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Anti-Cellulite Massage

A sad fact of life for a large number of women is that their thighs, hips, and stomachs are particularly susceptible to fat storage. Fat deposited just below the skin in these areas often takes on an unsightly "orange-peel" or dimpled appearance and is known as cellulite - the bane of many a woman's existence. Daily self-massage can improve the overall appearance of these areas of cellulite making the skin look firmer and smoother, and even give the illusion of weight loss. If your cellulite is solid and hard, you should use firm movements to soften the area and simulate circulation. If the cellulite feels soft and watery, your movements should be more gentle to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Use an oil blend that meets your needs. Marjoram and peppermint are noted for soothing the abdomen; rosemary and geranium for their invigorating effect; and juniper helps reduce fluid retention.

Abdomen and hips

Sit comfortably and rest your left hand on your diaphragm while your right hand applies about a teaspoonful of oil with clockwise strokes around the navel. Now introduce your left hand so that both hands are circling the navel.

Knead your hips, waist, and abdomen by squeezing and lifting your flesh with one hand and releasing it into the other. Knead all over this area, wherever you can pick up enough flesh.

With your left hand on top of your right hand, use your fingertips to apply gentle circular pressure all around your navel.

Finish by gently stroking all over your abdomen and hips. This is very soothing and stimulates lymph drainage.

Avoid using counterclockwise moves when you massage your abdomen as this opposes the natural working of the intestines.


Apply more massage oil if necessary so that your hands move smoothly over your skin.

Gently stroke up from your left knee, directing your movements toward your inner thigh. Then stroke from the back of your knee up to your buttocks.

Knead your thigh from your knee up to the top of the leg. Use deep strokes to squeeze and lift the flesh. This stimulates the circulation and helps reabsorb excess fluid and wastes into the lymphatic system. Repeat on the back of your thigh.

Applying firm pressures, rotate the knuckles of both your hands all over the front and back of your thigh.

Place your left hand on the back of your outer thigh, and your right hand on the back of your inner thigh. Pull the flesh up to the top of your thigh, release, and cross your hands down the other side. Repeat this criss-cross movement several times.

Stroke very gently and smoothly from above your knee to the top of your thigh, and from the back of your knee to your buttock. This repetitive stroking encourages lymph drainage.

Repeat steps 1-5 on your right thigh.

Further tips to help in the fight against cellulite include: drinking at least eight glasses of water a day; eating a balanced, healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and avoiding salt, sugar, and processed food; and rubbing the affected skin regularly, during a bath or shower, with a loofah sponge or glove.

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