Tuesday, 23 September 2008

What Is Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a massage technique from Japan. In fact the word Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” Despite its name this massage therapy not only utilizes the fingertips but also thumbs, palms, knees, forearms, elbows and the massage therapist can even use the feet. They apply pressure to the meridians or energy lines. This is done to “promote good health by stimulating the body’s energy flow.”

Sessions can take from 40-60 minutes and will be done on a padded mat on the floor. It commences with gentle stretching and manipulation to help relax and stimulate the movement of energy in the muscles. Pressure can either stimulate or calm the patient. The specific needs of the patient will determine the amount of pressure that needs to be applied.

In order to gain the most from this form of massage therapy it is wise to wear thin, loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Cotton and linen is recommended. You should also be aware that you will be lying on the floor.

There are many benefits of Shiatsu massage therapy: Firstly it can help with pain management and alleviate pain. It can also help the body heal from sports injuries. Shiatsu massage therapy seeks to help a patient in a holistic way and tries to improve overall health.

It is a relaxing form of massage therapy and helps to relive stress. When done on a regular basis, a patient should improve their mental and physical health. Shiatsu massage therapy will improve the blood, lymphatic, and hormonal circulation, and help you to relax. It will also rid the body of toxins.

There are certain circumstances when Shiatsu massage therapy should not be used among these are, acute disorders, malignant tumors, acute inflammation, serious internal organ disease, and ulcers. You should be careful when you are pregnant and consult your doctor before having this treatment.

This is a relaxing gentle form of massage therapy and can be very beneficial to your overall health. However before using this treatment it is wise to educate yourself. There are many websites and literature on the Internet that will inform and help you. Oriental medicine, including Shiatsu massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the West as people turn to holistic methods of improving their overall health. So next time you feel tired and stressed out after work or just tensed from life’s everyday problems you might like to try this relaxing form of massage therapy.

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