Saturday, 21 June 2008

A Typical Massage Experience

A typical massage experience in many spas and wellness centers is that upon having booked your massage you are being brought to a private massage room.

There you meet your massage therapists.

The room is usually dimly lit, may be with aroma therapy candles. The room is warm up very confortably and soft music is playing somewhere quietly in the back ground.

The massage therapist inquires about your well being and asks you how you are and what kind of massage do you like to get today.

The massage therapies will then tell you that he will leave the room for a moment so that you have time to undress and lay down on the massage table and cover yourself with a blanket.

He then leaves the room and closes the door behind him. He just take up the clothes lay on the table and cover yourself with a blanket. Usually you find that the blanket is little bit warm and you already feel relaxed.

The massage therapist then knocks on the door and enters the room.

When he starts to massage you you might I ask you whether you like strong or a gentle massage. Just let him know which one you prefer and if at any time you're in the massage you feel on comfortable or half a certain wish just tell you massage therapist.

And then it's usually just time to relax, and let your mind drift away and fully enjoy the experience.

We are working so much every day, we had so many things to do and to take care of. But most of us don't take enough care of or selfs.

Sometimes we say to ourselves: I will get them massage if I have just a bit more time.

But the saddening truth is that most of the time we don't have more time. That is why we need to make a commitment. We need to schedule it. For example we need to say I'm going to get massage on Wednesday the 25th. And then we need to put it in our calendar.

This way your massage appointment will not be a victim of what I call a moving time frame.

I really recommend that you do this right now -- make a commitment to yourselves and quoted in your calendar. You deserve the massage, and just the fact that you have taken the time to read this until he it is prove enough of that fact.

Just make sure that the moment you lay down on that massage table you really allow yourself to relax and switch off all worries that you normally carry around with you.

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