Monday, 8 September 2008

Massage For Dieting

Because massage makes you feel better and take more pride in your body, you are more likely to stick to a diet. Knowing that the person giving you a massage is going to notice any weight loss is another incentive. Added to this are other benefits to your appearance. By stimulating the circulation, massage tones the skin and smoothes the body This improvement builds a positive self­image, which produces more energy, making exercising easier. This is the beginning of the upward spiral, and weight will come off more easily.

Any massage is helpful for dieters, so follow the basic sequences outlined throughout this book. However, you should spend more time on the fleshiest areas, particularly the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks; use plenty of deep stimulating movements, such as kneading and pummeling. You can easily massage your abdomen and thighs yourself and should try a few minutes of vigorous massage every day.

A dieting self-massage

Try these stimulating moves on yourself every day.

Lie on your back and knead your abdomen thoroughly, doing several rows of kneading across it to cover the whole area

Roll onto one side, then knead and pummel your hip. Repeat on the other side

Sit up and knead your thighs from the knee up to the top. Work vigorously on the front and outside, but more gently on the inside

Pummel very fast all over the front and outside of your thighs, then work more gently on the inside.

Massage those figures

While massage to any part of the body helps to firm and tone the flesh, there are specific sequences that can help with particular problem areas. Cynics might say that massage can't help you lose weight or look slimmer, but this is not entirely true. Although massage does not break down fat, it can improve your self-image and appearance, which in turn will help you to diet. Massage gives you a positive image of your body, which encourages you to carry yourself with more confidence. Many dieters have a distorted image of their bodies and often imagine themselves to be larger and fatter than they really are. Massage can help to give you an indication of your true size.

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