right direction. To make the massage treatment more effective you should combine the massage with the correct diet, regular exercise and a anti cellulite cream.

A cellulite massage reduces and removes the cellulite tissues. It also increases the blood circulation to that area resulting in the toxins being flushed out using the bodies natural waste sysytem. The massage technique involves a combination of rubbing, kneading, and twisting the cellulite prone areas. Once the area is stimulated and warm enough, this is when the fat cells and toxins start to break down and dissolve. If the massage is performed correctly it should increase the blood circulation and warm the area carrying the unwanted cells and toxins away.

Sample Massage Routine

1) apply anti cellulite cream for the best results to the affected area so the massage movements are easier.

2) It's when performing any massage that you start from the low point and massage toward the heart.

3) Apply moderate pressure alternating through different techniques.

4) Using long strokes using the knuckles, fingers or palm of hand.

5) Change the motion to kneading, this is a grasping effect using the thumb and finger to grab.

6) Lastly you should perform a pinching technique, pinching the skin using the thumb and finger pulling the skin gently in all directions.

This massage technique can seriously help you remove your cellulite problem, you still need to use a combination of a good diet routine and regular exercise. One of the most important problems that influence the effectiveness of massaging to remove cellulite is what cream you use. It's absolutely crucial that you use a good cream that work. One of the best know creams that is proven to work is Revitol This cream has given many people great results across the world. If you need more information about other skin care treatments such as acne visit Here for more information about products that help you look your best. another informative is

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