Thursday, 11 September 2008

Starting Salary For Massage Therapy

As holistic and complementary medicine is becoming more and more popular, there is a need for more therapists to undertake the necessary training and start working in the market to cover the demand. Patients who have tried the holistic approach are now finding that they are easing their aches and pains without having to resort to medication and long term pain killers. Because of this expansion in the market, the starting salaries for massage therapy practitioners is ever increasing.

If you are a fully qualified therapist who is just starting out as a professional, there are several different routes to take, each of which will vary your earning power considerably. The starting salaries for massage therapy carried out for an employer, such as a spa or health club, may be from as little as $9 per hour up to around $18 per hour. It really does depend on your employer. Some employers pay on a commission basis, which can really add up if you become popular. Also, you must never forget that you should be receiving quite a lot of tips.

Although this may not sound as high as you had thought when you initially considered the starting salaries for massage therapy, there are many ways in which you can vastly increase this figure. If you have the facilities, you can start your own, small scale therapy centre either at home, or possibly in small, suitable, rented accommodation. Being your own boss can be very rewarding, both personally and financially and it is very convenient to be able to choose your own working hours, especially if you have a family to consider. Admittedly you will need some capital for the property, equipment, advertising etc. but if you are able to put together an economic starting package for your business you will soon start to reap the rewards.

Starting your own small business does not necessarily involve the renting of premises. If you have access to a vehicle, you can start working as a mobile therapist. The starting salaries for massage therapy can easily be eaten into if you have to pay for a workplace. If, however, you opt for a mobile practice, you will get to keep a good deal more of your income. Once again, you will probably have to spend money on advertising and some equipment, but you will probably find that even these outgoings are less than if you were trying to start a spa style venture. You will have no water or fuel bills for example. One obvious expense you will have will be your vehicle and insurance. Domestic vehicle insurance will not cover you if you are using your car for work purposes.

These are just a few guidelines as to how you can try to increase the starting salaries for massage therapy. As you become more experienced and build up a client base, you will soon find that you have become a part of a very lucrative and highly respected profession. Your salary will keep going from strength to strength and you will, I am sure, be well rewarded for your expertise.

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